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Sunghoon 성훈

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3 hours ago, fashiondream said:

So nice to see you here. But   I am so confused by your comment- what event are they presenting or am I misunderstanding you?? It would be so wonderful to see them together again. In any case, it’s so nice to see they still follow each other on IG with both of them who don’t follow that many people, relatively speaking. He is supposed to begin a new drama pretty soon, something I really looking forward to. Even though I love that he’s become a regular on I Live Alone, I still love him most in his dramas.


24 minutes ago, immorethant said:

Good news ! You can watch 'E-daily Cultural Awards' on Vlive on Feb 26 from 5pm KST. :scream: (but the real ceremony will begin at 7 pm) so I just hope it will be broadcast from start to end.



There you go, from of our busybee fangirls on SHS thread.



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On 2/21/2019 at 10:45 PM, meechuttso said:

Does he play the guitar or the ukulele? :w00t:

It’s an ukulele - I don’t know if he can play one or if it’s a prop for the photo tho.

From last week Let’s Eat Dinner Together - I loved his appearance on this show, really showed his true personality

And then on I Live Alone .... the laughs continue :lol:


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