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I got this piece of Understanding Dream acoustic version from IG. It's more my cup of tea rather than the rock version. This is new, studio version, I believe? Anyone has access to full version? Pretty please?

Also hoping for Moonlight acoustic version! :lol:

Tagging @ximichem @kmmyzz @gashupingo @liesl and everyone ^_^ 




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1 hour ago, gashupingo said:

@gayyoxx Isn't that Understanding Dreams acoustic from the Twin Cities Love ad?

Oh. Here I thought ZZ released an acoustic version (full) on weibo or somewhere :( 

Edit: seeing ZZ's pic with glasses posted by @abbraccio91 below and I... Uh abouygs anj kjhba na hjbahlj a ahuk ahubajn ajlh ajh!!!

ZZ, please do not use glasses AND take photo with kitten. Please. Spare me. XD

Glad that he looks better, though, better than ZZ in the Twin Love ads. Stay healthy and happy with JY


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Can someone translate this? Is this relevant? Haha. If not, dont bother translating. Hahahaha. Thanks in advance

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Actually, I don't want to think if JY is going to attend ZZ's concert or not, I'm sure he's going to support his loverfriend in other ways. I'm just going to enjoy ZhouZhou's concert this upcoming Sunday. :) And I don't want to bother if someone here is angry or not with us cp fans; I'm not good at writing long post, but I think that many here have already expressed their opinion and well written what it's also on my mind. :) Big thanks to @Scandani @liesl @gayyoxx @xix19xix I'm gonna enjoy the thread as usual. :)

@shanegere I'm dead. XD Thanks for the pic. Now I want to see the live brodcast to see well what kind of face he made when he saw that 'particular' ID's photo profile. XD


Update 1: Happy Camp's throwback memory. Johnny's hand. [doge] 




Cr. 粥喵要吃鱼


Update 2: I saw fans on baidu talking about this, I wonder what is, Johnny liked a fan's Weibo or other? (That fan is a cp fan btw)


BedJnfG.jpg?1 Kn1ChtL.jpg?1


Update 3: Today cute ZhouZhou Meow with Harry Potter glasses. XD



Cr. CaTimmy

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I feel that the whole TFM is happening once again (the atmosphere, confusion, even fan-only vs CP's fan war, etc) . Well at least we all know what to expect this time. What we can do is keep calm and support our YZ :wub: Because we all know that JY have been taking care of his kitten in the last 25 days. He's leaving because he probably has other schedules/works in SH or simply that he doesn't want to cause any complexities to ZZ's concert. What's the point he's staying in BJ anyway. There's no way he would appear anywhere near ZZ's concert cause his every move on that day will be monitored as often as every minutes by all fans lol. He's in SH so what, I'm sure there will be lots of messages, video calls, etc; not counting all the hugs, kiss, encouragements he has given to ZZ before he left today. Our boys always surprise us anyway, just wait and see :phew: For now, just wish ZZ has all the strength and lucks that he need to be able to perform at his best on BJ stage :wub:

JY today. Cr RealZone. So both of them are still wearing that sparkling earring today. How many days in a row already? :wub:






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7 minutes ago, jepoyish said:

Hi there! It's my first time to post here. I'm kinda nervous to post something on this forum because I know some of you guys are 'experts' about the webseries, Xu Weizhou and Huang Jingyu. I don't understand Chinese language/characters and English is also not my mother tongue, please bear with me. I would say that this is my main source of information to get some updates about them, thanks to those people who are doing their best to keep the ship sailing.

I'm a BL manga, movies, series and novel lover. Addicted (Heroin) webseries is of course one of my favorites. I'm literally addicted to this webseries/novel, you might already know the reasons why. I started watching it two months ago after I saw it on Facebook and now I'm reading the translation of the novel through Wattpad. I'm getting excited everytime I see an update.

I live in the Philippines and I hope some Filipino fans out there could organize a group where we can share our experiences, insights and stories. To be honest, I don't have friends who are into BL things or stuff that's why I would be happy to meet or atleast have an online chat with those who love the series.

I've been following this forum after the cast's fan meeting in Thailand. And that was one of the heartbreaking moments of my life. Anyway, I'm somehow happy right now because as I've noticed XWZ and HJY are doing great when it comes to their career. Hoping that there will be more opportunities for them in the future. I know that there are ups and downs but I'm confident that they can get through with it.

