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Heeyyooo. So  I was shuffling through my playlist:) and these songs by the same artist reminds me of GH and BLY: :wub:

This song reminds me of GH hahaha because he's crazy about BLY and some of the lyrics matched what he did in the series :



and this of BLY as his love for GH started as nothing then it hit him hard:



*Flies Away:blush:*

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1 hour ago, skeletonworks said:

So it was leaked by IQIYI Taiwan?

No, both scenes were leaked by this FB. Who they are exactly, I'm not sure. Vancools TW? Production company? 

(I posted about this earlier... I'd still love to know if anybody understands what's going on. My current take is that the company who leaked it are the ones who can release a DVD, so they have a right to the series themselves. That's why they thought it absurd of IQIYI TW to be angry at them. Because they feel they have the same right to release. What that means for the DVD, I don't know.)

But I did save this lovely YuZhou photo from their weibo.




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53 minutes ago, abbraccio91 said:

If you have a Weibo account, you can vote for Addicted for the best teleplay of China for the first half of 2016, here: http://vote.weibo.com/poll/137290179


Thanks @abbraccio91! And it is leading!!! Wonderful! Amazing! :D 

@charlie10, what I understand from the Facebook group admin is that what they uploaded was the uncensored simplified Chinese version. In other words, it is meant for Mainland and should not be subjected to the copyrights of iqiyi Taiwan. They also tried to defend themselves by saying that they had not claimed that they had the rights to distribute the video but was just doing a favour for fans. Some of the comments however pointed out that the name of the FB group is Addicted Taiwan Fan Page. Hence, technically they could be violating the rights of iqiyi Taiwan.

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On 24/05/2016 at 2:01 AM, Nada Helmy said:

Actually that was apparent since their bts videos when yuzhou argued over singing the chorus 2 times like the original song as jingyu suggested or once as zhouzhou suggested and when jingyu didn't approve of zhouzhou's opinion,  zhouzhou just sulked, retreated in his seat and gave on practising the song :sweatingbullets: and with that forever smile on his face but stiff guarded body gesture,  jingyu knew immediately he was pissed lol  :phew: and like the good hubby he is,  he put his hand on his thigh as a wordless apology and eventually zhouzhou eased from his annoyance bc hubby gave in to his opinion  ofc :D and i don't want to say that zhouzhou is manipulative or smth but he knows how to get what he wants and still be polite and approachable. And jingyu isn’t naive or doesn’t realize zhouzhou effect on him,  i believe he totally realizes how whipped he is for zhouzhou :wub: and he is totally ok with that well bc he loves him too much to care whose opinion  prevails bc in the end as long as zhouzhou is happy,  jingyu is happy and iam sure he gets what he wants on many occasions ehem the naughty ones :P


Yes JingYu is 'submissive' to his baobei ZZhou lol... aawwh.. such darling GuHaiJY:)))... Don't we all want someone like him?? a perfect sweet charming submissive hubby!!lol.. soo cute!!! It's real honey to the heart to see and read of their sweet touching moments YuZhou!:))..

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Fan arts update


Source:   爆米花miu



Source:  watermark



Source:   因子你的球掉啦


YuZhou manip


Source:  watermark


Nice shoes... tootha_thumb.gif


Source:   一只喵妹Cat




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On 24/05/2016 at 9:22 AM, aeislaeigh said:

Source:   瑜洲cp么么哒
Couple jeans??? sk_thumb.gifsk_thumb.gifsk_thumb.gif

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Not signed in

Throwback gif (slow mo and zoomed in)

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Source:  哎呦呀-



Random Johnny..

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Source:   吴雨雨雨OCB



Johnny fan art

  Reveal hidden contents

Source:   Johnny_努娜


YuZhou fan art

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Source:   椰蓉杏仁粥



Johnny/Timmy manip

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Source:  Qingwangx




ZZhou you are SO SEXXXXYY....!!! JY... You look Sooo Mature for 23??!!!... SO HANDSOME!!! PERFECT CP...TOO HOT YuZhou!!




