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[Movie 2017] Single Rider 싱글라이더


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February 20, 2016

Ahn Sohee in Talks to Star Alongside Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin in New Film

Source: Soompi by an0ya 

Ahn Sohee in Talks to Star Alongside Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin in New Film

Actress Ahn Sohee might be joining the cast of upcoming movie “Single Rider” starring top actors Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin.

She is currently in the final stage of negotiations regarding her role, according to industry sources.

Described as a suspense drama movie, “Single Rider” follows the journey of a father who travels to Australia to meet his family after suddenly losing everything in his life. Lee Byung Hun will be playing the father working in Korea, while Gong Hyo Jin plays his wife living in Australia with their child.

Ahn Sohee is expected to take on an important role and act closely alongside Lee Byung Hun. Their characters will meet each other as they travel to Australia.

Meanwhile, the casting process for “Single Rider” has yet to be finalized.

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Sohee will be filming 'Single Rider' with Lee Byung Hun!


Sohee will be filming 'Single Rider'. 

On February 20th, announcement has been made that Sohee will be officially joining the the movie 'Single Rider'.

'Single Rider' is a suspense drama that entails a story of a man, who is left with nothing, turning to find his family in Australia. This film is supported by Warner Brothers, and will be directed by a new uprising director.

Actor Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin will also appear in the movie. Lee Byung Hun will play the dad who is traveling to find his family in Australia, while Gong Hyo Jin will play the wife who resides in Australia with the kids. 

Sohee will be playing a character Lee Byung Hun meets during his journey. It is heard that she will be an important role in the story. 

Much attention is given as Sohee is expanding her career as an actress. She will continue her growth as she takes role in various films including 'Single Rider'.


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March 16, 2016

Lee Byung-hun, Kong Hyo-jin and Ahn So-hee to star in "Single Rider", to start in Australia on the 21st

Source: SBS via Hancinema.net


Actor and actresses Lee Byung-hun, Kong Hyo-jin and Ahn So-hee are starring in the new movie "Single Rider" starting this 21st in Australia.

"Single Rider" is a mystery thriller about a man of issue going dark suddenly one day. The movie is the debuting work of Director Lee Zoo-young from the Korean School of Arts.

Lee Byung-hun takes on the role of 'the man' Jae-hoon. Kong Hyo-jin takes on the role of Soo-jin, a violinist who lives in Australia with her son and Ahn So-hee is a student named Jina who dreams of going back to Korea with money made on her working-holiday.

Lee Byung-hun said he was attracted to the scenario for its unexpected layout and exotic story. He wants to share the surprise with the public.

Kong Hyo-jin said she waited for the chance to work with Lee Byung-hun. The scenario is intense and she is excited about it.

Ahn So-hee said she is happy to meet Jina and even happier to learn from Lee Byung-hun and Kong Hyo-jin.

"Single Rider" will be taken in Australia and Korea.

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March 17, 2016

Lee Byung-hun, Gong Hyo-jin to star in thriller

By Bahk Eun-ji The Korea Times


Lee Byung-hun, Gong Hyo-jin, Sohee / Korea Times

Lee Byung-hun and Gong Hyo-jin have teamed up for a thriller tentatively titled "Single Rider."

Lee plays Jae-hoon, a man who has lost everything, and Gong plays Lee's wife, Su-jin, in the film, which takes place in Australia.

Sohee, a former member of K-pop band Wonder Girls, plays Ji-na, who is in Australia on a working holiday visa.

The film will begin shooting on March 21, and will premiere this year.


Lee Byung-hun, Kong Hyo-jin, Ahn So-hee to costar in upcoming film

Singer-turned-actress Ahn So-hee joined the cast of an upcoming homegrown film costarring Korean actor Lee Byung-hun and actress Kong Hyo-jin, set to start filming on Monday, local media reported Thursday.

Ahn, formerly of girl group Wonder Girls, will act the part of a Korean on a working holiday program in Australia. 

This comes after multiple local media reports in January that Lee would play the part of a branch director of a securities firm who suddenly loses everything and leaves for Australia, while actress Kong would acts as his wife and violinist residing in Australia with her son.

“As soon as I read the script, I found the story line very attractive,” said the 45-year-old Lee. “Such a story line, I believe, is the first of its kind in Korean cinema and is likely to surprise many local moviegoers.”

The mysterious flick will mark director Lee Ju-young‘s maiden voyage. The title of the flick has not yet been determined. The movie eyes a release in the second half of this year.

By Son Ji-hyoung (json@heraldcorp.com)

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March 18, 2016

Film pairs vets Gong Hyo-jin, Lee Byung-hun

Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily

Actor Lee Byung-hun is set to star in the new film “Single Rider” (working title) alongside actress Gong Hyo-jin and entertainer An So-hee, formerly a member of the K-pop group Wonder Girls. 

The production crew announced the news on Thursday, and shooting is expected to begin Monday. The film revolves around a man who disappears after a nationwide scandal. 

“Single Rider” is the debut film of director Lee Ju-yeong. 

Lee Byung-hun will play the protagonist Jae-hoon, who is the impetus for an event that brings chaos to the whole country. 

Gong will play Su-jin, a former violinist who lives in Australia with her son. Singer An will feature as a hard-working student on a work-holiday visa in Australia who has yet to return to Korea. 

The trio of stars reportedly expressed excitement over their casting and collaboration. Veteran Gong and Lee have appeared in a number of films over their careers, but up until now, they have never appeared together on the silver screen.

“I am well aware of Lee’s acting capabilities,” Gong said. “This is something I am looking forward to.”

The movie is scheduled to hit theaters in the second half of the year.

By Jeong Byung-ki

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March 18, 2016

Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin to star in upcoming thriller

by Mysujung Dramafever.com


Get ready to go down under with Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin! A new thriller film, tentatively titled Single Rider, will begin filming on March 21 and is due to come out sometime this year.

The movie will feature Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin as the main leads and will take place in Australia. While the details of the plot still remain a mystery, Lee Byung Hun's character is a man who has lost everything and Gong Hyo Jin will play his wife. 

Along with Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin, former Wonder Girls member Sohee will also play a key role in the film. 

Keep your eyes peeled for this film! A movie with Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin together can't be anything but worth the wait!!! 

Source: (Via

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