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[Official] Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon

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8 hours ago, kikyoamomentafter said:

Her heart is melting.... For him....

I was in the field today, watching the sky while waiting for the small people practising softball. When I get bored, I came back to this forum and reading some of your discussions. Then I thought, Song Hye Kyo's heart melted again, for the third times. 

After the wedding announcement, as I look at the news about them, they are so busy looking and hunting news of Song Joong Ki, how kind, how thoughtful, how polite, how responsible, how protective, and how in love he is to Song Hye Kyo. The press, even fans and people seem to forget about the bridegroom. Though I did find some news about her, still, reporters are turning their cameras and attentions to him. In addition to the epic film that is about to be released, Song Joong Ki, the lucky man who finally touched the Korean Goddess Jewel's heart, seems had shaken the Korean Entertainment News. 

But Song Hye Kyo doesn't really care. Whether the fans and people see her or not, she doesn't care at all. Maybe she actually enjoys herself when they keep on highlighting Song Joong Ki. Remember how she let's all the compliments focused on to him, she lets him shine since they were in DOTS. She always has his back and always support him. For her, maybe if he is successful, then they both successful.

Song Hye Kyo is not an ordinary Korean celebrity. For me, she is a little different from others. Yet, she has quite a sad story. 

Song Hye Kyo has only her mother, no other siblings and missing all of the members in the family. Her father left her when she was still a child and living with her single mother was really hard. Thankfully, all the fathers responsibility was taken by her grandfather but you can imagine how hard it was living a life without a father's love. She even got sick, and the doctor said that she wouldn't live. But her mother didn't give up hope, and God has prepares her a fate she can't even imagine. 

Somehow, they both survived. So life for her began one more time. Then she came into Korean celebrity's world. Her first appearance for tv started when she was only teenager. Living as celebrity when you we're so young was not that easy. With all the popularity and luxurious living, the temptation and needs to be known were things that you have to control by yourselves. But she always keep good impression to others, honest in friendship and behaved well to everybody made her known as a good actress. Her shy personality helps to maintain her privacy between her personal and professional lives. She takes care of herself and her mother, straightly thinking that her connections to other people just as a professional affairs. Still, many fans and also celebrities are very fond of her, especially her beauty. 

As she time goes by, wealth and popularity kneeled before her but she learned a lot from hard life of her childhood. She becomes a celebrity who loves to donate money to the needs. Maybe helping others makes her feel needed and it is some kind of therapy to heal her heart. But she loves to keep it secret. She doesn't want anybody to know. She doesn't want her personal life effected others profesional judgement of her. Because her kind heart made her glows beautifully, her kind attitude that comes from inside. 

Yes, Song Hye Kyo really is indeed beautiful. When you look at her pretty eyes, sometimes it opens up to people to pry into her heart. So pure and sincere. They say that she is beautiful since she was a child. Although her mother did not spent any money for her face operation, her natural beauty envied by many people. Her beauty mesmerizes others, even girls and female celebrities. Her beauty,  mesmerizes Song Joong Ki. 

She seldom discuss about her love life and keep it low as they we're only for herself. For about 20 years she's been in the celebrity's world, she did filled her life with someone else, falling two times in real love, and those two times she'd failed. Mending her heart alone, keeping her tears, holding back the regrets, she lived by her sadness to herself. Yet many people used to relate her to the person of her past love, made her even more sad and distance herself, kept on maintaining her private life, rejecting many more loves that coming her way...

Her kind heart sometimes end up being used by others, make it hard for her to trust people. So she's being very careful when it comes to love. She doesn't want to be hurt again, so she ends up trying to be cold and egocentric. She takes care of herself and professionally acts all her characters in dramas or film, straightly thinking it was all because of work. But without realizing it, she still act so nice towards others around her. Many person who knows her well said that she is kind to her friends, loves being friendly with a caring attitude. 

Yet she is still a human. As an introvert person, close associations are difficult for her to form and keep, especially marriage. She needs her own space and privacy. But when her life is balanced, most of the time she is very friendly, a charming lady with attractive personality. She enjoys performing before an audience, displaying her wit and knowledge, which makes her attractive to others, especially the opposite sex. But intimacy is always difficult for her, makes her shutting out her heart from the love of others, or experiencing the joy of close companionship. 

