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[Official] Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon

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Wow, I'm so amazed with the TV news they had for Song Song couple, and is not talking about them as a costar in drama bt the speculation about them as REAL couple. Should I say that uri couple has become phenomenal couple right now. This mean that their drama rating should also increase this week, and I hope it will surpass 40% rating for all over Korea. 

And it seems that Song Song couple are approve by most of the audience, that means even though they come out to admit that they are an item now, public will just welcome them and could be pushing them to tied the knot immediately, So no worries about that could a negative impact for the drama. The only negative impact could happen is SJK fangirl fans trying to make hatred post as much as they can to  tell the world that many many people hate SHK, but in reality the  percentage could be 5% haters, 40% supporters/fans, and 55% just neutral (this just my opinion).

And about there's no selfie from SjK & SHK, because as they always say in interview, whenever they are in a relationship, they will make it private, so selfie will include in the category as private. Do you think they will post any private photo for public?  Definitely Not. While with other casts is not categorized private because it pictures of colleagues not close colleague. 

So, what we could expect is people ask them to take a picture together, which is we can get only if reporters asked them. What is strange is none of their colleagues / DotS cast or crews asked them to take picture together. Why? In my opinion maybe Song song couple tell them that for now they want people to acknowledge them as individual, but.... in the future they could become an item as Mr & Mrs Song, and after that people can take picture with both of them. 


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In Entertainment news this morning, a veteran and famous reporter said that according to the owner, only SS ate meal with very kind-heartedness (more like intimately) to each other in the restaurant w

Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon (Descendant of The Sun)  

Song Joong Ki, I love you!!!. You're the best!. I love you Sichuan!. I love the 17th of June!. I love it all. I love Kyo and I love SS couple. And I love this month of June, just like I love

11 hours ago, ilovesjk said:

@twtwb Thank you for your analysis regarding the stylist. May I ask where you got that screenshot of SJK with SHK's stylist? I may have a theory of my own but I just want to confirm where that photo came from to properly site my source. Keke. 


@ilovesjk if i'm not mistaken the picture of he stylist was once discussed 2-3 weeks ago in this page. Cmiw tough. But suddenly the picture dissapear. Sjk was doing photoshoot for the Bamboo salt in this pic. I think someone commented that the shirt are the same..  What do you think?

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Woah! This is probably the first time I saw SJK holding his phone. I was about to ask what his phone is (... OR IF HE EVEN HAS A PHONE HAHAHA) during the co-hosted dinner cos I never saw him with his phone. 

Hoping, wishing for SONGSONG sightings!!! 


This sounds like a big deal. :lol:

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5 hours ago, joongkyo said:

SongSong couple dating news being discussed on News.

[이슈본색] 송혜교·송중기 '뜨거운 사이'?

송혜교-송중기, 열애설


I should be working now, I have tons of emails but here I am watching the two videos. I dunno if @joongkyo has translated the videos or not yet, will continue back tracking later. But the feeling I have while watching is they are supportive of uri couple, maybe I am wrong, but I have the vibe they are so happy discussing them. Maybe one day if the admit they are dating or they get caught by the media, most of SK people will celebrate, they are like their national couple now, everyone is discussing about them. I feel so touched, so happy inside...seeing their pictures, I don't know, I feel like they are meant for each other and this drama is the tool to bring them together. They are destined to be together. One thing from the video thou, as soon as they mentioned the two previous co-stars and they shown the pictures, I lost all my smiles. It's not that I hate them but maybe the media can stop discussing SHK's past relationships. I should wait until I read the translation, maybe it's not what I think it is :D 

Anyways, I am happy today we will get to see them, I hope, at the airport. Fighting!

Can I just skip work? 

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7 minutes ago, alleverything said:

@razledgoose They're supposed to leave via a VIP exit though, so I doubt fans will be able to take many pictures, if they even see them at all

Yep they're leaving through the VIP airport exit, but from that exit there is a short kerb from the VIP corridor to the kerbside where their car will pick them up. Hopefully this is where everyone is gathering to get the snaps of them.