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On 24/05/2016 at 11:11 AM, Tari Tari said:

I almost couldn't write today, but here it is 


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Jingyu is sitting on a couch alone with a bottle of beer on his right hand. It’s his first bottle and he hasn’t drunk much of it. He forgot to light the room. Or perhaps he intentionally surrounded himself with darkness. That’s how his heart right now, full of darkness. 
The bottle on his hand is representing how much he wants to get drunk and escape his misery. But he just can’t let himself get drunk. He doesn’t know what he might do if he lose himself. He 100% believes he will do something stupid such as calling the one who’s getting him into this situation in the first place. So he kept his alcohol in check.
Suddenly his manager barges into the room. He’s mumbling something to himself. Maybe it’s about the darkness because he stumbled upon something on the floor. He knew where the light switches are so he just help himself.
He succeed and the darkness was gone right away. He almost scared the hell out of himself when he saw Jingyu. No one would think someone’s inside with the light off. Jingyu’s still busy with his mind and doesn’t even realise the light was on.
“Jingyu. What the hell. What were you doing in the dark all by yourself?” the manager comes closer.
The drunk guy looks up but there’s no soul in his eyes. His manager give himself permission to take a seat beside him. He looks worried since he doesn’t know what happen and it’s the first time he saw Jingyu like that.
“What happen?”
Jingyu keeps staring at his bottle and takes a sip. “Why is it so hard?” he blurts out. That question is directed to himself.
“It’s just so hard to say the right word,” he continues talking to himself. 
At least he needs someone to listen to his rambling. Jingyu has no plan to share the whole truth to anyone so he just talking leaving the big clues behind. His manager is the victim here. He thought Jingyu’s already drunk and talk nonsense.
“Come, let me help you to your bed. You’re drunk.”
Jingyu pushes his manager’s hand away. He’s definitely not drunk. The bottle is still half full and it’s his first. How could he gets drunk just from that. He’s got a great tolerance.
“I don’t know what to do with that person. It’s driving me nuts,” Jingyu takes another sip.
That’s it. His manager can’t take it anymore. Seeing Jingyu’s almost like a crazy person, he knows there’s something big that happened. Even stranger could tell right away that Jingyu’s in so much pain right now. 
“Just what the hell is wrong with you? Tell me!”
“It’s just too late. That person’s mad at me. It’s my fault.”
“Who are you talking about?”
Jingyu looks at his manager and hesitates. It’s not something people will understand easily. It’s not something to talk about with just anyone. But keeping this inside is almost killing him for real.
“What should I do if I like a guy?”
“A-a-Are you kidding? Why would you like a guy?” he’s stuttering from his shock.
Jingyu doesn’t give any response. His body language is screaming he’s serious, more than ever.
Still stuttering, his manager go back to his seat beside Jingyu. “W-who?”
“Are you out of your mind? That- Wah, I can’t believe this.” He tried to remain calm but the news is really big. It definitely will be a headline if the press found out. He took a deep breath before continuing, “Aren’t you just confusing it with, you know… your character?”
“I already thought about that. It’s not.”
The manager cover his face with his palm and try to think of something. Anything. But the shock is just too big and cut his brain circuit. Long silence between them.
“So… That’s what got you upset?”
JIngyu shrugs. From his expression, even a fool can tell there’s something else.
“What? What else? What else did you do?” The manager can’t keep his composure anymore. He’s almost going mad because of the first news and there’s something else that might be even bigger. Who could keep his cool then.
“We, kinda have the same feeling.” If eyes could roll out of its socket, this manager’s would. “But we got into a fight.”
Now he’s just too tired to be shocked and scream. He takes another deep breath before asking, “What. Happen. Exactly?”
Feeling like someone could understand him, Jingyu keeps on rambling. “I just got so jealous. And it’s confusing, you know, about this whole thing. I want the best for both of us, so I thought, what’s wrong with keeping distance for a while. There’s nothing wrong with it. He might just forget about his feeling anyway. I don’t know how serious he is but it doesn’t seem like much. He might be confused. And I can’t protect him, we’re both newbies. And yes, I got a little scared. And…”
Jingyu won’t stop blabbering. It’s the longest one that his manager ever heard.
“… Now he’s accusing me of running away. But I’m scared this will just hurt him.”
“Jeez, Jingyu. What do you expect? You got scared on your own and run away. Have you two ever really discussed it? Have you asked him properly what he wants?”
Jingyu looks surprised. That’s absolutely right, they never really talk about it. Talking serious about it will just make everything seems real and it’s scary. Besides, he thought their relationship and Zhouzhou’s feeling is enough. But he still let his insecurities broke him. Just how stupid can he be. He never really thought about Zhouzhou’s  feeling. That would make anyone mad. He realise he just made a grave mistake.


