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Thank you Soompi

Celebrity Animal Lovers Who Adopted Their Pets

Oct 18, 2019
by S. Cho

Despite the many pets who are abandoned and have no choice but to wander without a home, some of the lucky ones are adopted by a helpful passerby. Even amidst their busy schedules, many celebrities also adopt pets into their families.

Here are a couple of additional celebrities who provided both a loving home and second chance at life for their pets!

Sung Hoon


On September 22, Sung Hoon revealed that he had adopted a dog! The dog Yangyi was on the brink of death with measles, but was able to receive treatment once rescued. With the help of guardian Sung Hoon, Yangyi was able to get to the hospital and finish receiving treatment. Following his journey as Yangyi’s guardian, Sung Hoon decided to adopt the dog and become a family.

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It seems like he really enjoyed this fan meet in Malaysia - not his usual FM, but really there to celebrate OhkTV’s 5th birthday


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IG update today 

The translator’s not working on this one so it’s meaning is a mystery. His puppy is so cute.

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