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[Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2016] Su Ran Ran Zhui Fu Ji 蘇染染追夫記


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Title: 蘇染染追夫記 Su Ran Ran Zhui Fu Ji
English title: Su Ran Ran Zhui Fu Ji
Genre: Action, Ancient, Fiction
Episodes: 50

Broadcast Station: Letv
Broadcast Date: January 17, 2016


Yin Qi

Jin Hao

Su Huan Jun

Zeng Meng Xue

Li Yi Tian


The ancestral grave of the Su has great feng shui; others bow and beg for sons, but they can easily have nine. When they wanted a daughter, Su Ran Ran is born. As the only daughter, she’s treated and treasured like a princess, rendering her a bit mischievous and spoiled. To help protect her from her brothers’ bullying, she’s sent to Zhu Mountain  as a disciple. Alas, she’s all grown up and the family struggles to get her (and her cousin) married. When she learns about a new potential marriage, she tries to run away but is caught off guard after accidentally poisoning a young man in white. Brought home, her potential partner arrives and to the side, he greets her with, “I don’t plan on marrying you, please drop that thought.” Rejected. It’s not like she wants to marry him anyway. She’s always pondering why they want to get her married so soon.

Credit: avirtualvoyage

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Raw Preview:





Additional Links:

Su Ran Ran Zhui Fu Ji 蘇染染追夫記 Raw Episodes

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