Zhouzhou plays with his cellphone. He scrolled and scrolled until he found Jingyu’s name. It reminds him about the bitter memory. He wishes it was just a dream. He wishes he could just forget all about it. But everyday he just think about it and replay it in his mind. Till he finally realised what he had done wrong.
He’s used to joke around with Jingyu about everything. That’s how the two of them spent their free time together. That habit is hard to break. That’s not particularly a bad habit so he didn’t realise it before. He unintentionally hurt Jingyu and he felt sorry about it. But he won’t call first. Nope. He also has man’s ego and pride and he sticks to them. Well, he’s still mad about the way Jingyu always try to run away thinking sacrificing himself for Zhouzhou. That’s the one thing Zhouzhou dislike from Jingyu. 
He gets mad whenever he thought about that self sacrificing act. Zhouzhou is a man himself and he’s not a weak one. Sometimes he forgets to take care of himself but that’s all. He never want to be a burden for anyone and the way Jingyu treated him makes him like one. 
Stupid. Why can’t you lean on me for once? Can’t you trust me?
While scrolling through his songs, looking for a song that could empathise with his situation, he stumbles into one and a light bulb appearon his head. He plans the event carefully in his mind so it won’t be that obvious. But still could easily understood by that person.
Zhouzhou grabs his guitar and practice for a while. He got excited thinking of his own plan. There’s no guarantee that Jingyu will see it, but if that guy still feels the same as him, he’s bound to check on Zhouzhou. He can’t let go of that ray of hope.
He hopes this time Jingyu won’t be that stupid and stubborn to realise the meaning behind the song he’s going to upload. 
After a simple preparation, Zhouzhou start recording and inside his mind, he keeps praying Jingyu will understand. This will be his last attempt to go with his feeling. At least by doing this kind of thing, Zhouzhou could deal with his guilt. He still can’t believe he lost his temper back then.
He just needed two takes to get a satisfying video. 
Not long, a cover of 10 years by Zhouzhou is enjoyed by a lot of fans. Hopefully his number one fan will enjoy it soon.



Beautiful one Tari Tari! love it!! Keep writing about 'their songs' please.. and all their sweet moments & subtle/unsubtle? messages to each other lol.. brilliant writers all of you on this Thread.. Big hugs & thankyou!:()))..



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Whale hello y'all~ Finally manage time to be back xD

Throwback a very suckable neck JY for y'all

All cr on pic



/resist licking/ xD k no

and yea, reading jlt4ever's acc of encountering JY on the 25th, surely he looks the best (and his perf. brows) while lowering his head a bit.. You'll just die for it xD



Have a good day y'all!

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On 24/05/2016 at 1:51 PM, gayyoxx said:

Question for Chinese speaking friends here (for my fanfics ^_^):

1. How do you think Mr. and Mrs. Xu call Zhouzhou (the usual Chinese way is fine)? Is it Xiao Zhou? Or maybe Zhouzhou also?

2. How do you think Mr. and Mrs. Xu call Jingyu (consider they know JY is ZZ's best friend)? Xiao Yu? Da Yu (like GH -> Da Hai)?

tagging @gashupingo, @ryokise, @xix19xix, @jlt4ever, @tea4two and many others.


Hey i think in one of the early interviews, ZZhou was asked what he heard most from his parents when growing up..and he said 'xu weizhou.. something something... ' (about school work I think he says) and it's how his parents would 'often' address him when calling for him - his full name.   sorry can't remember what interview it was.. 

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I want to go to Zhou's Bangkok concert and since I don't like asking for direction am shy, I like to prepare in advance.

