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54 minutes ago, jlt4ever said:

OK time to come back to reality... being a Chinese national, I am a little embarrassed to say that good TV series and movies (domestically produced) are still quite rare in our market... Personally I feel many shows were just produced to make money - sometimes the story can be very lame and the acting very awkward. The producers would invest huge to cast the so-called "tier-one" stars to play the roles (some of them even don't know how to act!) but they never spend much in improving the playwright, post production, etc. TBH, some TV shows and movies were so terribly produced that I feel intellectually insulted when watching them...

I know JY and ZZ as new actors may not have too much choice. But I really hope they are lucky enough to get involved in some good works. JY clearly has a great aesthetic taste. I'm sure this will help him (and ZZ) to choose the acting jobs wisely.

Yes, yes, exactly! In fact, I'd rather they stay low key and wait for the right projects to come along than to just appear in any crappy show. Unless they're desperate for money (or are just in the business for fame), it's probably not a good idea. It will be interesting to see what it is they want. I can see JY being a little picky, actually. But I'm not sure what his ambitions are. If he's truthful about mostly dreaming about living somewhere remote, in quiet, I don't see him only chasing fame. But getting a taste of the life might change that (like a musical hero of mine says "fame, fame, fatal fame. It can play hideous tricks on the brain"). 

There are some good Chinese movies, right? But it is notoriously difficult to get into the movie business, particularly if it's not where you began your career. But nowadays, with Netflix, HBO etc producing movie-quality tv series in a very high tempo, there are very good opportunities even for otherwise minor actors to make it big. Are such tv shows being produced in China? Or are soaps the common thing, still? 

I'll keep my fingers crossed that their futures will be filled with high quality projects which will eventually star them both. Together.

Now the FB responsible for leaking the uncut scenes is arguing back. I don't really get what they're saying though. I'd love it if someone could explain. Because it sounds like they're saying IQIYI do have the rights to release on DVD. Or? And that they themselves (the poster - I don't really get who he represents) in fact have the right to release clips if they want to. (Or is he saying IQIYI didn't have the right to release in TW? Only in mainland?) What a mess!

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Love, and greatness cannot be hidden. That’s why as long as there are small & big stuffs hinting for delulus, yuzhou lives.:D


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1 hour ago, charlie10 said:

There are some good Chinese movies, right? But it is notoriously difficult to get into the movie business, particularly if it's not where you began your career. But nowadays, with Netflix, HBO etc producing movie-quality tv series in a very high tempo, there are very good opportunities even for otherwise minor actors to make it big. Are such tv shows being produced in China? Or are soaps the common thing, still? 

I'll keep my fingers crossed that their futures will be filled with high quality projects which will eventually star them both. Together.

I think JY mentioned during his interviews in Cannes that he will soon star in both TV series and movies. Hope there will be more news release soon.

Actually the threshold of starring in a Chinese movie is not that high. Movie producers don't usually care about the acting skills of the actors as long as they have a certain fan-base to contribute to the box office. I've seen singers, models, dancers, etc. in movies. The acting/story may not be satisfactory. But the box office still turns out to be good.

I agree that JY and ZZ should choose their future work carefully even if that means letting go some money-making opportunities. It will definitely benefit them in the long run. 

In recent years, I've seen a few low-cost Chinese movies which are actually very good (although the box office is not high). My favorite one is a movie called 心迷宫, but the box office was just something a little over RMB 2 million - compare that to 1.1 billion! I think JY and ZZ may consider starring in some of these movies. Although it does not bring immediate fame/wealth, but good work will be eventually appreciated one day. Anyway, the movie industry in China has been developing super fast over the past years. I'm sure JY and ZZ will eventually find the right stage to perform on.

Unlike the movie industry, I think Chinese TV stations are having a hard time because of the competition from video websites such as Tencent, iQiyi, Youku, etc. Because of the internet, Chinese people don't watch TV that often anymore. Also SARFT has this new regulation that a TV series can only be broadcast at two TV stations at a time. This new regulation definitely adds the costs of broadcasting TV series. Because of the added costs and the decreasing viewers, the TV stations do not consider TV series as the best way to make money any more. You will see that the TV stations nowadays are universally investing in reality shows - now that's the easy money to make.

