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[Official] Song Song|KiKyo Couple ★ Song Joong Ki ♡ Song Hye Kyo

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Repost Only: Song Joongki @ the wedding of his friend...credit to owner

Repost Only: Song Joongki @ the wedding of his friend...credit to owner

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song-joong-ki-1.jpg?zoom=3&resize=360%2C218&ssl=1NEWS...Song Joong Ki Spotted At Wedding Ceremony Amid “Asadal Chronicles” Busy Filming, By Adrian | March 16, 2019,     SONG JOONG KI IS CURRENTLY FILMING FOR HIS NEXT BIG DRAMA STORY.

On March 16, media outlets reported Song Joong Ki’s first public appearance after the purported rumors of divorce between him and his celebrity actress wife Song Hye Kyo. The rumors were later reported as baseless and untrue.

song joong ki
Image source: Apply Daily

This time, the well-loved celebrity was spotted attending his friend’s wedding in Daejeon. He instantly became the spotlight as the guests took photos of him.

song joong ki

Image source: Apply Daily

Song Joong Ki sportingly looked at the camera with various expressions and poses to melt hearts.

song joong ki

Image source: Apply Daily

The actor also actively participated in the wedding ceremony together with whom seemed to be the MC.
song joong ki

Image source: Apply Daily

Song Joong Ki is currently busy filming for his next highly anticipated drama project Asadal Chronicles after charming the whole world as Captain Yoo Si-jn in 2016’sDescendants Of The Sun.


Image source: Apply Daily...                         source credit @https://www.hellokpop.com/news/song-joong-ki-spotted-asadal-chronicles-filming/

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8 Brainy Idols Who Stayed up All Night Studying to Get into Top Universities

They got in with their good grades alone. 


It’s common for idols to be suspected of using connections when they get into a top university. But there are also those who studied very hard and got in with their own efforts.

Here are 8 studious idols who entered top Korean universities with their own grades:                                      Song Joong Ki


Actor Song Joong Ki had such good grades that he applied to Yonsei University on rolling admissions. He unfortunately didn’t get in due to his college entrance exam score, but he wrote it again and entered Sungkyunkwan University for social science.   Source Credit @https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/smart-idols-brainy-studious-universities-stars-celebrities-intelligent-role-models/

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8 Reasons Why Fans Knew Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Were Dating Before It Was Announced

They already knew, 2 HOURS AGO  

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo‘s love was apparent even before they released news of their wedding!

Evidence from their past interviews shows that the Song-Song couple was indeed head over heels for each other.             1. Song Hye Kyo said Song Joong Ki’s the best partner she’s ever worked with. 

“[Song Joong Ki] always has good manners, takes care of the staff, checks the conditions of the rookie actors, and is considerate towards female actors. I think he’s the best male partner. Although I’m older than him, there were times when I was more thoughtless and immature. I can understand why all the ladies love [him].”

— Song Hye Kyo 

SongJoongKiFilming.jpg2. Song Joong Ki once said Song Hye Kyo is far better than he could ever be at acting. 

“She’s a senior who’s at a height that I can never look beyond. Even still, she always works hard. I realized, ‘She’s not called Song Hye Kyo for nothing’.”

— Song Joong Ki 
SongHyeKyoCrying.jpg3. Song Hye Kyo revealed that Song Joong Ki was her strength during tough times. 

“What I liked most about Song Joong Ki during filming was that he was always the same. The drama was longer than usual. Usually, people will get aggravated during the harsh conditions, but he was always the same. I had a lot to learn from him, even though he’s younger. He amazed me by constantly working hard. He was my strength during a tough time.”

— Song Hye Kyo 

song-joong-gi-song-hye-kyo-7.jpg4. Song Joong Ki said that Song Hye Kyo comforted him whenever he would cry. 

“I cried so much on set that I was nicknamed a crybaby. Every time I cried, [Song Hye Kyo] would comfort me as a super senior and a wonderful partner. I want to give all the honor to her.”

— Song Joong Ki 

song-joong-gi-song-hye-kyo-12.jpg5. Song Hye Kyo once said she wanted to meet a man who could handle all her stress. 

“My job has a lot of stress and loneliness. It would be nice to meet a man who can handle all of it. I don’t plan on getting married late because of work.”

— Song Hye Kyo 


6. Song Joong Ki said he wants to be a good father and husband 

“I dream of creating a family. I’m an actor, but it’s only a part of my life. The most important thing is family. It’s the largest lesson and gift in life. It’s a path I want to take… I want to become a good father and a good husband. I think that’s the best.”