I didn't expect that a 15 episode webseries could change my daily routines. I also didn't expect that a 15 episode webseries could make me crazy and ask for more and I ended up following the daily activities of the main cast. Thank you for all the Addicted fans who are continuosly providing updates on this forum, I think saying thank you to those people is the reason why I posted something here. Just like in the "Walk Slowly" MV, no one knows what tomorrow holds, but I know our tomorrow will be better if we walk slowly together (I'm actually listening to the song while writing this through Spotify). Please keep supporting them.

I just notices that this forum will reach its 1000 page. Congratulations!


Hi @jepoyish im from the PH too. Hahaha dont worry your English sounds pretty good haha :D welcome to the forum and yes i hope the PH fans would also make some groups for us to be recognized also as one of the countries that love YuZhou. :P so that maybe in his next concert we can be included in his target countries to go to. :) *cross-fingers* Lets just hope for the best between the 2 boys! Cheers! :glasses:


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I'm back... Well, I'm just away for few days but it feels so long. I miss them daily. Anyway, I'm back and I'm so happy reading about the good news. Their couple manager is really funny. And I'm glad about their companies. Wow, they are just great. I love them more and more and I could see them perfect together. They are on the same level and frequency.

Just to sound my delulu opinion:



Hmm, it's too bad about ZZ'z concert and JY being in SH. But as much as I want JY to be in ZZ concert, I also think it's for their best. JY's personality is really good for variety shows, interviews, etc... so it's good that he's been busy. It's his way to plant his root in this industry. I mean, if he wants to stand beside ZZ whose ambition is being the top in this industry, he needs to do this as well. Being strong together is the only way for them to be together.

Breaking away from Addicted image is also a way to rise. I mean, they can't live off of Addicted forever. They both need to start creating their own images, their own stand in this industry, independently from each other (at least for now). And, ZZ as a singer, with his concert, it's best that JY is not there. He needs to start creating his own image. And since being a singer needs a lot more practice, I could understand why JY had more appearances than ZZ who's still in his preparing phase. But I hope, after this concert, he could also try a lot of different things and appear more.

Last but not least, I just wanna say, YZ being away from each other, YZ not seen together, YZ chasing their own way in this industry, YZ leaving Addicted stuff behind, and even if they look like they're not together anymore, that doesn't mean that they don't love each other aren't friend anymore. They just still have a long way to the top and I believe they'll be together there.


And here's the continuation of my FF. Enjoy https://www.wattpad.com/265639846-yuzhou-fan-fics-serious


