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[Variety] I Live Alone 나 혼자 산다 (MBC)

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(if you problem using this link , please search #withmbc2019 in Tik Tok international app. )




Please vote for HenKi couple :heart:

 (Henry and Kian84 )


2. BEST ENT SHOW AWARD for 'Home Alone' :love:


**You need to vote through TIK TOK App and you'll get 3 votes on each category each day. 


Once all the votes are used up, the purple bar will turn grey.


Please vote every day until the voting ends on 29th Dec. ‌‬‭


Check out Narae's and Si Eon's posts



***Dont forget to check out Si Eon latest movie I KILLED MY WIFE . Few days late but here is the vid where Rainbow club members went support at the movie premiere. 

Actor Lee Si Eon finally cast in first leading role for upcoming movie I Killed My Wife. Actor Lee Si Eon (MBC's I Live Alone) finally gets his first leading role in 10 years. Actor Lee will be the protagonist for the upcoming movie thriller I Killed My Wife directed by Kim Ha Ra.Jan 8, 2019
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Can’t wait to see this year end episode

@Strings 4 HENRY I’ve only seen one post that had the mention /video/ pic of SH’s fan meeting where the 3 ‘s message was shown - I guess that was in Indonesia (didn’t save the post) ; I’ve only seen some other comments by fans that attended the Taiwan FM that video messages were also shown but I’ve not seen any pics or videos of that ; there’s tons of IG posts by fans from those two most recent FM’s but aside from the one post I saw, not any more of his ILA colleagues’ messages.

I think this is from this week’s episode where Kian 84 does a fashion shoot 


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