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[Variety] A Look at Myself 나를 돌아봐 (KBS)

Guest Tinkiebell

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Guest Tinkiebell



Original Title: 나를 돌아봐
Broadcast Network: KBS


People tend to get angry and sometimes we find it hard to keep our temper.
There is a good solution to this matter; Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes!

We never truly know what it feels like until we put ourselves in someone’s shoes.
By experiencing what we have done to other, we can understand others and look back at ourselves.

(credit: KBS World)



Cho Young Nam - Lee Kyung Kyu



Kim Soo Mi - Park Myung Soo



Song Hae - Jo Ujong




Where to watch with English subs:

KBS World YouTube Channel




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thank kbsw subbed this show& become my fav how ... before this i see this show with jang dongmin with his close friend .. i already watch qualifictaion of men so long so really understand with lee kyungkyu  . he always made  me laugh .. some viewers hate him when he on ic few week ago ..







last week (epi on kbsworld) e22 got higher rating with 13.4%




A Look at Myself | 나를 돌아봐 - Ep.23 (2016.01.20)

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2 hours ago, Jefri Franslay said:

During the kbs entertainment award,there is a pretty lady sitting beside Lee gyeonggu,who is she? A writer?

she kbs announcer also mc   vitamin ... too bad this show not broadcast on kbsworld ,.. that you not familiar with her .. she 1 table with a look at myself there have Jo Ujong  (also kbs annuncer ) becoz lee hwijae with tros cast ...




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Guest Tinkiebell
On 1/21/2016 at 10:13 AM, kjmcth said:

latest news say kim soomi and cho youngnam left this show.. finished filmig and their last epi 22 jan 2016....


Oh really? That's too bad, I enjoy watching Kim Soomi a lot. Will LKK and PMS still be on the show though? 

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myungsoo most happy with this....



Park Myung Soo Finally Gets a Manager in ‘A Look at Myself’


by Woorim Ahn] Park Myung Soo and Lee Kyung Kyu met in KBS ‘A Look at Myself’. 

On the upcoming episode of the program, Park Myung Soo and his manager Lee Kyung Kyu will meet for the first time. Since this is Park Myung Soo’s first celebrity role in the show, it aroused the mass public’s anticipations. 

During filming the episode, as soon as Park met Lee, Park called Lee as ‘manager Lee’ and made Lee embarrassed. Moreover, Park said, “Go get some snacks”, “Where is my headphone?”, “You’d better move faster” and made Lee work endlessly. 

Particularly, Park asked, “Would you learn how to entertain people?” and made Lee appear in his radio program as a panel, so behind-the-scene stories will be revealed. 

Meanwhile, ‘A Look at Myself’ airs on Fridays at 9:30pm KST. (photo by KBS)


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Guest adikkeluangman

GOT7′s Bam Bam and Mark Support Jackson and Park Joon Hyung

Bam Bam and Mark showed up in KBS A Look at Myself for Jackson. 

On the upcoming episode of the program, GOT7 Jackson and god Park Joon Hyung prepared to test their Korean abilities.


Recently, the two met at the filming site of ‘Korean Test’. They showed a strong will and prepared for it for the last time. Park Joon Hyung called Jo Woo Jong for a help and he gave tips to the two people. 

Woo Jong’s help wasn’t all. GOT7’s Mark and Bam Bam became supporters for Jackson and Park Joon Hyung. The members came to the filming site and gave motivations to them. 

Meanwhile, Jackson and Park Joon Hyung’s Korean test will air on April 1. 


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