With TV stations almost giving up on the TV series, web series as Addicted are actually the new trend. From what I can see, the video websites are still shooting soap operas mostly at the moment. But as they develop fast and have more funds now, I hope they can become more ambitious and produce some good quality shows in the future. Again, I'll say the market is still developing fast and it is full of opportunities. If JY and ZZ work hard and choose wisely, I'm sure they can have a very bright future in this business.

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Sorry if I'm being a little spammy today (such a quiet day at work...).

A text of an interview with Johnny from yesterday's event can be found here. I just found this part a little interesting (if translated right...)

Q6: What have you been busy doing recenlty?
A6: Recently ah, health fitness, ran back to advertise it.

So, is he saying he's been busy lately with his own fitness/health or to advertise it? Or both? Well, I chose to interpret it as being busy with health/fitness in general and my mind immediately went: not just for yourself, right? In all seriousness, Johnny might not be good at dancing, but he's very good at fitness. So who better to help ZZ get back some muscles on his body so he can manage his concerts? Really, even only as a good friend, he should do that for ZZ! Next time we see ZZ, here's hoping it's paid off. 

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Fan arts update


Source:   沫色惜年



Source:   因子你的球掉啦




Source:   鲸城护卫队




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2 hours ago, VY THAI said:

Hi guys I'm just wandering why Jingyu blocked international fans on wechat...



Wechat or weibo? If it is the former, I am amazed you can find it! That would be like his personal watsapp, mobile number or address. Imagine you having people you don't know suddenly chatting on your own private line. I think it is normal if he blocks anyone he doesn't know, even fans (local or international)

If it is weibo, then there might be a slew of possibilities but it is unlikely that it is him who is blocking. You don't need approval to follow him :)

Hope this helps!

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18 hours ago, gayyoxx said:

On BLY and kisses: ep. 13 is BLY's second kiss, right? IIRC, he is quite conflicted by the kiss. He was reluctant at first but then enjoyed it to the point of willing to j/o GH but then regretted that (or at least, feeling weird about enjoying the kiss)? I guess the webseries took another approach because BLY still rejects GH's kiss and they are not j/o each other. Hopefully we will have another surprise kiss at the scene after GY left their house (is it at ep. 14?).

But one thing for sure, during the car kiss, which is not described in the novel, BLY kissed back passionately. ZZ even smiled and hit JY playfully during the scene! (Yes, I am using the actors' name because TBH, that shy smile and playful hit are bit of OOC imho. That was ZZ, not BLY :P)

@jlt4ever I envy youuuuuuu! :D 

Woaaa... ep 13 kiss..??? You have watched it..???

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Guest skeletonworks
1 hour ago, neko_wo_ai_ni said:

not sure if anyone has post this before but ZZ is on  #1 Billboard China V chart:astonished:




Yep he's number 1 now. Yesterday he was taken over by Hua Chenyu. I think he was the one who sang during the award show where Johnny and Zhouzhou attended but separated (and each won an award). I like the song he sang T_T So it's no surprise the moment he entered the v-chart he got number 1.

I think this is the final week for Zhouzhou to be in the v-chart! So everyone pls keep on streaming his MV here:


Remember don't mute the video. Must play it till the end. Don't refresh the page (cannot have "h5" in the link). Open new link on new tab. Repeat 10x. LOL. If you have VPN, change your IP, and repeat 10x for each IP. Hahahaha. If you have weibo or QQ or wechat, share them! This is the least you could do to support Zhouzhou!

I haven't watched Johnny's latest episode of Date With Superstar. Just got back from work. Will watch later :D And thanks for the link @tea4two Was looking for it the moment I got home :w00t:

Saw someone posted gif from the show. Johnny being lifted up so easily by a soldier :w00t::w00t::w00t:


Cr. @景瑜学长

Cannot wait to watch!!!! XD



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and we have concluded our conclave, our panel has come to an agreement and we will begin further processing as well as QC-ing the message. our inbox is closed as of now and no more submission will be accepted. thank you for your support and patience. we will inform you should there's any development. 


