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4 minutes ago, sixte said:

Yes, but according to the series,they even always wake up at bed with a bathrobe on. I think somebody here already pointed at it as a mystery. There must be millions of explanations.

Then they live at Beijing which is highly polluted. So, having a shower when coming back home is quite a normal habit. Still, the fetishism about the bathrobe is very strange. I heard of latex, but bathrobe ? Mrs Chai Jidan is such a great inventor !

In the novel they tend to sleep naked, IIRC. It can't be filmed that way, of course. And with the strict censoring practices of China, even filming in just boxers wouldn't be allowed. The bathrobes are enough 'cover' to meet the censoring standards. Pajamas are 'clothes', implying they are 'dressed' in bed, but the bathrobes also lead to the imagery of nakedness (knowing they have nothing on underneath).

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17 minutes ago, Sungkyung Lee said:

In this interview, ZZ says that he's gonna upload videos of him playing electric guitar and dancing, which he remembers he promised to fans. :)

Thank you to remind about these old guitar playing of him. The "Attraction" is quite good already. I would like to see him performing this way. It would change from his "sugar so sweet for prebubescent girls" side (it is charming, I hope for him -and for "husband"- it is well paid, but definitely it is not serious).

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26 minutes ago, sohocomo said:

the bathrobes also lead to the imagery of nakedness (knowing they have nothing on underneath).

Well noticed. And I strongly suspect ZZBLY not to have anything in real in the first scene when they "do it" (BLY is supposed to have Hepatite, the shower scene etc.). Just before Hai pushes him to the bed, the cotton is stick to ZZ's butts, and... (only @Scandani could capture that (if not too absorbed by another "someone"). (Also, JY's glance at ZZ's d++k when ZZ is lying on the bed...)

All these to add to our studies about the Series, for academic and intellectual profit.

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1 hour ago, elppa said:

5. and 袖手旁观 for tonight (up on changba -again, in the middle of the night - again, while Zhou is abroad again ) Call this coincidence, up to you ;)

But another coincidence for you. 

This song is from 'Tong Bing Kuai Le" Album released in 1995 by Chyi Chin, who is very famous for love songs. credit: https://mojim.com/tw100155x8.htm

'Tong Bing Kuai Le" -  'Tong Bing Kuai Le" - 'Tong Bing Kuai Le"

How many times has Zhouzhou use these words to decribe their mutual memories for Jiujitsu in those filming days? numberous.

In NetEASE interview, in 10: 56  and in Yin Yue Tai interview. Zhou both talked about "Tong Bing Kuai Le" feeling. . JingYu must have had Zhou words pinned on his mind. He found out this song because of Zhou' quote or not, as his  favourite genre of music is EDM which was shared in an interview.  He must check for the original song by Chyi Chin before record it, and He must acknowledge about the album name, too. Coincidence or not, but JingYu must know it!!



Thank you @elppa for your amazing post. Is it even delulu anymore? :D

I squeal so hard knowing that his newest song on Changba comes from "Tong Bing Kuai Le" album. Gosh, it's so obvious then that this song is dedicated to ZZ. This can't be called coincidence anymore!! He really missed ZZ. AAW!

And always when ZZ goes overseas. *snicker* He's like puppy falling in love. Heh. Can't be separated for too long or he will get moody. :P


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2 hours ago, ximichem said:

Report in Top Idol Mag about ZZ

The report is a collective one from many interviews of Zhouzhou, not a new interview, isn't it?

ah, thank you for Zhouzhou smile, though this photo is at his-selfie -level. Baobei a~, you're not fond of by the cameras ^^

I wonder how Japanese girls feel about Zhou? Do they fall in love with his cute small right canine teeth as I do?- do they call it as "yaeba"? any japanese addicter here can tell me? 

@liesl who can stop himself from missing such a sweetie pie?? One day without Zhou smile is unbrearable to me, do you know?


In my delulu world, they are struggling bcause they have fears and care for another a lot. but people who are discreetly holding a great love in their hearts, really have urge to show it, to let it go some how, in some ways.

Who has never been posted a meaningful song or status with hidden messages on FB/ weibo/twitter and then waited for a special one's react/like, after all? :phew:

Adele's song about struggling in a one-side and untold love (as she is Rolling in Johnny 's deep song =)) I miss her much

Chasing Pavements

I've made up my mind,
Don't need to think it over
If I'm wrong, I am right
Don't need to look no further,
This ain't lust
I know this is love

But if I tell the world
I'll never say enough

'cause it was not said to you
And that's exactly what I need to do
If I end up with you


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On 4/22/2016 at 11:30 PM, htuvecila said:


I'd like to added few more things that I found it noticable from this interview 

1. ZZ stopped his 10-year Latin dance "career" after he realised no matter how much he tries he can't make further advancement, there is something you have to be born with and he's not. 

2. ZZ wants to study English better coz his English skill is not good right now. 

3. ZZ was not the singer in his band, he was the lead guitarist as well as the leader (He can play other intruments like bass, drum?! and piano?!, I'm not sure about drum and piano coz I haven't seen him playing those). So since young ZZ already never gave his singing skill high score.

