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Wow, 30 millions viewers!? Thanks for sharing the good news, @xix19xix, @ximichem.

Now, hopefully, JY will be a permanent cast for this show. Or at least, a permanent guest star or something like that. Just give us more JY and release an official Eng subbed version on youtube, please! :lol::phew:


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30 Millions views only in 24 hours.

Wow.... Now it was only Jing Yu they had, what if there is no such a ban thing and they invite YuZhou,release the show, I bet they got more viewers.

I believe Jing Yu & Wei Zhou were born to be entertainer

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13 hours ago, sohocomo said:

I've thought a lot about the suggestions to post the fics to wattpad or another site. For right now, I'm going to keep it strictly to the thread. If anyone wants to copy and save the fics, go right ahead!! You don't need to ask. I don't mind that at all. And if you feel the urge to share them with anyone, all I ask is that you give proper credit, not just to me but the thread as well. Most of my ideas come from comments and posts here, so everyone deserves credit for the stories.  

@sohocomo  Hon, I'm not gonna call you Auntie.. Waaaa!!! I'm guilty about copying your FFs since the first one you posted on page 858. Sorry didn't ask for your permission back then, but I just had to copy and save them because I want to keep reading them over and over. Thank you so much and please keep writing hon, really love them, and looking forward to reading your next one. But if ever you decide posting them to a site, could you choose one where we can copy and save them please.

BTW, does anyone know how to copy and save FFs from wattpad? 


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The woman's weibo update. 

Finally JY wore another Jeans. I guess his white shirt is the one he used at Airport.

This woman actually was the same one who recorded a program with Wei Zhou before, if I recall correctly.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

(side notes : can someone zoom in to jy & clear it for me to read the line of JY's underwear..? Just curious...)

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I've just added a chapter: BLY and GH's wedding part 1, to The Story of Meng Qi Qi.

Read it here: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1098227/33


I've only translated YM and YQ's part since the whole of ch.106 has already been translated in full elsewhere (see below for links).


At seven in the evening, all the invited guests started to enter the venue. This was a crystal ballroom that’s close to two thousand square metres large, with a high ceiling of over ten metres without any pillars and it can accommodate more than a thousand people. Other than the huge entourage of bridesmaid, groomsmen and each other’s relatives and friends, there were also uninvited society people who were mostly interested in doing business with GH’s company. There were also representatives of those who had received the lighting donations a few days ago; they had wanted to use this opportunity to express their gratitude and well-wishes.

[Note 1: GH’s company manufactured a huge amount of lighting equipment in order to light up an open field and propose to BLY, who “flew away” in a helicopter and went missing after getting GWT’s disapproval of his marriage with GH.]

[Note 2 : It is a custom for guests invited to a wedding banquet to present cash gifts put inside a red packet/envelope. The closer one’s relationship is to the bride/groom, the more money one should give.]


The wedding banquet venue was exquisitely decorated, there was a stage in the centre and all the surrounding guests’ tables radiated out in circles; creating an atmosphere of completion.

 YM had already arrived at the wedding venue in the afternoon; he and the two staffs sitting beside him were all red packet money counters for this event. As the number of guests arriving increased, the workload increased as well, YM was in charge of counting while the other two were in charge of noting down the amount. A row of safe deposit boxes were needed to keep the money as the amount of cash gifts was very big. Once a safe had been filled, there would be soldiers to escort the safe away and a new safe would be replaced.

"Zhang Xiao Mei, 1688 yuan."

"Su Hui, 2888 yuan."

"Zhang Cheng, 18888 yuan."

From YM started counting till now, countless red bills had slipped through his hands, the small ones were one or two thousand while the big ones were about a few hundreds of thousands. Even an ordinary office worker, on such an occasion, would feel embarrassed to not give out at least a few thousand. YM had dug out all his personal savings and still couldn’t gather enough; he felt ashamed towards his old classmate, therefore he volunteered to help out here.


LYJ and TZ came together, YM saw TZ and ridiculed with a smile.

