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8 minutes ago, ximichem said:

LOL thanks for sharing this, so hilarious. I might be translating later LOL

About the Vietnamese comment:

ChenWen comment: So birthday gift is yourself? x5 (I bow to you Wen XD)

The song name is Li Ge


Thank you @ximichem! Do you mind if I add your comments to the post? I will properly credit you for the information.

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3 hours ago, nippy2002 said:

A quick fanfic for YZ fans on what could have happened just now behind stage. Not sure if I could post something like this. But here goes.


  Hide contents

Jing Yu knows he only has that minute to spare when he sees his bodyguards taking off their eyes on him. In two big strides,  he hurries towards the lonely figure a the side of the stage,  clothed in darkness. 

"Hey..." A light tap onto his thinner shoulder and then the other turns around. 

Big round eyes widens in surprise...and then in a panicked voice, "You should not be seen with me..."

Jing Yu cuts him off and lets out a defiant smirk. 

Wei Zhou could not help but let out a short bark, as if admonishing the taller man. Yet, he is not at all surprised by his action. This is just him and he knows that much. 

"I promise someday...we will show them," Jing Yu says determinedly, his fingers lightly clasping the smaller hand for just a fraction of a second. He then ducks away, before his absence is noticed.

Wei Zhou takes a deep breath. A subconscious smile playing on his lips as a ray of faint hope starts to bloom in the deepest recess of his heart. Yes, he believes. In him. 


Thank you writing this this is the scenario I belive in right now. become bigger and bigger, stop letting people, management rumors etc get to you. Bide your time then come back with a bang.

I am newbie here but I just had this crazy idea can't we trend them on twitter we all have access make them ZZ/JY international I think there is enough of us. (no bad idea thought so or maybe not :sweatingbullets:)

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It's actually a tiring day because I've been crying for hours lol

Heard that JY is already at the airport, and his flight is actually delayed until 7am, not that he changed flight.

Anyway, heading to bed now. Hopefully when I wake up, everything will be better.

I know things will be better for them and us :)


^ I found this scene as more arousing compared to their kiss scene lololol why

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3 minutes ago, Solferine said:


Thank you @ximichem! Do you mind if I add your comments to the post? I will properly credit you for the information.

No worry, I can help you to add some other lines from the OP

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I don't know what say just want to post this :





No matter what they tell us
No matter what they do
No matter what they teach us
What we believe is true

No matter what they call us
However they attack
No matter where they take us
We'll find our own way back

I can't deny what I believe
I can't be what I'm not
I know our love forever
I know, no matter what

If only tears were laughter (ooh)
If only night was day (ooh)
If only prayers were answered (hear my prayers)
Then we would hear God say (say)

No matter what they tell you (ooh)
No matter what they do (ooh)
No matter what they teach you
What you believe is true

And I will keep you safe and strong
And shelter from the storm
No matter where it's barren
A dream is being born


No matter who they follow
No matter where they lead
No matter how they judge us
I'll be everyone you need

No matter if the sun don't shine (sun don't shine)
Or if the skies are blue (skies are blue)
No matter what the end is
My life began with you

I can't deny what I believe (what I believe, yeah)
I can't be what I'm not
(I know, I know) I know this love's forever
That's all that matters now
No matter what

No matter what (no, no matter, no)

No, no matter
That's all that matters to me



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Just wanted to post these lyrics from SNSD's Japanese single "Indestructible", released the summer before Jessica left. I was an SNSD fan for 7 years and Jessica was my ultimate bias, so I know this feeling of unfairness and helplessness all too well. But still, the news hits me the same. I'll still continue to support ZhouZhou and Johnny in the future. The world is unfair... but at least we have beautiful memories right?

