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“Infinite Challenge” PD Kim Tae Ho Says the Show Will Continue With Five Members

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PD Kim Tae Ho has revealed that a new member will not be added to “Infinite Challenge.”

On the “Variety Show General Assembly” special of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” that aired on January 9, Kim Tae Ho talks about the future of the show after member Jung Hyung Don halted all activities in the industry due to an anxiety disorder.

“Overcoming obstacles is what ‘Infinite Challenge’ does best. I think it is best to try and provide entertainment as we are right now,” he says.

“Trying to find a new member to fill in an empty spot will only become a burden for the new member. If a time comes when we do need a new member, we will discuss it then,” he adds.

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“Infinite Challenge-Variety Show General Assembly” is a special where the crew organizes the hottest issues in the variety world of 2015 and determines the future direction for “Infinite Challenge.” Media critic Jung Deok Hyun, journalist Wi Geun Woo, and columnist Kim Kyo Seok join the panel as well to add professionalism to the episode.

Meanwhile, Lee Kyung Kyu, Kim Gu Ra, Kim Sook, Yoon Jong Shin, Yoon Jung Soo, and Kim Young Chul appear as guests as well.

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