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Secret9′s K-pop Training Camp: A Day in the Life of a Camp Participant

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Secret9, the official sponsor of the 2015 Soompi Awards, is wrapping up the application process for the winter/spring session of their K-pop training camp!

Secret9 is a K-pop training camp that offers coaching by professional trainers who are training current idols and trainees. Anyone can take dance classes or take voice lessons, right? But Secret9′s coaches have worked with, or are working with, members of EXO, GOT7, Super Junior, miss A, and many more. Secret9′s camp was developed based on the training curriculum of the most prestigious Korean entertainment agencies. In other words, Secret9′s staff are specialized in K-pop and will make sure that you receive the same kind of training as the best idols in the business.

Secret9′s participants come from many countries and are grouped into four-member teams, based on individual level of vocal and dancing. Each team receives a customized curriculum depending on the individuals’ skill level.

As a camp participant, here’s what your normal day will look like.

Body Training

secret9 body training

Weekdays start at 10 a.m. with body training. Body training helps you stay motivated and achieve the best results for your body. Muscle strengthening exercises improve your ability to sing and dance simultaneously, and vigorous activity will keep you energized for the rest of the day.

Vocal Training

secret9 vocal

After lunch, you will have vocal and dance lessons. Participants will master two songs over the course of the four-week session, one individual song and one team song. You will learn not only about breathing methods and vocalization skills, but also about the meaning of lyrics and other key details to be able to fully master these songs.

Dance Training

secret9 dance

In dance training, the number of routines that participants can learn depends on the skill level of each team. Each team selects at least one song and is trained until they fully master the entire choreography. Secret9 holds three dance training sessions per week.

Practice Sessions


You’ll return to your dorm at about 6 p.m. Now you can enjoy free time and explore the exciting city of Seoul, or practice some more in assigned vocal and dance practice rooms.


secret9 profile photoshoot

During your final week, you will have a professional profile photoshoot. Acclaimed professional stylists, hairstylists, and makeup artists will prepare your clothing, hair, and makeup so you will look K-pop-ready for your photoshoot.


secret9 master trainer

On the last day of your training, you’ll have an audition! Don’t feel pressured – it’s just a fun mock audition, with the CEO of Secret9 and vocal and dance professionals serving as judges. For participants with outstanding talent, there may be a separate closed audition.

Online Coaching

The experience doesn’t end when the camp session ends! After you return home, we will continue to provide online coaching. Send us your singing and dancing video clips, and we will provide advice. It’s just another privilege offered to Secret9 camp participants.


Secret9 offers a two-week training program and a four-week training program. The cost of the package includes all training, the profile photoshoot, accommodation, airport pickup and send-off, and breakfast. Airfare is not included, nor are lunch or dinner. It may seem expensive, but remember, you will be receiving intensive training from the same people who turn ordinary kids into the top K-pop idols!

secret9 kpop camp info

Interested? Fill out this application to find out more!


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