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[ Official ] WGM Chinese Version - Song Ji Hyo & Chen Bo Lin ( Taiwanese Actor ) - (Orange Juice Couple)


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Just now, jusrub said:

hi @liddi  I feel like cheating on shiliu here lol .. nice to find you here too 

How could it be cheating when the couples are totally unrelated to each other :) Looking forward to watching them... the previews certainly look very sweet.

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Everything You Need to Know About Song Ji Hyo’s Virtual Husband Chen Bo Lin


As you may have already heard, our beloved Song Ji Hyo is currently filming “We Are in Love,” the Chinese version of “We Got Married” with Chen Bo Lin.  For those who only follow Korean entertainment, you’re most likely not familiar with Bo Lin. Well, here’s the scoop on Bo Lin, and why he’s totally ship-worthy!


for details, visit HERE





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I am curious only because it is these two.  I was surprised that two top billers would want to do this, but happy to see they are exploring to experience things that are so hard for celebrities in Asia. 

I was wondering where I could find info and I should have known there would be shipper page.  Thanks for all the photos.  They look gorgeous and I can see the chemistry already.  Who does JH not have chemistry?

I hope their segment is subbed somewhere that I can access.  Or I will just listen to the korean when she speaks it.  

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28 minutes ago, jusrub said:

:( oh no .. according to WIL weibo ..if I'm not mistaken,  seems they delaying the premiere to March ?

Yes, looks like it. Some are speculating that the delay is because they are adding a non-celebrity couple, like what they did halfway through Season 1 last year. Interestingly enough, apparently Eddie Peng 彭于晏 will be making an appearance on LFIL. Wonder which couple's segment will he be on... Orange Juice CP or Universe CP?

More stills... they look to be enjoying each other's company a lot :) 



cr. 江苏卫视我们相爱吧 Weibo

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