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[Official] Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon

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@MairaA Yeah it could definitely be her. But it could also be someone completely different from another angle lol so idk.

However, it is at the gate. No matter how early SHK arrived, she can't board the plane before it is actually there and ready for passengers.

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6 minutes ago, 2cents said:

I think SHK must have went REALLY early then as it's public holiday in Hong Kong (hence ALOT of travellers on the route they're taking) - she must have ninja jumped from the security gates straight to the Airport lounge.

Bet you she was hiding in the airport lounge the whole time waiting for him and his crew. That's usually where the stars feel more comfortable to hang until boarding. And since it's mainly all business and affluent customers in the 1st class lounge, i'll assume there'd be no pics from crazed fans.

And they can board last for 1st and business (they go in through the 1st entrance on the plane so they don't need to walk through economy)


yeah, but looking at SJK's pictures it looks like he walked in pretty much just in time for the flight to board. Don't think he had time to go to the lounge. She might have been at the lounge, but it's still a walk to the lounge and from it. And once word gets around that you're there, one picture is bound to come out.




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@MairaA if i'm not mistaken that looks like SJK, SHK's manager, then SHK herself and that's the boarding gate where you get your ticket scanned?

If so she did wait for him to arrive in order to board the flight together

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8 minutes ago, ilovesjk said:

@Summer Rize @joongkyo So she got into the terminal early but will be boarding the same flight or she changed flights completely? She probably went at the peak of dawn. 


notalone replied one comment asking " whether shk come early ? and they are still the same flight ? " but she replied "no and saying that shk entered early and then SJK . yeah still the same flight  ( I did not understand what she said ) but i think " no' is for came early but shk and sjk came together .Just they split up when going into boarding pass area 

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1 minute ago, alleverything said:

@joongkyo Haha that is the one that was just posted but YAY!


Anyone know if it's taken from a video?


Wonder why they boarded together though, I mean one needn't wait for the other. Lol, look at those cameras straight up in their faces.

@ilovesjk lol, that's SHK with SJK! DIdn't you see?

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Wow! So if SHK was there ... How was she able to pass everyone unnoticed?! 

The only explanation which makes sense now is ... SJK did play a distraction for her after all. They could have simply walked tog to the gate (It's not like people ain't aware they are going to same place) ... If in the end they wanted to board the plane tog.

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On 4/2/2016 at 1:43 PM, ilovesjk said:

MOD EDIT: Please don't quote images.

Lucky fans spotted SJK today! His current mood is Balance.  I guess people weren't lying when they said he had a schedule early in the morning that's why he left the party earlier. 


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On 4/4/2016 at 8:35 AM, ilovesjk said:

Man these two "really close nothing but colleagues, can hang out in New York and after midnight but can't be seen boarding the same plane for work related purposes" are something else. :phew:



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