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[Official Thread] Hu Ge 胡歌 (Mainland Artist)

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Hi, guys! I found a new fan page that translates all things related to Hu Ge (news, interviews, etc) into English. They said they will keep up with recent news as well as some older interesting stuff. If anyone is interested you can check the page here:

 胡歌 ThinkHuGe: https://www.facebook.com/ThinkActorHuGe/

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5 things you didn't know about Nirvana in Fire's Hu Ge




Nirvana in Fire has been praised as one of the best-ever historical romances featuring a riveting plot, gorgeous cinematography, fantastic martial arts, and impeccable direction and performances. What you probably didn't know, however, is that handsome leading man Hu Ge, the hero who rose from a crushing defeat to seek revenge and justice in the drama, also rose in real life from a stunning tragedy that almost killed him and destroyed his face. Read on for more.

1. Hu Ge's name is 胡歌 in Chinese, pronounced as Hu Guh. First name 歌 (Ge) means "song" or "singing." The family surname 胡 (Hu) is formed by 2 separate Chinese characters which means "Ancient Moon." Doesn't his name evoke romanticism when you think of Hu Ge as an "ancient moon song?"


2. He rose to fame in 2005, along with Liu Yifei, in Chinese Paladin, the successful drama adaptation based on The Legend of Sword and Fairy, a popular action role-playing game (RPG). The software's creator Yao Zhuangxian saw Hu Ge in a chance meeting and recognized the rookie actor as the mirror image for the leading character Liu Xiaoyao. Hu Ge also reprised the role in Chinese Paladin 3 in 2009.





3. On August 29, 2006, Hu Ge was seriously injured in a highway car accident en route to Shanghai. His good friend and assistant died. Hu Ge survived but went through two major surgeries in four days that required general anesthesia and over a hundred sutures on his face and neck. He almost lost sight in his right eye. He was then transferred to Hong Kong to continue with skin graft surgery, nasal correction, and scar repair. It would take him almost a year to recover and to restart the drama Legend of the Condor Heroes (2008 release), which halted production to wait for his return.



The experience that Hu Ge went through eerily parallels Nirvana in Fire, in which the hero Lin Shu survived a crushing defeat and drastically altered his face as a disguise to unleash revenge against treacherous enemies.

4. The multi-talented actor also excels in singing, stage acting, writing, photography, and more. Ever since his accident and recovery, he has continued to mature and broaden his experiences. Perhaps it is because he wants to live life to the fullest and not waste precious time. 

After his recovery, he published a book, Scavenger of Happiness, filled with personal thoughts during his recovery along with encouraging notes from his friends. He wrote, "Every word of their encouragement is filled with heartwarming thoughts, and made me realize a person's life doesn't belong to him alone." 



He donated all proceeds from the book and his drama The Myth (2009) to help establish an elementary school in Yunnan province and named it after Zhang Mian, the friend and assistant who died in the car accident.

5. Although Hu Ge rose to fame with historical and martial arts roles, he has also successfully played modern-era characters. Among his many awards, he won Most Popular Actor Award at the 9th Seoul International Drama Awards for playing a computer repairman in Life Revelations (2014). And of course, he's won multiple Best Actor awards for the incomparable Nirvana in Fire, such as the Shanghai Television Festival's Magnolia Awards held on June 11 this year.


When he accepted the award, he humbly said, "I will have a higher expectation of myself." He also revealed plans to cut back on his work load in order to learn, saying, "Learning is a lifetime thing. Maybe I look good on screen, but I should also raise the bar in my performance."

He Gu's personal story is so inspiring. It's not every day that we have such a rare leading man whose own life transcends the dramatic roles he plays.

BONUS: Should I also mention the 33-year-old leading man is still single? He recently appeared at close friend Wallace Huo's wedding to Ruby Lin in Bali. He went alone.

I am so glad that DramaFever has added Nirvana in Fire to its Chinese drama portfolio. It gives me the opportunity to write a feature article about Hu Ge. We hope to see more of him, and in the meantime, don't forget to check out two of Hu Ge's best works:

Sound of the Desert:



Sound of the Desert

Starring Cecilia Liu and Eddie Peng

 Adicionar à Lista  Assista agora




And, of course, Nirvana in Fire:



Nirvana in Fire - 琅琊榜

Starring Hu Ge and Liu Tao

 Adicionar à Lista  Assista agora




 ~ NancyZdramaland

Source via  123





Nirvana in Fire star Hu Ge gets 2 different Madame Tussauds wax figures



Popular actor Hu Ge has just won a rare honor—He is the first Chinese celebrity to have two different wax figures at Madame Tussauds. It is icing on the cake for the Nirvana in Fire star who just celebrated his 34th birthday. Hu Ge even got to have some fun with his "clones." Take a look at the photos. Which figure is your favorite?

Back in April, it was reported that Madame Tussauds Shanghai was going to make two wax figures for Hu Ge. One figure was known to be a modern look, for the Shanghai-born actor who in January was appointed a 2-year term as the tourism ambassador for China's most populous city.

The other figure was shrouded in secrecy. Fans have been guessing whether it would be from Chinese Paladin, the drama that first propelled Hu Ge to fame, or Nirvana in Fire, the award-winning drama about a hero who came back from a crushing defeat, which reminds fans of Hu Ge's own resurgence from a deathly car crash that almost destroyed his face.