No matter how kind she is, how much she  cares for friends around her, and the considerations to the fans around the world, there are still people who hates her, bashing her and jealous of her. But all those hurt and tears that fall, she kept it in her and made her grows even more wisely. 

As I said before, fate really has its own way of design. As she goes on with her life, alone and empty, somebody who was born with a kind heart mirrors hers, who was born a bit later after her, is also living his life, watching her since he was teenagers and once had dreamed to be with her. Somebody that one day will melt her heart, soothe her sorrows. Without knowing that they have so much in common, they live their lives of their own. But the time to find each other has not yet come. Only God knows when. So at that time, it looked like they've driven so further away, apart. 

Yet fate brought them together. Through 'Descendants of the Sun', time brought them together. Song Joong Ki is the one who has reopens her heart. Patiently,  he shows her that real love exist. Real love is his. At last, the time has come and God made them found each other and the friendship blooms like flowers find the sun. 

Song Joong Ki, is a man that happens to be crossing path of fate with her. He who happens to be so much in love with her. From a friend, he became so close and they began to understand each other, sharing laughters to double the happiness, sharing sadness to devide sorrows. Their beautiful friendship turns to love. And surprisingly, she lets him in, slowly letting him holding her broken heart so gentle, with love and trust.

Although Song Joong Ki comes from a very loving and happy family, God makes him felt something was missing inside, somebody who he needed to fill in the missing pieces of his heart. And Song Hye Kyo, who has only her mother as a family, never knew how it feels of having  a love from a father, always hunger in needs of a company from a big loving family. 

Though it seems like Song Hye Kyo needs Song Joong Ki, she doesn't realise that he needs her as well. She doesn't realise that she also heals Song Joong Ki's broken heart, she fills half of the emptiness of his soul, that makes him more confident, more matured,  stronger and braver to face the world... Together, they let their love mend each others hearts...beautifully. 

Although their family are so different, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are so similar and they are meant to be. The love they have for each other is always unselfish. They always want to make each other happy. But he always wants to do more for her. He always wants her to be happy with him. He always wants to get rid of all the sorrows and dark memories from her past. He wants her to remember only happy times and laughters. But he certainly can't do it because history couldn't be erased. So he decides to create happy thoughts for her. He decides to bring all her happiness and creates new memories so she can get over her past. How he becomes so obsess to her,  that only God can answer. 

For quite a long time, Song Joong Ki has been himself,  has given everything to her. Everything for only her. That, makes her heart melting... So Song Hye Kyo, without hesitation, ready to give her heart and soul to him in return... As they have promised each other to love and to hold, they will begin their life journey as one, together facing whatever abstacles that coming their way. 

Even I, who is nothing to their love story feel the happiness, the love that surrounding them, at the same time surrounding the atmosphere right now, no matter in which sky we live in. So I hope this thought I share with you here it will make some smiles in some faces and patiently wait till the day when they walk down the aisle,  together... I am sorry coz it is too long to be read, and again, thank you for all the information of these two love birds. I am truly appreciate all the posted news that all of you did. 

Yes... For the third time, Song Hye Kyo's heart is melting again... And I hope this time is for real... 


Congratulations to you, Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki... The day will finally comes, and our ship will reach the shore, but no matter what happens, I will always be the fans to both of you....31.10.2017

Awwww. I have tears in my eyes while reading this.You expressed the words and happiness that I can't say because I'm still overwhelmed by that news. It's been 2 weeks since the news but I still can't believe that its true. They are indeed made for each other. Made to complete each other's missing pieces. Haaaaay. So much love for this two ♥

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Very cute interaction between Songsong couple. Not sure what the Kururu means here. Credit to @maycello25

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34 minutes ago, mrlyncrdn said:

Awwww. I have tears in my eyes while reading this.You expressed the words and happiness that I can't say because I'm still overwhelmed by that news. It's been 2 weeks since the news but I still can't believe that its true. They are indeed made for each other. Made to complete each other's missing pieces. Haaaaay. So much love for this two ♥

Yeah.... Me to dear.... Virtual hugs......!!!! 