@kmmyzz @Scandani @ximichem and your local organic potato :)

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Guest skeletonworks
20 hours ago, talesinindigo said:

@Nada Helmy Just saw it.


  Hide contents

To be honest, as much as I love any interaction between BLY & GH, I was slightly disappointed by the kisses... I guess I had set my expectations too high, so those lip touches just didn't do it for me :/

BLY seemed slightly more willing than in ep 12 though, so thats good :)



Agree. I feel that the kissing scene in episode 13 is slightly better than episode 12. I don't know whether to credit Zhouzhou's acting talent or their closer bond or because episode 12 is supposed to be their first kiss scene, hence more resistance from Bai Luoyin. I heard that episode 12 kiss scene was film in the first couple of week after they met, while episode 13 kiss scene was towards the end of the shooting... Oh well I think the proper kiss scene that we're gonna get would be episode 15, when both Guhai and Bai Luoyin was drunk. At least their lips parted in that scene... And I could not get over how many times Zhouzhou licked his lips preparing to kiss Johnny 2r7ovd5.gif2r7ovd5.gif2r7ovd5.gif

I didn't even know there was a leak until lunch break today when my friend told me about it. LOL. Me when I heard about it was like that over-excited alligator that @liesl always posted before. Hahaha. So we watched it together secretly at a corner COFmDRb.gifCOFmDRb.gif Seriously I think we're incurable... to even watch such scene at the office...

@liesl So it was leaked by IQIYI Taiwan? That's weird. Because IQIYI Taiwan uncut has subtitles on the black bars of the video (I guess to make it easier for fans to make gifs later lol). The leak has Chinese subs on the images, so I thought it was IQIYI (mainland China) themselves who leaked that. Still very weird though since IQIYI Taiwan is their sister company or something like that. 

Anyway, is there a chance for that passionate car kiss scene in the BTS to be part of the uncut? It seems like they're doing rehearsal only. But I really wish they'd include that in the uncut! I think if it was in the uncut, we can be 90% sure whether they're real or not. LOL. Even from such a distance (in the BTS), it looks very passionate and loving, like in their own world... Imagine if there's a close up of this in the uncut. My soul will be trapped in the delulu land forever....


To those who bought Zhouzhou's LIGHT deluxe album, I (well my friend) message the seller about this. But we got an automated reply instead. Saying that the album will be shipped according to the time you bought it. But it's estimated to be shipped by the end of this month. I bought on Tuesday so mine would be pushed back a little later.. Oh why....

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Today is really not the best day but still maintain to write this one https://www.wattpad.com/262238665-yuzhou-fan-fics-home