If I do go, my flight probably land at Don Muang Airport. I googled and there are bus services but of course it doesn't go straight to the Thunder Dome.

Can anyone help me with the route? I want to avoid taking taxi if I could. I'm not good with buses and changing stops either so... I am also the kind of willing to walk from the airport to the dome if I could save money (tho it's a bit far-fatched but still...).

Thank you in advance. Here's some :cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie:

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Hi fellow compatriot @lielee! I shall help you with the route soon, I am preparing the travel guide to get around BKK etc sometime during the weekend :) Doubt you can walk from the airport to the dome though, it's 18km away I believe T^T cabs are the most convenient way to go to the Dome from the DM airport (costs about RM30-50, max) but you can take the bus to Mo Chit from Don Muang and the shuttle from Mo Chit to the Impact/Thunder Dome area - will tell you precisely which one to take!

thanks @SueLyinn for clarifying the wordplay for me! I know only rather limited Chinese (and my Malaysian Chinese friends weren't aware of the use of 孩纸 as an affecionate way to refer to someone rather close to you) so it's really nice to have someone to provide such insights :heart:

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Dear @lielee, I have been to BK some times, and totally agree with @izziehudson that taxi is the best way to get you straight to the Dome. The taxi fare is fairly cheap in BK.
Make sure you get the address in Thai language. Thai Taxi driver can speak some English, but be prepared.

Also the traffic in BK can be really bad during crush hours. So make sure to come a bit early. 

If you want to use public transportation: then take A1 Airport Bus to Mo Chit MRT. Then the shuttle to the Dome. Here is the website for more information. 

I love love BK. The Food and Accommodation are the best for your buck. Feel free to let me know if you need some tips on this
I also visited Seoul last month. I could share some airbnb recommendation if you guys need it. 

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[160525] OLAY× Huang Jingyu



you sexy whale! wtf with the lips bitting though :P





Freedom黄景瑜个站, Joo_Johnny


BLY and GH fan art




credit : on the pictures


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@izziehudson Actually, the word that ZZ’s manager used is not a common one…I’d say it’s still best to stick to 孩子 =)

Oh, btw, thanks for sharing information and updates on ZZ’s concert; on getting there, how to purchase tickets, etc...I do hope you and everyone else who'd like to attend ZZ’s concert will be able to get the tickets…we all know how fast his tickets sell. I would so love to read about the concert from those who are going, if they don’t mind sharing their experience. Good Luck to you and everyone else here who are buying the concert tickets…I hope you guys all manage to get the tickets next Wednesday....keep pinkies crossed.

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Dear auntie @sohocomo awww thank youuu


This fandom had ruined me. I don't know if I have never been naive or it's just escalate. I can't for the life of me thinking clearly seeing JY in well fitted suit that covered his well built nicely. Cupped his cupcake perfectly, but, there is something that he can never hide. His five fingers Xiao Hai Zi oml auntieeee. It is just way too prominent to go unnoticed. I can not think straight. If I was ever a good girl, that gone out of the window too. 

And all I want is just more lewd smut stories and more humiliation for our BLY. He loved it, I am crazy af loving it. This is how this fandom ruined me. Jesus.

Yes ZZ my eyes were popped out too when I see that bulging uhm biceps uhm crotch I mean.


@gayyoxx so, what did I do yesterday when I have all day doing absolutely nothing?


I finished color of live from beginning to end and had to have cold shower few times in between grrrrr. Now, I can not...

i mean can not think straight looking at JY's beautiful long fingers. Look at these gorgeous fingers


and all I can imagine is those fingers.

That long, luscious fingers. 

one finger, lube. Inside BLY's.

then two. Gahhhh.

- and by three- am dead. Along with BLY's excitement, lust and being flushed. Am ded.


but thank you for the ff. Do write more, I really don't mind being flushed.



I used to think that I can make a comprehensible sentences in English, before I joined this fandom. Apprently now I can just utter goo goo gaa gaa and loads of nonsense and drooled like an idiot. 

My cute local organic @poetato now Kimmy and I shall work again. I hope our work can be deluvered to the boys soon, and show how much love we have for them.

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