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Delurk just to celebrate LOVE with you all... 

been reading here almost everyday ... still feeling surreal... but so in love...! 

Even marathoned again DOTS... For the nth time...! 

Hope they do release all the hidden bts now that SSC are getting married..! 

Falling in love daily with this beautiful couple..! 




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I hope she'll make an appearance soon. But she might opt out of the premier so that their engagement will not steal the spotlight from the movie. 

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^I actually have the same feeling. Or if she does attend, she might choose to arrive discreetly in order to avoid all the media attention that will undoubtedly be showered on her as it would be her first appearance. As you have mentioned, SSCP may not want their engagement to steal the spotlight. (These beautiful people always manage to shine wherever they may be!) 

I'm still crossing my fingers that she'll show up though! We haven't seen her make a public appearance in quite a while. I'm sure we all miss her!:lol:

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On 7/15/2017 at 10:45 AM, lynne22 said:

Hi Guyss......

Just want to let you know that the first round of 2016's K-drama contest is closed now.... Do go there and read everyone's Best 5 moments for Descendants of the Sun :wub: 

And when you're done, do help us to Vote for DOTS :wub:


Please submit your name on your vote. It's VERY important.




Re-posting again.... ONE VOTE is all you need to give :wub:

On a side note, Can't wait to see Kyo again in BI premiere.... :wub:

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43 minutes ago, misspastrygrl said:

Hi everyone!  This is my very first post on Soompi even though I have been always reading this thread for a long time.  I just want to say that I am so happy for this couple.  I do think they make the perfect couple in all areas. 

I know a few (separate) SHK or SJK fans are bitter, jealous and angry because they either want the celebrity for themselves or want them to date other people.  They seem to be quite vocal and loud.  I'm just glad there are so many peaceful and classy fans of SSC.  Both SHK and SJK are the classiest and kindest people, everyone who knows them and is also in the industry knows that as fact.  I guess I never understood the unfounded hate against celebrities for no reason.  Especially such nice/classy ones like SHK and SJK.  Both of them have such squeaky clean images.  I think people love to bring up the fact that SHK dated before... or her tax "scandal" and I have heard some haters call her a volatile image or she is such a cunning fox for dating ALL the celebrities in Korea (wow jealous much?).  

But those aren't really scandals.  Every celebrity dates.  All of them. Whether we know about it or not. So she dated TWO.  She is by nature OVERLY cautious who she accepts into her inner circle but even more her heart. It's a fact that everyone knows in the industry. She is 35 years old. Dating two celebrities is not a cunning fox that "dated" everyone.  That is not a "volatile" image as someone has said before. Sorry that really made me mad when I read it on someone's post. I just find it so sexist that someone would even write that stuff. Plus the tax "scandal" is not a scandal.  It was an error made by her accountant.  She fixed it and paid the penalty.  It happens to normal people all the time- except no one calls it a scandal with us.  We just quietly pay the penalty and move on without anyone knowing.  It's a common occurrence with the wealthy if you have a sudden influx of money and you are a workaholic like her.  She needed someone trustworthy to manage her money because she is way too busy. I am not even wealthy and we have someone who handles it all. Obviously, for her, it was someone not trustworthy.  She is one of the most philanthropic celebrities. Not just with donating huge amounts of money (without public knowledge) but volunteering in secret as well.  People were so incredibly nasty about the tax error incident to her.  Meanwhile people who cheat, beat their girlfriends, rape are still loved and people love making excuses for them.  I don't get it why woman celebrities are beaten down for nothing and male celebrities can do no wrong.  

I also want to mention that SJK said that he never dated a celebrity (before SHK) several times.  I have heard that this is true (from a source that I cannot mention).  I know some other shippers still believe that SJK dated their favorite female celebrity (not SHK) and are saying it over and over but I think it's kinda disrespectful now to bring that up when someone is about to get married. It's not so bad to do when they were just dating... or even they have been married for a long time and you are just enjoying the chemistry the pair had during a drama together. You wouldn't want people to keep bringing up that they want your future husband with another woman (or that they believe that they had once dated) while you are preparing for your own wedding, would you?  I'm sure SJK doesn't enjoy hearing that but he has to tolerate it since he is a celebrity.  I'm REALLY sure that other celebrity woman doesn't enjoy it either.  It's a punch to her pride when fans do this. She is not a victim.  She is beautiful and talented in her own right and doesn't need to look pathetic- sad and pining after someone else's fiancé. But because they are celebrities, they must just pretend to ignore it. I wish these fans would realize that when they keep shipping SJK and another celebrity woman right now. 