— Song Joong Ki 

7. The two posted extremely cute photos together on their Instagram! 

8. Fans were confident they were dating when it was discovered the two were on trips together.

song-joong-gi-song-hye-kyo-20.jpgsource credit @https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/8-reasons-fans-knew-song-joong-ki-song-hye-kyo-dating-annoucement/

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I really hope it’s not true. I have followed them since they announced the cast for DOTS... But I can’t shake off this feeling, even before the rumour started that there might be trouble between them. It’s a gut feeling I have. The same one that told me they were together before they confirmed it. They haven’t been seen together for a long time, which I understand because they have always been so private. The wedding bands are off while out and about. Attending close friends event alone. Too many coincidences. I really hope that these two are ok. #songsongcoupleforever

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To the new account above ^ I hope you are really concerned and not here to pretend and spread nega vibes :no_mouth:


Here is my reply to your basis of assumption that they are not okey:


1. Not being seen together - they are very busy when Kyo went to Cuba for Encounter, Joong Ki also started filming Asadal. Now, SJK still filming. They want to promote individuality as being too attached with each other's name has negative impact on their careers. For example, SHK was bashed by some jealous shippers for her kissing scenes. 


2. Rings - Notice how Rain and KTH, AhnGoo Couple, Ji Sung and LBY, KSW and STY and all Korean celebrity couples do not wear rings. Yes SongSong wore rings during their hiatus from the industry but now that they have individual projects, they decided not to. Because Korean Celebrity couples do not wear rings when working. It saves the time always taking it off during shoots. Kyo has photoshoots and CFs to do even after her drama. Aside from that, both have lost weight for their projects, their rings might be loose fit on their fingers by now. 


3. Not attending events together - except for one wedding in USA last August 2018, they never attended any wedding together. Only Joong Ki attended a lot of weddings especially when they were on hiatus from making dramas.



We cannot control their lives and we are mere spectators. We can only hope for the best. As of now I do not have any nega vibes about them. No marriage is perfect I am sure they have their ups and down but it's illogical that they would break up this early, after only one year of married life. :lol: I do not think both of them are type to easily give up. 


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Song Joong Ki: Former 'DOTS' Co-Stars Revealed The True Character Of Song Hye Kyo's Husband

Mar 18, 2019 04:49 PM
Song Joong KiThe former co-stars of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo revealed that the actor is considerate and respectful.(Photo: Rokiei/Creative Commons)

There is no denying that Song Joong Ki is among the most sought-after South Korean actors today. As a matter of fact, the husband of Song Hye Kyo has gained a massive following not only because of his exemplary acting prowess but also because of its admirable character. Despite his status as one of the most popular A-list stars in Southeast Asia, the 33-year-old Asadal actor has kept his feet on the ground.

Park Hoon, who starred in the Descendants of the Sun series, shared his working experience with Song Joong Ki in the Feb. 21 episode of tvN's Life Bar. In jest, Hoon said he is thankful with the 2016 hit series as it opened a lot of doors for him even after it wrapped up. Hoon even revealed he wanted to get an autograph from Song Joong Ki, who asked him friendly questions, at the time.

"Song Joong Ki also came over to my home in Jeongseon (where filming for 'Descendants of the Sun' took place) to pay his respects to my mother," Hoon divulged during the episode. "Because he wanted to be considerate of my parents, he simply introduced himself as an actor who works with me. He is such a great guy," Song Hye Kyo's former co-star went on.

Aside from Park Hoon, another former star of the Descendants of the Sun series also shared his memories with Song Joong Ki. Kim Byung Chul said the husband of Song Hye Kyo made his heart flutter while filming the hit South Korean television series. "We were both soldiers together," he said. "I was acting as his superior, and during the break, Song Joong Ki slightly fixed my beret. I felt my heart flutter slightly at that," Byung Chul added.

With the statements of Park Hoon and Kim Byung Chul, it cannot be denied that Song Joong Ki is really a good person inside and out. Aside from being considerate and generous to his co-star, the husband of Song Hye Kyo has also been doing humanitarian activities. In fact, on March 2, 2018, the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation shared that Song Joong Ki has been donating significant amounts of money to support the organization's activities.

Meanwhile, recent reports shared that the Hallyu superstar was spotted filming a wedding scene for the up-and-coming Asadal series. The entertainment news website reported that Song Hye Kyo' better half appeared to have taken the role of the master of ceremony during the nuptials event. He, along with his co-stars, was sighted in Brunei airport last month. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates about Song Joong Ki....source credit @http://en.businesstimes.cn/articles/109395/20190318/song-joong-ki-former-dots-co-stars-revealed-the-true-character-of-song-hye-kyo-husband.htm

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17 Fun Date Ideas Based On Korean Dramas And Variety Shows

Mar 20, 2019
by erinunnie

Korean dramas and variety shows are always fun to watch, but they’re also full of awesome date ideas that you can try out with that special someone. Whether you’re looking for group date activities or something romantic to do one-on-one, this list has you covered. Start planning your next date and check out these great date ideas from your favorite shows! 



For those who love nature and eating, you can’t go wrong with a fishing date. Inspired by “Descendants of the Sun,” you can rent a boat or sit on the shore to try your luck at catching some fish. If you’re looking for a crafty element, you could even try making your own fishing poles. Just be sure to check what your local regulations are for fishing first, since you might need a license for this particular date option depending on where you live.