“Sister, you came?”

“Had I known you were in charge of counting the money, I would have changed everything into one dollar bills.”

He handed YM a card after finishing his sentence, “Charge 131400.”

“Sister you’re so generous! You’re the one with highest amount of money as of now.”

It was LYJ’s turn and she also took out a card, “Charge 131401.”

TZ glanced at LYJ, speechless.


Very quickly, YQ made a high-profile entrance with bodyguards escorting him by his side. YM was still busy counting the red packet of another person and didn’t see YQ walking towards him, until a voice sounded beside his ear, “521521.”

YM spoke without even lifting his head, “Aren’t you afraid someone would steal your account by setting such a bank password?”

“This is the amount of gift money.”

Hearing this shockingly huge amount and a familiar voice, YM lifted his head abruptly; YQ’s cool face appeared in front of him.

F*** you…… YM said silently in his heart; giving so much, are you purposely making me look like a miser?

“You’re indeed his old flame, you’re so generous!” while flattering him, YM punched an extra zero on the card machine and placed it in front of YQ.

YQ smiled faintly, “Giving a red packet for a wedding; it’s unlucky to swipe a card, so I brought cash here.”

YM’s face was instantly covered by a dark cloud.

“Please trouble you to help me count it!”


YM found four or five people to help him count the money. After he came back from counting the money, he saw someone heading straight for the VIP table when he had not given any gift money, YM chased after him at once.

“May I ask if you had given any gift money yet?” YM asked bluntly.

YM had felt a huge and strong presence the moment ZLY spoke.

“I didn’t.”

YM spoke at once, “You’re not allowed to eat if you didn’t give any gift money!”

ZLY hadn’t spoken anything when LC ran over from not far away. He gave a salute to ZLY and then pulled YM to the side and said, “This is the head commander in the military, he is also Bai Sergeant’s commander.”

“The head commander needs to give gift money as well!” YM just couldn’t stand seeing someone not giving money.

LC said again, “He did present gift money but it wasn’t money, he gifted fireworks and gun salutes, they’re worth at least a few tens of thousands.”

YM suddenly remembered the few gun canons at the door that he had seen when he arrived in the afternoon; he could even stuff himself inside the canon barrel.

ZLY walked towards YM, “Do you need me to count the ‘gift money’ with you?”

“No…… No need……”

YM quickly found a pile of money and buried himself in it (busy himself with counting money).


You can read the full translation of this chapter here:



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YuZhou fan art

Source:   Van字号 







Begging for translation please... Thank you so much.


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39 minutes ago, addictedgirl said:





Johnny commented on the photo just now and said how he did a teenage girl's gesture here. Ha! He really did. He's funny.

(This is the original comment, if someone wants to properly translate it:  我这妖娆的少女手势ee8091.png️ 我记得我不是这么摆的啊[傻眼] )


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Johnny commented on Su Mang's weibo post:

My enchanting/girly teen girl's pose [peace emoji] From what I remember, I wasn't posing like this




*Teen girl/shoujo in Chinese is shao nv 少女

New set of nicknames for Yuzhou :

许马猴烧酒 (Xu magical girl / Xu mahou shoujo )  in reference to this post
黄少女        (Huang teenage girl / Huang shoujo)

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Hello everyone, 
I'm new member, I'm planning to go to Zz's Thailand Concert and looking for some friends to go together. Is Anyone here willing to go to Concert in Thailand ? Can I joining with you guys? Or we will set a team to go together ~~~~ ^_^<thanks so much for your concern and have a lovely day ... 

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34 minutes ago, alvinboi said:

Full translation for the first comic:

YinZi, what are you weaving?~ / A scarf~

What are you weaving it for? / Well...

(Put over) / I weaved it for this!


35 minutes ago, alvinboi said:

Full translation for the second comic (Summoning Xu WeiZhou):

Mahou Shoujo (Magical girl), Xu WeiZhou! / (Instantly appear: Having his meal.)