I guess I just don't understand the SHK hate.  Some fans (not all of course) get mad at other mean SHK fans lashing out, but what about them?  Two wrongs don't make a right. I am not going to name other celebrities here and bash someone because I think that person is SHK's competition.  Maybe it's because I think SHK has NO competition in Korea.  lol. Some fans make snide comments about SHK and then lament about the mean SHK or SSC fans. It's ironic to see some of them call themselves classy fans (writing unlike some SSC fans) but make completely wrong, false and mean assumptions about SHK in the same post.  The korean journalists all love SHK for a reason.  They have all closely followed her and know she is a real, genuine, classy and kind person in front of public/camera and off camera.  It's RARE in this industry.  I can't tell you how I know this but it is.  I know there are strong loves for a lot of celebrities that are not such good people off camera.  SHK is one of the few that is really a good person.  

Also, want to share that SHK and SJK are different clans of "Song".  Meaning that even if it was 20 years ago, they could have still married.  When Koreans meet and we have the same last name, we ask each other which clan do you belong to.  If you were in different clans, you could technically marry.  Obviously this doesn't matter anyway because the law was obliterated years ago.  

Sorry all for the ranting.. lol.  I guess I had a lot I wanted to say after reading a lot of posts lately related to SHK and SJK.  Wishing these two all the best!  I just hope we all remember not to stoop to their level and bash other celebrities.  These are all human beings too. You are not doing any favors to the celebrity you are a fan of.  It's kind of ridiculous because these celebrities don't hate each other. I also hate the fans pitting woman celebrities against each other like there is some sort of competition. We don't do it with men so we should stop with the women.  It's so easy to be a bully on the computer/phone without realizing it.  Okay end rant. :)  








I think you've summed up my feelings regarding a lot of things. Haha. I feel fiercely protective whenever I hear or read these kinds of things being mentioned regarding SSCP, whether individually or together. (These kinds of comments are all over the internet, unfortunately.) I have to do my best not to engage in a discussion with critics/naysayers as it might just make the issue bigger. So I end up just telling myself over and over again that these things they say don't matter for we all know the truth...and that is that our beloved couple are in love and will be tying the knot. As Joong Ki said, they will be spending the rest of their lives together. For Hye Kyo, he is the one. No matter what all these other people say, it does not change the fact that these two individuals themselves have already expressed their love and devotion to one another.:wub: 

Most things such critics/naysayers say or speculate about are just their wishful thinking at this point. Haha!:lol: 

P.S. I specially agree with your sentiment on how female celebs seem to be pitted against each other so much. We rarely see the same with male celebrities. It's apalling. What's even worse is these people pitting female celebs against each other are usually females themselves!


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Welcome @misspastrygrl to this thread:)

I 've been thinking a lot before I write this.

I agree with most of your points except the 'scandal' that you mentioned. Well, most of us here already knew what was about and how painful it was to SHK.I cried a lot when I think how SHK was treated back then. It was a nightmare.. a black day and hurts SHK a lot. I really hope you can edit it out from your entry as it will not make any good to remember it now. I am sure there are many lurkers of our thread and it will just giving them a scoop to make up stories.

Of course I know your intention is good for the sake of protecting our couple but I think it will be better if we can just ignore those haters. They are just attention seekers. Just ignore them. I just worried that they will makes things worse and will make our couple sad with that.

I am sorry if you're offended by this. My English is really bad but I hope you'll understand my points. Please write more about our lovely SHK & SJK. We are in a happy mood and can't wait for their D-Day.


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Seems like our bribe-to-be already received the official invitation from Battleship Island production company and is expected to turn up at the VIP premiere on 20th, her name is up on the guest list of the premiere event. However it's hard to expect them appear together as a couple at the photo zone because Song Joong Ki will go with the cast of BI and Song Hye Kyo is one of the guests of the event. 


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