Ice Skating


This is a classic date idea that’s been seen in many Korean dramas, including “Full House.” There’s just something undeniably fun and romantic about skating on a giant sheet of ice with someone. And there’s an added bonus — it gives you the perfect excuse to hold hands!

Which date idea are you going to try first? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

When erinunnie isn’t working or going to school, she enjoys writing, reading, playing the piano, singing, and (of course) listening to K-pop and watching K-dramas. Connect with Erin on Twitter to keep up with her latest obsessions!...source credit to @https://www.soompi.com/article/1309069wpp/17-fun-date-ideas-based-on-korean-dramas-and-variety-shows

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Starts on Friday, April 12, 2019
Starring Song Joong Ki xHye Kyo, Tokimeki Romance drawn by an eternal dream couple!
Main broadcast
(Fri) (Sat) 21: 45-23: 00
(Sat) (Sun) 6:00-7:15 (Mon) (Tue) Depth 1:15-2:30 (Tue) (Wed) 17: 45-19:00 (Fri) 16:00-18:30 (Two episodes continuous broadcast)
2016 KBS / 16 episodes in total / 75 minutes each / subtitle broadcasting ※ There is no delivery with Mnet Smart.
Licensed by Next Entertainment World (c) 2016 Descendants of the Sun SPC. Highest rating 41.6% record! Following the "Winter Sonata" and "You're a Handsome Man" you can see the legendary drama works on Mnet's first broadcast! "The heirs," the ultimate Tokimeki romance masterpiece that blockbuster creators celebrate the admiration of every woman! Song Joong Ki's return to military service, which has a reputation for acting from "Tender Man" and "My Wolf Boy". In addition to the cute impression, a cool, masculine masculinity is added to the uniform appearance and the popularity is exploding! At the same time, he played the role of Shijin, who is both a kind and kind-hearted young man with a strong heart, stopping the hearts of women in Asia. Song Hye Kyo of "Boyfriend (original title)" and "The winter, the wind blows" is proud of the mission as a doctor despite being a realistic girl now, and is attracted to Shijin even if he does not want to acknowledge it Good performance of the woman who goes. 2017 No Complaints No. 1 Korean Drama That Has Produced A Shocking Big Hit In Korea And Asia! Look forward to a blockbuster depicting the love story of a young soldier and doctor who dream of love and success in a strange land, extreme environment! [Production] Director: Lee Eun Bok, Baek Sang Hun Screenplay: Kim Eun Suk, Kim Won Suk                 Actors Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo , Jin Gu, Kim Ji Won, Onyu (SHINee), etc.
The soldiers who had enjoyed the holidays after a long time, Sung Joon-gi and Seo De-Yon (Ching Gu), capture the thief Kim Ki-bom (Kim Min-seok). After putting Gibom injured in the ambulance during the flight, he noticed that Deyong's mobile phone was stolen by Gibom and went to the hospital. Shijin, who found the owner of DeYong's mobile phone, performs a fateful encounter. 
However, their counterpart surgeon Kang Mo-yong (Song Hye Kyo) misunderstands them as a Yakuza team leader and makes them cold. 
Shijin who fell in love at first sight with such Moyung reveals that she is a soldier and approaches her positively. 
Two people promise to meet for the first time, but emergency occurs in Shijin ....
Yoo Shi Jin (Song Jun Ki)
Special Battle Headquarters Daisuke. Mole's squadron commander of the Tevek unit. 
Alpha Team Team Head. 

I have a great sense of responsibility and pride in my occupation and a strong sense of mission. 
Owners of strong leadership who are caring for their subordinates and the people around them.
Kang Mo Young (Song Hye Kyo)
Doctor in charge of special treatment ward VIP. Thoracic surgery specialist. Medical team team leader. 

He is an excellent surgeon who is enthusiastic about work and reliable from other people, but suffers from barriers to his career. 
Became a VIP doctor on the occasion of TV appearance, but a character full of sense of justice is left as a medical service team as a medical service team after being overwhelmed with a disaster.
So De Young (Chin Gu)
Senior Commander of Special Warfare Headquarters. Deputy General Manager of Mole's squadron belonging to Tevek Corps. 
Alpha Team Deputy Team Head. 

It looks seemingly silent and unfriendly, but in fact it cherishes in-laws with colleagues. 
A warm-hearted, pure-hearted man who doesn't hesitate to sacrifice himself for a beloved woman.
Yoon Myung Joo (Kim Ji Won)
Tevek's troupe dispatched army doctor and lieutenant. 
Orthopedic specialist. 

A woman who has traveled an elite course as the daughter of a special commander. 
He has a proven track record as a military doctor and tries to penetrate whatever he believes.
Lee Chi Hoon (On Yue (SHINee))
Thoracic surgery resident. 

While a noble family scion, without detracting from it pure and serious personality. While working hard in longing resident life, love sprouts between coworkers' staff.....source credit @http://jp.mnet.com/mobileweb/program/detail.m?program_id=2117
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