4. ZZ's motto about scandals: "I DO NOT CARE". Rumors are created by useless and boring people anw. If I care about those rumors, isn't it giving them what they want?

In other interview, ZZ know his body's weakness, small frame and long limbs that are not ideal to wear suits. He decided to go gym in university time. 

So, ZZ knows his limit, he's willing to drop one path to move on to the other. 

He knows what fans think. He also knows what market demands. 



In his interview with Sohu, http://yule.sohu.com/s2016/6765/s441641166/index.shtml ZZ mentioned that his father was a drummer and it kind of motivated him to do music. Also, he said that he can play almost all kinds of music instruments but the best he can is playing guitar.


Below are pictures of him playing drum and piano (not classic tho) back in high school. 

But in iQIYI show (probably his latest talk?) he said he's not good at playing piano but will practice if fans want him to play it at his concert.
As for drums, seeing that he actually performed on stage in the picture I guess he developed to a decent level already? :) 







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Guitare. Check. Electric guitare. Check. Drum. Demmit. Piano. Richard simmons. Violin. Don't dare to imagine.


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So deep :w00t:



Cr Weibo

/refrain myself from spamming tons of ZZ's old pics/ XD

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When people ask me if I ship Yuzhou as a lover more than a friendship


When people said they prefer Zhou as a top, and JY as a bottom


I'm still in denial that is why :lol:

When you are being delulu and you saw so many delulu post from your delulu friends


I'm talking about you @liesl, @gayyoxx, @kmmyzz are we even delulu anymore? :phew:

@guhai hahaha you are so funny. Metal Pole bender LMAO please let me live :w00t:

Wow the news is true about CJD tried to replace GH and BLY this fast, we just have wait and see what will happen. Not that agree with it but also I think CJD want to show something to the Government? Like heck yeah you banned my series, but aint nothing gonna stop me from do it, ofc not in our lame country.

Aww baby whale, missing your partner in crime so much huh? I hope that ZZ can at least hint something to us about him missing JY too, but according to his personality we know we can't get that from him. Keep being delulu is what we have to do to make us happy LOL

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I resist spamminggggggggg omggggggggg jyyyyyyyyyyyy bahahaaaaaaaaa



Cr Weibo


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9 hours ago, gashupingo said:

I've translated the hilarious HaiYin Wedding FMV that someone posted before(don't remember who now). It is very very well made.
(The subtitles do match what they're saying too, the creator did a lot of work in editing the voices, great job!)

just woke up and the first thing I did was reading this forum from all the thirsty posts to Johnny's new Changba update (the song 袖手旁观) -- you guys are hilarious, honestly!! :P Thank you for making my day!


anyway looking at the MV there was a part where ZZ was on the bed, JY standing beside the bed and it was shot from a pretty high angle (edit : min 3:16 in the vid) and it got me thinking.....



......what if CJD secretly installed 2-3 hidden cameras in JYZZ room at the start of the filming to see how *ahem* their relationship *ahem* grows from time to time lmao


I know it's an invasion to privacy but yaknow... :phew: 


I know she didn't (well, maybe she DID) but I was just thinking, you know. That's just an interesting thought I had in the morning while watching that FMV. Also, this FMV is indeed very well-made, kudos to those who made the vid!!!


what was I even thinking lmao


on a serious note though, psst CJD if you really have it, share with us lol



edit -- Cr : @ximichem for the GIF 


oml I really just can't at this GIF :sweatingbullets: makes me wanna ship them even more 

kbye I'm going to go purify myself and repent for thinking weird stuff in the morning -- happy Sunday y'all!

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18 hours ago, elppa said:

Simple Love - Live on stage ceremony

This song wasn't chosen by JY. It was chosen by the male MC.

The male MC told JY that he should prove his mettle / show that he is worthy of the award that he won....and that although JY garnered recognition via acting, having won a prize as a network idol, he should be an all-rounder.

Thus, apart from acting, the male MC asked JY if he can sing some lines from a song (to show that JY can sing, especially when he had won an award in a music event).

When JY asked the male MC which song would he like to hear him sing, the female MC chipped in and said: "It should be what your fans want to hear you sing."

Then the male MC told JY that he will choose a song for him and he picked Jay Chou's Simple Love.

Someone in the thread pointed out that if you pay attention to the banter and the exchange of knowing glances between the male and female MC, it's like they were dropping subtle hints at JY.... treat your fans as your girlfriend and sing the song like how you would sing to a "girlfriend".

And JY did have one particularly ardent fan who was watching him intently; one who laughed his head off during the girlfriend skit :)

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3 hours ago, aeislaeigh said:


I will love you well.  I will give you back all the love you lost these past 10 years

I'm off to church. Hopefully, today, I won't be thinking about YuZhou while hearing mass, as I've been these past few Sundays  I shouldn't have read @guhai"s short fan fic above, now I dunno if I can do it... :blink:

im actually satan i laughed so hard at this because this is all do in church just now ppffttttt

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