I listened to this song right after I heard the news and it made me feel better. I think it really fits, too. Stay strong everyone~


Hmm Indestructible~
Yeah Yeah

The time flows with the way we are
Since when have we started thinking alike?
Fights, Silence, we do everything together
And even then, your voice gives me a feeling of relief

How do you like me?
With these new emotional arguments,
It’s so hard
It’s not easy, but it feels nice

This Indestructible Unbreakable
bond that can never be broken
Our soul is a twin soul (twin soul)
For example,
even if you’re about to fall off the edge
At least know that I won’t let go of your hand

Because I will protect you until the end

Maybe it’s because of you, that I like myself
There are a lot of things I hate too. But they’re starting to disappear
My dad said to me when I was very little,
“Being with someone you love will make you a stronger person”

Am I just confused now?
I wonder if my feelings have been conveyed to you
honestly I want to tell you about them now

Sometimes important things are just
Invisible, They can’t be seen
So, I’ve gotta say this to you over and over again (say to you)
If we were to break up and I didn’t have to feel anything,
I would rather want to feel everything
This destiny. Thank you

Let’s let this ship sail Inside the raising (raising)
wind I will never surrender
Not to stop, ever
Tie our numerous feelings together and
Head into the world which we have never ever seen

This Indestructible Unbreakable
bonds that can never be broken
It’s certainly our soul
For example, even if someone
were to try and hurt me
No matter what happens, it will be alright

Important things are
Invisible They can’t be seen
So, I want to tell you over and over (want to tell you)
Without you
I wouldn’t be here right now
This destiny


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25 minutes ago, kmmyzz said:

It's actually a tiring day because I've been crying for hours lol

Heard that JY is already at the airport, and his flight is actually delayed until 7am, not that he changed flight.

Anyway, heading to bed now. Hopefully when I wake up, everything will be better.

I know things will be better for them and us :)


^ I found this scene as more arousing compared to their kiss scene lololol why

Oh my i actually think the same! How zhouzhou moves his fingers to interlace them with Johnny's is indeed very intimate!  :wub: iam actually thankful that today wasn't all tears and heartache, the mv eased my heart a little and reading they had dinner and went karaoke together is just nice to hear.  And man iam really convinced fate wants them together despite all the hardships,  they keep getting pulled back together after being separated and iam sure even if that's the end of Haiyin,  it's not the end of yuzhou it's only the beginning B) also maybe Johnny's flight being delayed is fate way to let him spend more time with zhouzhou :P

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6 hours ago, bidubudu said:

Translator (to JY): What are your feelings right now?

JY: Feelings?
(JY lowers his mic looking uncertain for a moment)
JY: I hope that after many years, I can still continue to see you all.
(JY is teary-eyed at this point. He pauses for a moment, lowers his mic before raising it again)
JY: I wish to... wish to see you all forever. I love you.
(He nods for a few moments before lowering his mic)

So I finally read about 40-50 pages to catch up to you guys~:tears: The whole entire time I was eating breakfast and literally on the verge of tears. This is so tragic... I know we fans are sad but can you guys just imagine how they're feeling?:tears: It breaks my heart... Just seeing that one image of JY teary eyed...:tears::tears::tears:

I seriously wish them the best and hope they will be able to overcome this. We the fans will always be here and support them!^_^

6 hours ago, kmmyzz said:

Group hugs!

Now let's hope the best for both of them.

Shed all your tears tonight, it's okay. Understandable.

Hopefully everyone will feel better tomorrow.

Love you guys, and love you too, Addicted casts.

GROUP HUG!!!!:heart:

5 hours ago, guhai said:

Hi guys. I just wanted to step in and let you all know that I will no longer be writing YZ/ZY fanfiction. All of my YZ/ZY stories both 'in progress' and 'completed' have been removed and all short stories previously posted in this thread have been edited and replaced with 'fanfiction removed' as well. I'm announcing this because there's nearly 1,000 of you subscribed to me at this point, and I'm not going to keep 1,000 people waiting on stories which may never be finished. As for my GH/LY and LY/GH fanfiction, well, I don't know yet. I may or may not get around to those, just as I may or may not leave this fandom. It all depends. But regardless, I just want to thank everyone who has supported my writing so far, whether on here or on another website, and continues to support it. It's been nearly 2 months since I've joined this thread and there are some of you who are still around reading my stuff - so thank you. I hope everyone feels better soon. Eat some food, drink some liquids, get some sleep. Even if I can't give you some cheer with my writing anymore, I'm still cheering for you all.

