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Sunghoon 성훈

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News article about this week’s I Live Alone mentioning how flexible he is:

[Sports Seoul Choi Jin-sil reporter] Actor Seonghun became 'Mansur Mansour'. 

On the MBC 'I Live Alone', which will be broadcasted on the 5th, will be two more exciting and exciting than the first. 

Seong-hoon, who did not have a chance to win the game on the last broadcast, fired up his passion for every game and won the U-Yoon team with an overwhelming score. Team leader Seong-hoon is not interested in the score, and as a team member Kim Yeon-kyung, the first volleyball player, gave a laugh by acting with the horse. 

Among them, Seong - hoon burned his enthusiasm in all the games of the second half, It is also exciting to show off the talent of the 4th singer (?) In the song confrontation that needs to reach the target score, and also to tense the opponent team. 

In addition, the leg-tearing game is unexpectedly flexible, and it stimulates curiosity by admiring not only team members but also opponents. In the playground where the sound of the song and the sound of the sickness grows, he keeps his posture as comfortable as the room. It is expected that his flexibility will lead the team to the championship. 


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He updated his IG today - pic from his Tissot photo shoot and the other of his yearly reunion with the Passionate Love drama cast members that he is close to. They had dinner after seeing a stage play.

This was shared by the actor in the front on his IG


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