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Kang Min Kyung’s Father Indicted on Charges of Embezzlement and Fraud

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After being investigated for fraud and embezzlement, Davichi member Kang Min Kyung’s father, hereafter referred to as “Kang,” has been brought to court.

On December 31, the Uijeongbu District Prosecutor’s Office indicted Kang for accepting hundreds of millions of won from a religious foundation referred to as “A” and using the money as funds for his personal company.

According to the prosecution, the religious foundation was seeking to buy a site for religious use from a seller named “Kim.” Upon the cancellation of the contract, Kang had been entrusted with the cancellation fee.

Kang had told the religious foundation, “If the seller receives a cancellation fee, 444,169,867 won (approximately $368,000) would have to be paid in taxes. This could count as withholding taxes, but if you give it to me I can pay the taxes for you.” The religious foundation then issued Kang a cashier’s check.

However, the religious foundation found out that as a domestic non-profit organization, they have no obligation to pay taxes. Furthermore, Kang had used the money toward his personal company.

After the religious foundation sued Kang, the first trial declared Kang not guilty. Now the case will be tried again by the Seoul High Prosecutor’s Office.

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