Now, Zhouzhou and Jingyu are officially living together. Not that they tell anyone specifically about it. Zhouzhou is still not comfortable talking about it to people. About their relationship. It’s not that he’s ashamed of it. It’s just not common to talk about it and once again, it’s their privacy.
Today, Jingyu told Zhouzhou about his plan to go home. He missed his family and he also wanted to relax for a while. It’s been awhile since he took his time off.
Zhouzhou is not particularly happy about that news. He’s sure to miss his boyfriend. But he understands family is also important. He’ll get angry if Jingyu put him first instead of his own family. He too will put his family first before Jingyu.
They are sleeping on their bed. Zhouzhou lies his head on top of Jingyu’s chest. This way, he could hear Jingyu’s heartbeat. He always feels that they are alive and living the moment together whenever he hears that sound. The sound of Jingyu’s life. The sound of their love.
“So, when will you leave?”
“The day after tomorrow,” Jingyu replies casually.
Hearing that answer, Zhouzhou feels lonely already. 
“I told you already, you could just come.”
“Nah. It’s your family time. I don’t want to impose,” Zhouzhou is still listening to Jingyu’s heartbeat. It’s getting faster by the second. 
“I want you to meet all of them.”
Zhouzhou could feel his heart almost jump out of his chest. He’s surprised by the sudden invitation. He’d love to meet them, the people who raised his most beloved. If they are just friend, Zhouzhou will definitely agree to this. But looking at their situation right now, he thought it’s still too soon for them. They’re just getting started and with all the commotion, it’s better if they don’t bring family matters into this already complicated relationship.
“Maybe next time,” Zhouzhou made a decision.
Jingyu plays with Zhouzhou’s soft hair and says, “I told them I wanna bring you.”
Hearing that, Zhouzhou sits up right at once. There’s confusion and fear reflected in his eyes.
“Don’t tell me… You are not planning to tell them about us, right? Right?”
“What’s wrong with it?” Jingyu still maintains his calmness. 
Zhouzhou knew Jingyu is really close with his family. He especially talks about everything with his mother. And seeing how bold he is, Zhouzhou should have thought the possibility of him telling his family about them. But not this soon.
Both Jingyu and him had gone out with girls before. Their family knew about it so it will be weird if all of a sudden they come and told them they love a guy. They wouldn’t be able to accept it so easily. That very thought is scary enough to make Zhouzhou anxious. He never really thought about it, but if they are really going to be serious about this whole relationship, they will really need to face their family. Their parents eventually.
“It’s just too soon. And we’re just getting started. We don’t know how this will end. How long we will be together. What if we broke up. What if we…” Zhouzhou keeps talking randomly. His fear got a hold of him and he just lost it.
Jingyu finally sits up. He stares back at Zhouzhou with loving gaze.
“Is our relationship just a plaything for you? Something you could easily leave behind?” there’s no angry nor disappointment in his voice. He knows Zhouzhou doesn’t mean anything bad with all of the things he said. He just wanna make sure something.
At least Jingyu is serious about them. He tried to deny it. To run away. To let his love died down as the time flows. But he already made a promise, that day when they confirm each other’s feeling. He won’t run away. He won’t run away from his feeling. Nor from Zhouzhou, the guy he loves the most in the world.
Since then, day by day, his feeling only grows bigger. He can’t pictures a life without Zhouzhou’s existence. He can’t imagine himself leaving that beautiful guy. He knows he won’t walk out of this relationship no matter what come right at them. Only if Zhouzhou agrees.
“I didn’t mean that,” Zhouzhou starts to calm down.
Jingyu takes both of Zhouzhou’s hands and hold them tight. He looks straight into Zhouzhou’s eyes. He could sense Zhouzhou’s feeling guilty and a little bit hurt by Jingyu’s question. 
“So, are you planning to leave if you got bored or it’s getting harder?”
Zhouzhou shakes his head strongly. “You know I won’t do that. If I planned on doing it, I wouldn’t hold on to you in the first place.”
“So there’s no problem then.”
“But it’s still too soon. What if they disagree and ask us to part?”
Jingyu smiles listening to Zhouzhou’s honest fear. It could only mean that Zhouzhou really loves him and doesn’t want to part with him. That’s enough to make his heart flutter with excitement.
“They won’t. They’ll love you.”
“How could you be so sure? I know they are all good people and love you very much. But it’s different.”
Zhouzhou snaps because he thought Jingyu doesn’t really care about his concerns. He couldn’t believe Jingyu is able to keep his composure and calm voice all this time. He wanted Jingyu to be serious about this. It’s not a simple matter.
“Just trust me and come. They’ll welcome you.” 
Jingyu talks with a smile still linger on his face. This makes Zhouzhou angrier, “Jingyu!”
Even after Zhouzhou screamed, Jingyu is still calm. Realising this, Zhouzhou calms himself down and observing the guy in front of him. Suddenly a thought, a terrifying one, strikes him. He’s left speechless.
Seeing the speechless Zhouzhou, Jingyu couldn’t hold back anymore. He smiles playfully as he says, “I told them already.”
Zhouzhou opens his mouth but nothing comes out. He’s still staring at Jingyu in disbelief. Jingyu grabs the back of Zhouzhou’s neck and pull that frozen guy into his chest.
“They already knew. They are happy for us.”
Hearing that, a tear streams down Zhouzhou’s cheek. He’s angry that Jingyu conceals this from him but also relief that Jingyu’s parents accept them. At least he feels like a weight’s been lifted from his chest.
“Why didn’t you tell me?!” Zhouzhou’s yelling to hide his embarrassment as he clings onto Jingyu. 
“I don’t want you to worry about my parents. I knew you’ll take their opinion too seriously and I don’t want you to think of something stupid like leaving me.”
“I’m not some stupid weak-willed guy who will just run away. I decided to do this with you and I’ll stick to it.”
Hearing this answer, Jingyu finally confirms Zhouzhou’s feeling for him. They both really love each other and they will fight for their love till the end. They are already prepared for it.
“Well, I thought I could just deal with them until they gave their blessing. Who knew they’d accept it so easily. Guess they like you very much… But keep your words. Don’t run away from me. Ever. I can’t live without you anymore.”
Jingyu kisses Zhouzhou’s forehead softly and tenderly. Zhouzhou finally smiles and kisses Jingyu back on his lip. They both just stare at each other. Smiling. 