Jingyu watches dvd while sitting on a couch. Zhouzhou slept on his lap for some time already. That’s why Jingyu’s not sure what he’s watching right now. He planned to see the movie till the end but he’s more focus on Zhouzhou’s sleeping face. 
Sleeping beauty is an appropriate nickname for that guy. Seriously, how could he looks stunningly beautiful while sleeping. Even Jingyu’s heart skips a few beats because of it. This beauty is really out of this world. 
At this moment, he hates the fact that Zhouzhou is a celebrity. He always lock Zhouzhou in his arms successfully, but if he could, he would like to lock Zhouzhou in his room. Far from the outside world. Being his and his alone. For eternity.
That fair skin, red lip, even the nose that Zhouzhou’s proud of. He wishes no one else will see them. 
He figured that Zhouzhou’s beauty is universal. His looks could charm women and men’s heart. Not because he’s fallen in love with Zhouzhou already, but that’s just how he literally looks. He has faces that women would crave for. But he also has faces that could drive men crazy. That’s why Jingyu feels like sooner or later, he will has a lot of competitors. 
Even if Zhouzhou’s his already, there’s bound to be the stubborn type who’s still chasing after a taken man. He’s sure of this because he will definitely chase after Zhouzhou even if he’s taken. He won’t let go of him without a proper fight. A fight to death. 
For these past months he knew Zhouzhou, he already saw a lot of Zhouzhou’s faces. He couldn’t understand how that one face could have a lot of different faces hiding inside. And each one of them is charming.
Zhouzhou could look so beautiful like he’s not even a human. He could also look so cute. Cuter than girls who’s trying their best to look cute. He just looks cute effortlessly. 
Sometimes, he looks so manly too. Even in men’s eyes. But the first time Jingyu taught a guy could look so pretty is also Zhouzhou. He could just dress up as a guy but still pulled off as being pretty. 
Jingyu’s favourite look is the sexy and seductive one. If look could kill, that one has already killed him over and over. He couldn’t breath properly every time Zhouzhou looks so sexy. He just couldn’t control himself.
Well, there are also a lot of other faces that he’s still not familiar with. That also means Jingyu still has a lot of times of falling in love moments again. He always finds himself falling in love all over again every time he meets Zhouzhou’s new face. Just how many times does Zhouzhou want him to fall in love with him. Jingyu’s already so damn in love that he couldn’t imagine himself falling deeper.
Zhouzhou is deep in his sleep. He doesn’t even flinch when Jingyu starts to touch his cheek. Jingyu then traces Zhouzhou’s face feature, from his eyebrow, nose bridge, until his lip. That lip feels so moist that Jingyu remembers the feeling when their lips touch each other early this night. The way that moist lips touched his lips is still clear in his mind. So clear that he could even taste it.
“Just what have you done to me?” Jingyu whispers. Mumbling to himself.

— — —

Zhouzhou gradually opens his eyes. It’s still dark outside. The night is really quiet that he could hear his own heartbeat and another person’s near him..
When he finally open his eyes, he just smiles as he sees Jingyu’s sleeping face on top of his. He’s still sleeping on Jingyu’s lap. That guy didn’t bother to wake him up or took him to bed. That muscular guy could easily took him to bed but this position is not that bad. 
Looking from below, Jingyu’s sleeping face looks so dazzling and peaceful. Since the first day of their destined meeting, Zhouzhou always knew Jingyu’s handsome. In fact, that’s the only word he used to describe Jingyu. It’s like the word handsome is especially written for him. The guy himself acknowledge this fact and even emphasise it. 
Even men agree Jingyu is really handsome. If there’s a discussion about his face, there would be no one who says otherwise. They probably just talking about how handsome he is. No one would dare to put the world ugly in the same sentence as Jingyu.
If people ask Zhouzhou what’s so handsome about Jingyu, he himself can’t understand. Jingyu is handsome because he is Jingyu. What’s more to say. Zhouzhou doesn’t understand about the standard of handsome face or the ratios that make a handsome face. It’s just that when he saw that face, the first word that come to mind is handsome. And that’s the only word that appeared in his mind for a while.
No wonder girls dig his face. Who in their right mind would hate seeing a handsome face like his. Being able to see that face everyday is already a blessing. But Zhouzhou’s getting greedy for more. He hopes he could see that face every hour, every minute, or even every second. That handsome face never failed to make his day brighter. 
Carefully, Zhouzhou tries to caress that handsome face. As gently as possible so the person won’t wake up.
Jingyu eyes are still closed when Zhouzhou’s finger caressing every part of his face. After a while, Zhouzhou sees a little smirk on that handsome face and pull away his finger.
“Am I that handsome?” Jingyu speaks. Still closing his eyes.
“You’re awake? Why didn’t you say something?
“I hate stopping you for enjoying a good view.”
Zhouzhou hits Jingyu’s chest gently and sits right up. Jingyu opens his eyes when he can’t feel Zhouzhou’s weight on his lap anymore.
“Do you like it that much?”
Zhouzhou’s shy for getting busted so he doesn’t say anything. Jingyu then moves his face closer to Zhouzhou’s. Their faces are separated by just a thin paper line. 
“That’s one of the reason I like you.”
“Then I need to thank my face.”
Can’t stand being so close for much longer, Zhouzhou gives Jingyu’s cheek a kiss as a way to escape. Then they sit side by side, shoulders lean against each other.
“I also love your face. I wish it’s only me who could see your face everyday and every second.”
Zhouzhou looks up at Jingyu. Not because he’s touched. He can’t believe Jingyu’s also thinking the same thing as him. He almost thought Jingyu could read his mind.
“Then… why don’t you move in.”
Jingyu almost choke himself. “W-what?”
“I’m asking you to move in.”
“I want to. I’d love to. But are you sure it’s a good idea?”
“Well, you’ll still have your place. Just bring some of your stuff here so it’s easier if you sleep over.”
Jingyu’s still not talking. He thinks he’s still dreaming. It’s just too good to be true. That invitation.
“You already slept over a lot. Might as well you live here.”
It’s true that Jingyu always slept over whenever he could. He got some of his stuff there as well. But since that place is still Zhouzhou’s, he didn’t bring much stuff with him. Just some basic necessities. It will be different if he accept the invitation. This will be their home and they will be sharing the place. It’s a nice step forward.
Well, move in, live together, that certainly has a special ring to it. 