After months of waiting, it's been revealed that Hu Ge's costumed figure is that of Nirvana in Fire's leading character Lin Shu, masquerading as Mei Chang Su. The unveiling took place on September 16.

Hu Ge was very pleased upon seeing his "clones." What do you think of these fun photos?



Which one do you think resembles Hu Ge the best?



Hu Ge himself said that he's very happy to have a twin, a wish he had when he was a young child.

The popular actor becomes the first Chinese celebrity to have two different wax figures in a Madame Tussauds gallery. The timing couldn't be better. It celebrates the one-year anniversary of Nirvana in Fire's release on September 19, 2015, as Hu Ge turns 34 on September 20.

Happy Birthday, Hu Ge!.

~ NancyZdramaland



Adding this

Top Chinese leading man Hu Ge takes a break from acting and leaves China for the USA


Hu Ge is considered one of the top actors in China. After basking in the popularity and acclaim for his performance, such as in the great martial arts drama Nirvana in Fire, that has elevated him into a legendary star, he has decided to take a break from acting and leave China. Why? Where is he going for two years?


Nirvana in Fire has been praised as one of the best Chinese historical dramas for featuring a riveting revenge, gorgeous cinematography, fantastic martial arts, and impeccable direction and performances. One reason that this drama has deeply touched fans is how Hu Ge's own life has paralleled the leading character Mei Changsu's rise from a tragedy.


In 2006, Hu Ge suffered a serious car accident that took the life of his good friend and assistant. An injured Hu Ge survived but almost lost sight in his right eye. He went through major surgeries which included over a hundred sutures on his face and neck. It would take him nearly a year to recover and to restart the drama Legend of the Condor Heroes (2008 release), which halted production to wait for his return. 

No wonder it was a particularly heartwarming moment when Ariel Lin, his leading lady in Legend of the Condor Heroes, surprised Hu Ge on stage at the China Quality TV Award night to wish him farewell, as the popular actor bid adieu to the audience, his fans, and practically all of China.

Check out the moment when Hu Ge accepted the award for Outstanding Quality Star and was surprised by Ariel Lin in this fully English-subbed clip. (Credit and thanks to his dedicated fan club ThinkHuGe.)



Hu Ge discussed late in 2016 that he was considering a change in life to improve himself, even if he had to give up everything.  He had already turned down many new offers, saying that he needed to rest.

Where will the 34-year-old actor go to experience new changes and nurture new growth?

He is going to study in the United States. His plan, according to news reports, is to first study English and then enter a program on cinematic directorial study at a university in New York.*

You may be surprised that he isn't just talking about a dream but has already taken action.

He Ge has already arrived in the United States. Some lucky fans spotted him at the San Francisco Airport on March 4.



We wish all the best for Hu Ge! ~ NancyZdramaland

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Some videos from the Golden Eagle Awards 2016. Hu Ge won the 'Audience's Choice for Actor Award' and the 'Most Popular Actor Award'.

Cr:  胡歌 ThinkHuGe Facebook


1. Acceptance speech for the 'Audience's Choice for Actor Award'




2. Hu Ge and Liu Tao for 'Most Popular Actor' and 'Most Popular Actress'




3. A reunion between Hu Ge and Ariel Lin




4. Two special fans made an appearance for Hu Ge. Really loved his interaction with his elderly fan :D


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This is the video where Hu Ge did a special monologue on the subject of the last decade of his life. I heard that actually he talked more about 40 minutes, but they cut it into 24 min. ^^



[Video Cr:  胡歌 ThinkHuGe ]

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Interview from BAZAARMEN Magazine, Nov 2016 Edition


Part. 1




Part 2

His opinion about 'being an actor is much easier than being an idol' is interesting :)



[Video Cr: 胡歌 ThinkHuGe]

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Hu Ge and Wang Kai singing '在此刻' (At This Moment) for CCTV's Spring Festival Gala



Hu Ge and Wang Kai were interviewed in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala rehearsal. 


English subs by 胡歌-Think HuGe

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衔末于枝 from Weibo wrote inspiring articles analyzing two video ads for the QQ Reading App from Tencent Literature released in 2016. 



Part One: LINK



Part Two: LINK


Cr: ThinkHuGe 

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One of my favorite actors. By his playing, he saves any, even the most terrible role. What can we say about the doramas, where the main or the second male role gives him scope for creativity! They are simply gorgeous.
I can not help but admire him as a singer! The lyrics of his songs are always filled with a deep feeling. All the songs to the doramas are simply gorgeous, but the ending to Nirvana on fire is especially memorable. In my opinion, it's amazing.
Unfortunately, as already noted in other comments, very few dreams with his participation are translated into Russian. Perhaps that's why Hu Ge is not very well known to the Russian-speaking audience. But I hope that after getting acquainted with his latest works, translators will also fall in love with this actor and start translating with him the dramatic.


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Hu Ge on summer vacation so hes back in Shanghai, filming a cf

photo hugecf 9.jpg

photo hugecf 5.jpg

photo hugecf 6.jpg

photo hugecf 10.jpg cr avirtualvoyage

Hu Ge on June edition

photo hugecf 12.jpg

photo hugecf 13.jpg

photo hugecf 14.jpg

photo hugecf 11.jpg

photo hugecf 8.jpg

photo hugecf 7.jpg

photo hugecf 3.jpg

photo hugecf 2.jpg

photo hugecf 1.jpg cr avirtualvoyage

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