Mahou Shoujo, Xu WeiZhou! / (Instantly appear: Sleeping.)

Mahou Shoujo, Xu WeiZhou! / (Instantly appear: Filming in progress; "I cannot do without you!")

(Skip English panel)

Confiscated! / I... I'm sorry...

@alvinboi  Thank you so much for the translation... lovea_thumb.gif

And here's yummy Johnny for you.. lxhzhuanfa_thumb.gif

Source:    咸蛋家





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Another super-short summaries for the fanfic ShangYin - The Book 3



SH calls BLY to see her. BLY agrees then GH calls him to see his important customer who haves good relationships in military. BLY lies to GH about his meeting with SH.
Coincidentally, GH sees SH tries to holdd BLY's hands because GH and ZZ's  meeting is the same place. GH decides to cancel his meeting and leave without making any fuss because he trusts BLY have nothing to do with SH and can deal with it whatever problem by himself.
SH asks BLY to marry her as a way to cover his sexual orientation. BLY disagrees and leaves her right after that. SH cannot accept the truth and doesn't wanna lose to GH again.
BLY goes to the company directly because GH told him the meeting had been cancelled. GH cannot resist his desire at the company. BLY doesn't understand why GH suddenly show his desire here. It's really unusual. GH totall trusts BLY. He just want BLY spoil him a little bit.
At night, when GH takes a shower, SH calls BLY again. 



SH said she got into a car accident. After telling BLY her location, SH cut the phone off.
BLY tells GH a lie that Yang Meng needs some help from him.
Right after BLY leaves, GH receives a call from SH. She reveals that BLY's comin' to see her a second time in a day. Then, she tells GH the hotel where she and BLY are supposed to spend their time tonight.
SH decides to go there to see what kind of trick SH will show him.
SH tricks BLY to take her to a hotel - the one often used by prostitutes for their guests. SH calls a receptionist to bring her an aphrodisiac essential oil without BLY's notice.
Because of the fragrance from the oil, BLY gradually loses his control to sexual desire.
GH comes to BLY's room at the hotel. What he sees is that BLY's laying on SH's body, face on face just like two people's going wild on the bed. (My barging in, there is nothing that happened yet. Don't misunderstand my poor BLY :bawling:)
BLY turns his back just to know that GH's already here.



GH said to BLY: "I always trusted you, Yin Zi" then turn his back and leave.
BLY also leaves the room after thinking over for a while.
SH doesn't really know if it is the result she expected but as long as BLY feels weak in his heart, she will have a chance. That makes her satisfied.
At home, GH totally treats BLY as an invisible. GH can explain what he saw in the hotel is just because BLY cannot resist his temptation at that moment but cannot accept BLY lied to him at first.
BLY goes out to the balcony at 3 a.m, after one try to tell him go back to the room, GH leaves him there.
BLY' still at the balcony when GH leaves for work. He has to come back to the camp tomorrow but it is not like this code war will come to the end anytime soon.
SH comes to GH and BLY's house to see BLY right at the time GH just comes home after work.
After thinking over, GH gives a conclusion "After years, everything he did is trying to restraint BLY's feelings. From now on, whether BLY loves anyone, it's up to BLY decides" - In this part, there are many heart-broken conversations explaining why GH came to this conclusion. I'm really sorry because I don't wanna cannot translate them. :dissapointed:
That night, BLY cannot sleep again. He goes out to the balcony again.

A refererence for lastest summariesChaper 15-16


P.S. This week, my mood went down to the bottom. It is really heart-broken when seeing the one I love together with another. Even if it is an unrequited love, there still is selfishness here and there. Please don't blame me for bringing this here. This place is the only shelter left for me :)


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Thank u so much @jlt4ever !!! <3 <3 

I'm waiting for the 2nd part of that interview for so long~

I had much fun reading it. And that 'jing' lol. Lots of sperm... ㅋㅋㅋ

@ririsasystill remember our crazy imagination? Lol

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