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[Drama 2016] My lawyer, Mr. Jo / Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho 동네변호사 조들호

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Who will get the 2016 KBS Daesang for acting?



[Naver: OSEN] Song Joongki -> Park Shinyang -> Jang Hyuk? KBS Drama Awards

1. [+2441, -226] Judging on acting, it would be Park Shinyang....

2. [+1805, -73] Do they really give the Daesang based on who acts the best?

3. [+2121, -206] The Daesang should go to God Shinyang. The Top Excellence award should go to Song Joongki and 2016's popularity award should go to DOTS.

4. [+1253, -137] I vote for God Shinyang

5. [+761, -141] It's rare to find actors like Jang Hyuk who consistently comes out in projects.

6. [+337, -55] Park Shinyang should get the award. He nearly saved the drama and its viewer ratings

7. [+222, -20] If we're judging the Daesang on who acts the best, it's Park Shinyang. If we're judging it based on popularity and viewer ratings, then it's Song Joongki...But please don't give out two Daesangs in fear that one will get hate

8. [+331, -65] Based on acting skills, it's Park Shinyang.....

9. [+152, -9] Come on.... you're taking into account a drama that hasn't even started yet. Don't get so ahead of yourself.

10. [+202, -27] Park Bogum does act well, but honestly, he's not worthy of being put there as one of the candidates for a Daesang....


source : http://knetizone.blogspot.com/2016/05/who-will-get-2016-kbs-daesang-for-acting.html


Gosh... stop it netizens.

I don't want to get my hope up and end up getting hurt T___T

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3 hours ago, pandalover1 said:


She's actually pretty busy.. so if she doesn't attend I can understand.. but.. :tears:



Moderator edit: the minimum of a post is 20 words! This is definitely too short!!

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3 minutes ago, parkxiaowu said:

@pandalover1 any new project of SoRa is running?

@icemaid I heard that Dae Soo has new drama soon, maybe he is busy about shooting, my gang team, nooooooooooo 


As for now nothing that I'm aware off, besides her cf duties (which could possibly be the reason why she's not there).. she hasn't announce any new project yet. But I'm speculating she's involve with production too, she has dreams of becoming a director too. 

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My gang team.......... nooooooooooo.......

ok, calm down, at least give my lawyer JO take a selfie with Ae Ra, pleaseeeee :bawling:

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1 minute ago, parkxiaowu said:




LOL she loves selfies so much :P


Soo Binnie posted many pictures as well.

Awwwwwwwwwww :wub: With Omma 


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