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@bearology awww, can't get their hands, feet or eyes off of each other :P

I found that @nedaaa shared the pic on page 221, gonna re-share this goodies.



ZZ: Your skin look so soft, Jingyu-baobei. I will just touch it. (I think this one is the art director asked ZZ to act like he is touching JY's cheek, but not really touching it. When the second take ZZ really touched it, JY was jumping from his chair).


Eyes can't get off of each other





and me


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On 6/1/2016 at 3:55 AM, timmyjh said:

Thank you @gashupingo for all the translation. Hello fellow sarawakian haha. So, you celebrating gawai too? Selamat hari gawai dayak gayu guru gerai nyamai (Happy harvest festival ) and happy holiday.


Hello fellow sarawakians! B)

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Wow JY's youku pictures and airport pictures AND new uncut... OH help meee...!!!!!!

Me after watching newly released uncut....  +_+


It was truly a good life.....



Addicted Official Photobook -> please see @izziehudson's post: http://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/381552-chinese-webseries-2016-heroin-web-series-上癮网络剧/?page=992#comment-19793213

http://www.books.com.tw/products/0010718386 (international shipping is available!)


@Tin Le Yes I heard its available to ship to US (I live in US too, I am going to place my order today and I can let you know). You can join that website using your facebook and I heard google translation is easy to follow and this website is easy to use (what I heard). *UPDATE* @Tin Le Hey Tinle I was able to order with no problem (I dont speak Chinese at all ^^;;;), with help from Google translation. I bought two books (Taiwan dollar $411 each + US shipping Taiwan dollar $620), came to $44.22 USD (for 2 books, showing on my credit card statement). If you get one book, it will be around $24 USD (I believe). Good luck and feel free to PM me if you need any help ordering!!! ^^

@izziehudson thank you  so much! I am sorry I posted again T_T I totally missed your post. Its so hard to check/follow on forum T_T Hope you understand. Did you order the book? Did it take long to get it? How is the quality? +_+ Sorry for questions, I am just excited and curious!!! @izziehudson thank you so much for the info!!! ^^

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I just read some info about Addicted photobook?  Is it available now? Can I order it and ship to U.S? Anyone can help me with that? Sorry if it was answered somewhere here because I cannot keep track with the thread anymore :bawling:

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Can someone please PM me the links to all the available leaks and new BTS! I've been so busy and I swear I've tried to keep up with this forum but alas I couldn't. :tears::tears::tears:


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For new bts and links, I am just gonna teach you how to get to see them ....


Please just go to Twitter or IG and type in yuzhou to search, you will be able to see all the uploads etc. I always manage to find them this way.  


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@Tin Le, you can refer to my post here and I have checked for you, shipment fee to the States is 390 TWD, so that's 801 TWD for you (approx 25 USD) :)

edit : haha no worries! I totally agree, the website was easy to navigate but I prepared the guide just in case! @yjhx86 I ordered last night, actually! It will be published on 15/6 according to the page, so they will probably release the photobook for delivery straight after the date. It's only pre-order now at the moment apparently. :) 

ZZ with glasses is everything tbh (um actually ZZ with kittens >>>> ) , fanart by 沫色惜年



Fan art by somikse



GH : "Yin Zi, Yin Zi..."

BLY : "What?"

GH: "Which part of me do you like?"

BLY : "When did I say I like you?"



"Now please tell us which part of the other person's body you find the most beautiful."



BLY (to GH) : "Everything." 


had a very rough day, seeing all these goodies made my day~~ esp...


the uncut scene though0796.png and oh how I love the song as well did I see some tongue action going on

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