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does anyone know where we can watch Knowing Bros live, or have the link? 

*i found a live stream link!

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On 8/11/2016 at 0:30 AM, fashiondream said:

Still makes me cry when I watch this. After SH lost a close race on Cool Kiz -- he apologizes to his teammateshttps://youtu.be/xxmfVTwNphY


Thank you for all of the updates :heart: I missed that episode. I thought I had watched them all. Watching this clip I had tears in my eyes too.:cold_sweat: You can see how disappointed he was and how badly he felt for his team.  I'm so excited for his action movie.

@browngirl  Thanks for pic for the movie.




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56 minutes ago, fashiondream said:

Hi Evie! He was so cool on Cool Kiz - well, actually I think he looks cool in everything he does.

A new pic from his new movie set

crazy-monkey-emoticon-121.gif I love that look. I'm very interested in his character in the movie. I looked up the movie on asianwiki, his character is the #2 man in the mob. I love that he is going to play a character that's so different from the ones we have seen so far. 

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Thanks for the info, evie7. I am excited also because this is his first movie. Here's a small plot synopsis I found. It will be like you said, a totally different type of character for him since he plays a mobster.


Tae-Joo (Lee Jung-Jin) and Tae-Sung (Sung Hoon) are fraternal twins. They were separated from an early age. When they meet again, their places in life are at complete odds. Older brother Tae-Joo is a detective for a special investigation team currently working on a major relic smuggling case. Younger brother Tae-Sung is the #2 guy for a criminal organization.

This is the actor playing his brother


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From Viki.com


成勋   성훈    ソンフン  ซองฮุน


 The story goes, something like this. A Handsome little baby boy was born, as a valentines day gift, for his parents in the year of 1983, on Feb 14th. They named their little bundle of joy, Bang Sung Hoon, who quickly became their pride and joy.

He grew up, as a healthy, compassionate and considerate man. Breaking and fluttering, many hearts as he grew more handsome as years passed by. Finally, the time, came in his life, where he had to decide what he wanted to do , in order, to support himself, and indulge his wants and his loved ones. He decided to pursue his interest in the sports field and chose swimming, as his vehicle to health, wealth and happiness. He majored In Physical Education, while securing a place in the national swim team. Won, many competitions with his accomplished butterfly stroke and kick.


But, as fate would have it, he met with an accident, and hurt his Spine. As a swimmer, maintaining the correct posture, is important to keep not only the momentum strong, increase the speed, but also to reduce the strain on the body. He went into serve the mandatory military service, but was discharged early, because of his spinal injury.

Fresh out of the military, and knowing, his dreams of becoming the national swim champ, cruelly shortened. He took on the challenge on becoming a actor and enrolled himself in an acting school and signed up under the talent agency named Stallion entertainment.

On hearing about auditions for New tales of giseng, he went in to try his luck. The moment he walked in for the auditions, both the pd and writer, thought to them selves "ah! this is Ah da mo!"
And the rest, as they say is history.

With no projects or prior modeling assignment's, this hunk of a guy, of 6ft.Stole our hearts, when he portrayed, the role of  Adamo to the 'T'. He now has many modeling assignments in his kitty, and is currently pondering on his next lead role.

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Google translation is awful but here is new interview


Gimahreum very economic news = past 21 days, a record high ratings of 32.8% and met jongyoung the KBS weekend drama "Five kids' learning and sinhyeseon daldalhan couple Chemie warmed warmed to the home theater as an actor Sung Hoon in.

Now the qualifier of "King Loco 'is not awkward. So Sung Hoon spent 'five children, who can be called his life work to cool seopseophan mind.

"There was a lot of negotiation in the entertainment program. Now grown up and find out the level of giving me much of a feel. The qualifier of "King Loco 'The fact is I'm seureopgido burden. If you have a lot of really good ... or so I think I will be freshman Rocco (laughs). "

"Five children" was a work weekend drama, but also loved by the young get a lot of layers 20-30 viewers love. Dwien that the role of Sung Hoon quite large.

"You were shaped or sister who have made earlier. I do what I'm caught in the middle of the script. I had a difficult thing greatly to the character in the play gimsangmin digestion. How do I let my dusyeot matter. So I used to hand smoke. Any act or speech that Sangmin character itself, not the character eotgeodeunyo felt constrained to the gesture. "

Sung Hoon any character that is easier digested than 'five children, and doing wanna after jongyoung want to "drive a question. So what do I like to drive. There can also be interested in the car, but like any good to the car, driving more than those things themselves. As we age seems to be more and more simple. Only those who can do right now than the same trip to Europe said they would not practical to think that I think. "

Sung Hoon is that it likes to drive his car in jeongjak saying naebaeteotda somewhat heomumaengrang said. That was the beauty of Sung Hoon. Also different is the image shown in the 'five children. Easy to say smelled of mulssin heodang groups.

Actress Sung Hoon [Photo: seutaelri entertainment on offer;

Without a break for the past six months Sung Hoon came up looking straight ahead while it is hidden immediately went on filming. Movie release scheduled for next year, 'Come back baby Busan "because the ahead-screen debut as. So the work will not be laughed gatdamyeo emptiness is felt even after the end.

Recently, radiating a sense of hidden arts appeared with the model gimjingyeong JTBC entertainment program 'know your brother' and attracted attention. But he himself confessed that notgido the burden of performing arts program.

"Except a real variety and talk program seems to be little burden. I have no talent for funny people. (Laughs) I have an Burden for nothing that I could ruin the appearance to programs that once. "

Sung Hoon is a former swimmer from. Did not know to swim out of 20, he dropped out early due to injury, such as swimming. And to the release of twenty-seven, I had a dream for the actor.

"I want a vaguely thinking. Joe rattle stuck've been really lucky audition. It's really simple. (Laughs) I do not have a complex process. In the process, of course, only to be seen but, if complicated, detailed in the story I think is a really simple to learn. So first I've eaten a lot of smoke for the bath. I learned the fun of acting Articles Web drama "Six persons' ttaeyeoteoyo do. While that works for a while on the scene, a scene smoke and the bishop know thats the charm of the smoke. "

So what 'appeal of smoke "Sung Hoon have learned is.

"It's inexplicably attractive. Recommended yiralkkayo not want to appeal? If the appeal of the smoke found doegeodeunyo not let other things. (Laughs) I was the problem eopneunge what you want to do. It would yomankeum interesting, more difficult cases accordingly greater. Life and I think the same thing. If I do not know what a day will give a happy happy day, happy day, when the day is hard to think it's just one more happy. When you feel the smoke that stuff. But sustaining good at yet more disappointment rather than acting're attractive. "

Sung Hoon felt a taste of acting correctly emphasized that the actors wanted to be an actor recognized.

"The smoke eopjanahyo the answer. Lee, Cho Jin-woong, Ha Jung-woo seniors are'm really I admire. Establish an acting role, but have gone, I think that I truly love and are good for a certain amount of smoke to honor the seniors. Like the seniors want to be an actor that actors recognized. Iteunikka and now I am growing a little bit, we would have the confidence to become like Them slowly but without recession and smoke. "

To become the actor slowly but steadily growing slowly Sung Hoon is always tempered himself. Started is simple but, the process has soaked the 'effort' and 'sweat'. And soon the fruits of their hard work and sweat will place the future of the actor Sung Hoon. http://www.ajunews.com/view/20160830133441802


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