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7 minutes ago, alleverything said:

@razledgoose They're supposed to leave via a VIP exit though, so I doubt fans will be able to take many pictures, if they even see them at all


@alleverything  Agreed -- but I have a feeling that there will be at least one "snipper" among those crazy fans that will give us a glimpse of our songsong couple !  haha

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Hello guys,

I'm gonna be honest about my initial thoughts about this couple. When the drama teasers/previews first came out, I was like damn that chemistry is amazing, they are probably very similar and fun in real life as well. So I expected to see something similar during the press-conference. Since I watch a lot of melo's and romance dramas, during their press conference, the main leads usually hold hands, guide each other up the stairs, hug, joke around - generally they look like great friends and have fun promoting their drama. Along came the DOTS press-con and I was looking at the official pictures and some fan-taken pictures, they looked so awkward it made me not want to watch the drama. I was like what the hell is this? Where is the chemistry? They look like their being forced to be beside each other, WHERE IS THE LOVE???? and then GooWon couple had the typical fun, arm-locking pictures, etc. So I was like really mad at this point. Now that I've come onto this thread, I think differently and they were avoiding contact with each other on purpose. Seriously avoiding. They were both like awkward trees. It makes sense for them to be like this only if they are actually dating because they dont want rumors to come out. I just want to compare them to the AhnGoo couple who recently came out to the public or were discovered to be dating by Dispatch. Now during their press-conference, they were also the typical, nice, having fun during their press-con, he was helping her off the stage, etc. At that time, I believe they were just very good friends and were beginning to get to know each other, but if you watch them on Happy Together, they barely even talked to each other or joked around with each other and he admitted to dating someone at that moment [he said, yes I am dating someone currently but never really interacted with Goo Hye Sun during the show, much], SO, that awkwardness and avoidance is there to show that there is nothing going on, we are complete strangers, that kind of vibe. BUT THEY WERE DATING IN THE END, IT WAS LIKE WOAHHHH. THEY HID IT SO WELL!!!!! So, I think our Song-Song couple is like that as well, obviously each couple is different so I may be wrong about a few things. 

Now, I want to talk about the DOTS press-con in relationship to our Song-Song couple. I was watching a few videos that were posted in here and noticed some interesting things... 


3:30-6:10 mainly

1. GooWon couple talking here and there, there are some interactions 

2. SJK and SHK looking here and there, acting like strangers, not even making eye-contact - COMPLETE SERIOUS MODE



1. They try to keep their distance, and both of their hands are so so awkward. 

2. BUT, I found this so so cool. From 1:11-1:20, they make the same hand pose or the same shape with their hands!! HOW CUTE!!! And you think they do this only once? NAH, they do it again around 2:24-2:29. They do it once more around the ending for like 2 seconds. 

Overall summary, they were purposely avoiding each other and contact with each other during the press-con because once you're dating its hard to hide that natural contact you make with them like holding their hand, bringing them closer, etc. They met up in NY and they have little meetings together in tea shops,and here, they just DONT EVEN LOOK AT EACH OTHER. It is the same avoidance I saw in the AhnGoo couple in happy together. They make it so that no one suspects a thing. I totally think they are dating and my analysis may be childish but god I love them so much. I really really hope to hear some good news soon. 


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20 minutes ago, ChiobiD said:

Have a nice week everyone ;)

SONGSONG: "Thanks for always supporting us. We will live happy together forever" :wub:

I guess its da best caption i can think of :D:phew:


That pic makes me so happy

SHK in white

SJK in mainly black

*flies off into dreams of sunset weddings*

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56 minutes ago, annypooh said:

I know! That's why I bought some red bulls or I won't make it! I cussed at the time difference. 

Here is the link: https://m.facebook.com/ViuTV.hk/?fref=ts

to watch live. 

Ive been checking IG and other sites but no news about them leaving for HK. Gawd!


You're awesome! Saved! This is serious business here! Haha! Waiting is a b*! Lol. I'm scouring around IG as well but nothing has come about yet! Let's wait for the love of our OTP! Hahaa. 

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