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Episode 12 aired, last episode. Loved it - really clever script and really well-written characters, talented and personable cast - especially ep 9-12.


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Sung Hoon Adopts New Puppy On “I Live Alone,” Asks That People Don’t Abandon Their Pets

Aug 16, 2019
by R. Jun

On the August 16 broadcast of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” actor Sung Hoon adopted a new puppy!

The pup, named Yanghee, had been sick and awaiting euthanasia at a dog shelter when Sung Hoon decided to foster her. As his time fostering Yanghee came to an end, there was someone who expressed interest in adopting, so Sung Hoon wrote a long message to the new parent on what they should know about Yanghee. However, the person decided not to adopt in the end, saying that they wanted a more healthy pet.


At that moment, Sung Hoon decided that he would adopt Yanghee himself. After visiting a vet, the actor found that in Yanghee’s time with him, her weight had increased, and the symptoms she had been experiencing had vastly improved.

The doctor, who had initially expressed concern when Sung Hoon said he would foster Yanghee because she was in such poor health, praised Sung Hoon, saying, “He’s so, so kind.”

Sung Hoon said, “Rather than saying that people should adopt pets, if they make it so that there are fewer abandoned animals, there would be no need for euthanasia. I’d like it if people wouldn’t abandon [pets].”



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Han Bo Reum Talks About Working With “Level Up” Co-Star Sung Hoon, Sharing Kiss Scenes, And More

Aug 19, 2019
by Y. Shin

Han Bo Reum talked about her “Level Up” co-star Sung Hoon in a new interview!

The actress recently starred in MBN’s “Level Up,” a romantic comedy about a highly-skilled restructuring expert named Ahn Dan Te (Sung Hoon) and a lovely yet super clumsy gamer named Shin Yeon Hwa (Han Bo Reum), who join forces to save a bankrupt game company.

During the interview, Han Bo Reum was asked about working with Sung Hoon. She replied, “To be honest, it was difficult to become friendly with him at first. He was too much of a celebrity. Doesn’t he appear in many variety shows as well? When I first saw him, he was tall and cool, so I thought, ‘He’s a star.’ In the first half [of the show], there are a lot of scenes where we bicker, so we weren’t able to become close, but as we got closer to the end, there were a lot more scenes where we work together, so we naturally became close.”

She continued, “He was almost the same as how he is in MBC’s ‘I Live Alone,’ but he’s a bit more humane. He was always busy on set and had a lot of schedules, but he’d always bring up the mood even if he didn’t get enough sleep. I thought, ‘As expected, leading actors are different.’ I learned a lot, and I was so grateful.”

When asked if Sung Hoon gave her a lot of advice, Han Bo Reum answered, “Rather than giving me advice, we did read-throughs of our script before filming. During those times, Sung Hoon told me, ‘Do it as you like,’ and ‘Try as many times as you need until the acting you’re satisfied with comes out.’ I thought that he was an actor who’s really great to work with.”

She then talked about the romance in “Level Up,” saying, “Because it was a romantic comedy, I had a lot of expectations. I always played roles where I’d get abandoned or die, so I thought, ‘Finally, a scene with love,’ but the romantic scenes were featured only during the ending of the 12 episodes. That was a little disappointing.”

She later mentioned the famous “Underwater Kiss Scene” and remarked, “I really thought that we might end up dying underwater. There’s a scene where I say, ‘I don’t think I’ll be able to breathe,’ and try to swim up, but Sung Hoon grabs me and shouts, ‘No!’ I actually had to go back up for air, but he grabbed me because he thought I was still acting. He later apologized and told me he didn’t realize.”

Han Bo Reum finally said, “We didn’t have a lot of romantic [scenes] so I wasn’t able to tell if he was really a ‘kissing master’ or not, but he made things comfortable when we acted. I realized, ‘This is why he was able to do so well with those sweet roles all this time.'”

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