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Just watched ep13 uncut and all these time (well, yesterday) I thought the kiss was during the scene "call me husband". Totally didn't expect it was at the beginning. 

Now, give me my CKS!!!

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Guest skeletonworks

On 3/1/2016 at 0:39 AM, alvinboi said:

(Credit: 上癮 網絡劇 Addicted Webseries Heroin)

ZhouYu YOHO Photoshoot: 1:26 to 1:55 (X = Interviewer, JY = JingYu, WZ = WeiZhou)
X: Both of you have a good build. So, which of your muscles do you guys want others to touch the most?
JY: Every muscle group.
WZ: Who wants to touch? Touching muscles?
X: Yea, which of your muscles do you guys want others to touch the most? Which part are you most proud of?
WZ: Nanana... Abs. (Na = 'Which' in this context)

After that, there are just some quick cuts.

Omg... The interviewer's question was so direct that WeiZhou can't think of an answer on the spot. xD

@kakelet @estreline This is the interview I was talking about but I was slightly wrong about it LOL. It was Johnny who said that he want other to touch every muscle part of him and Zhouzhou said he'd like others to touch his abs. It was the total opposite of what Guhai and Bai Luoyin said. LOL. Sorry for giving you false hope wDw0F6x.gif I truly didn't mean it wDw0F6x.gif Blame my delulu. I'm too delulu that I even read it wrongly or remember it incorrectly lol.


Last question on YOHO!GIRL interview

02:49 Q: Would you like to have one arrangement appointment to meet each other again after 5 years later just like another good actor friends

(China Actors: Hu-Gur and Hou-Chain-Hau, It is said that if both of them still have no girl friend in 5 years later, they can come back to meet each other and become lovers. Basically, this question is asking if it is possible WeiZhou/Johnny becomes lovers impliedly.)

(WeiZhou and Johnny are thinking.... And turn around their head at the same time)

WeiZhou / Johnny : Would you like to see me again ?

Johnny: (shy) see you and do what.... ???

WeiZhou: .... (laugh...)

Credit: Jack Li on Youtube


OT: Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin is now an item :w00t: Their CP fans are probably devastated about this... I hope that YuZhou stays forever YuZhou though...

@charlie10 Delulu me also thinks that he's staying with Zhouzhou wDw0F6x.gifwDw0F6x.gifwDw0F6x.gif My friend joked that Johnny gained weight probably from eating too much porridge (no pun intended) sZGBxt5.gif I think he already gained weight when he was in Cannes from eating too many delicious food over there LOL. 

(Ok now both Johnny and Zhouzhou are online together wDw0F6x.gif They're probably on the bed snuggling together while online Weibo. Cue to smut scenes. Let your delulu imagination runs wild.)

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