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[Official] Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon

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In Entertainment news this morning, a veteran and famous reporter said that according to the owner, only SS ate meal with very kind-heartedness (more like intimately) to each other in the restaurant w

Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon (Descendant of The Sun)  

Song Joong Ki, I love you!!!. You're the best!. I love you Sichuan!. I love the 17th of June!. I love it all. I love Kyo and I love SS couple. And I love this month of June, just like I love

5 hours ago, hclover96 said:


@skyler, I think this gif is the one you're referring to?




Yeahhhhh... That's the one... Tqvm @hclover96

Yours the longer version.. I'm not sure whether he sholve the glass to SHK after he poured the water or after a while when he saw SHK still didn't drink it.. But the fact that he shows his concern to SHK makes me giddy ... :blush: 

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@hclover96 aww. Joongki really wanted Hye Kyo to go ahead and drink the water. :wub:

@joongkyo the captions for iQiyi was really funny, as usual with your witty posts. anyway, are you officialjoongkyo? I'm sorry I just had to ask. I've been wondering since forever. Although I have a feeling it isn't you since her/his captions in instagram almost always includes "cutest lovers". I don't think you're the type to add such captions, but i still have to ask. keke

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Can I ask you @joongkyo @hclover96 about SJK pours the water for SHK? Maybe this is repeated question but for reassure. Hmm, SJK drinks first when PC start (after sitting on the chair) and the new bottle, right? and then sometimes SJK drink again (from same bottle?)before he pour the water to SHK. Next, he pours the water. Is it from new bottle or SJK's bottle before?? . Last, after pouring the water, he drinks again. Is it from SHK's bottle?
-mystey of bottle under the table-

*sorry if my question make you confuse because my eng is bad :(

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thanks for everything guys...still shipping our elusive song2/kikyo couple...

i believe that they are really dating...so haterz...please stop saying nonsense to us who ship this couple...


guys...lets keep on shipping them...gud nyt..

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22 minutes ago, bbsjk said:

Just when I thought I can finally log out of Soompi so I can go to sleep... I suddeny found myself on Instagram, browsing through the Explore page. It has like DOTS/SONGSONG-related photo every time I scroll through or refresh the page. This is madness! LOL! DOTS AND THIS DUO is following me everywhere (Just kidding, I know it's all over my IG explore cos I've been visiting a lot of DOTS fan pages. Haha.)

Then I found a screencap of when SJK looked away when he said "I lost" after SHK/KMY was teasing him with her sassy lines on being beautiful (the battling eyelashes). They both have wrinkles around their eyes because they are smiling too much... Too much that it looks soooooooo natural and sooooo not on the script. (This sounds like it needs to be in the DOTS thread but...) SJK AND SHK's SMILES ARE SO CONTAGIOUS COS THEY SMILE AT EACH OTHER SO NATURALLY I CANNOT HELP BUT SMILE TOO.

How can one not fall in love with these two? And... How can they not fall in love with each other? AHA!


AAAGHHH. I KEEP GOING BACK TO THE EPISODES. :lol: My favorite scenes of the SongSong couple keep haunting me everywhere... Will I ever move on? :lol:


LOL I know right.. Our "healthy" obsession with this drama and couple needs to tone down, not! :D but that scene you mentioned.. Such a precious precious scene it should be illegal sobs! Their eyes say it all and I think we could agree that it felt like we were watching SJK and SHK instead of KMY and YSJ :wub:

Guess I need major help from this thread when dots eventually ends /prayer circle and group hug! 



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