I'd just like to say thank you for everything!!! Though I'll be sad that there will be no more stories, I'd just like to say that I wish you all the best and am glad to have met you and your talented work!;)

3 hours ago, poetato said:

i cant thank @skeletonworks, @ximichem, @gayyoxx, @kmmyzz, @thoron, @sohocomo, @scandani, and @guhai enough for their contribution in this forum. thank you for the warm welcome when i first joined.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!:heart::heart::heart:

3 hours ago, sohocomo said:

I wasn't going to post anything today. Lack of sleep and too much emotion does not mix well for coherent communication. I'll be better able to express my thoughts another time. (And, of course, auntie has a lot of thoughts right now)

From the End, Until the Beginning.  That's actually a title for a story in my head, but it is appropriate for today as well. (Today's meditation material) Sometimes something has to end before something else can begin. And sometimes, the new something that begins is still part of the something that ended. (Just think about it for awhile.)

Just as Addicted brought the boys together, it brought all of us together as well. In just over 2 months time this has become, not an online forum thread, but a family room. Families have their good and bad times, their joys and tribulations, their unifiers and their crazy cousins we wish we could kick out. But it's still family. Our shared interest, love, respect, admiration for GH/BLY, JY/ZZ, CJD, FS/CW may be what initially brought us here. None of that goes away after today's events.  Our electricity may have just got cut off (Season 2), but the house hasn't burned down and nobody has died. 

I will be here again, and again, and again...to talk to my sweeties and dahlins' and hons and dears. To hash and rehash the episodes and the clips and the translations and everything. My biggest fear at this very moment, as much as my heart is hurting for JingYu and WeiZhou, is that I will lose some of my Addicted family as well. 

Much Love

:heart::heart::heart: :heart::heart::heart:

Couldn't have said it any better~;)

Though this seems to be the end of Addicted (for now... I still have hope^_^), it doesn't mean it's the end for us! Thanks to this wonderful webseries, I was able to meet all of you! We had our good times and our bad but in the end we still have each other!! I know I wasn't much of a talker in this forum (sorry~ very much an introvert and also my first time joining a forum:sweatingbullets::lol:), but thanks to you guys, my days were never boring~!:P As I said before, this forum has become a huge part of my life. However busy my life can get, I always read through all of your guys' posts whenever I could. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I won't be leaving this forum!! NEVER EVER!!! And I hope you guys will do the same~!!^_^:D:P

I love you guys all dearly~ Seriously.:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Also, HAPPY 700th!!:blush::grin::heart::cookie:

2 hours ago, ximichem said:



Edit: Embeb HD mediafire 

2 hours ago, kmmyzz said:

Thank you guys for the links!! Downloading now and shall cherish them forever~:heart:

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11 minutes ago, guhai said:

A present to you all, for 700 pages.

Oh my how beautiful i really like to think that yuzhou are Haiyin but in another life reincarnation and truly to their story even if they get separated or fought they will return back to each other's arms bc they belong together and their hearts and fates were already tied to each other. 

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9 minutes ago, kakelet said:

I went back and reread some of my favourite parts of volume 1... There's so many good scenes that won't be able to be seen on screen T_T I think the scene I was looking forward to the most was BLY and GH coming out to BLY's dad... I cried all over again :tears::tears:

But anyways, I reread the part that was in the MV for Walk Slowly and I translated part of it (it's the end of chapter 192 to the beginning of chapter 193):

  Reveal hidden contents

The next day, the two of them really did take a ferry to Huangdao’s Golden Beach.

Because it was the off-season, there were few tourists. The sea was clearer than ever, the sand was finer and cleaner. When Bai Luoyin stepped on to the beach, it was like he was standing on something as soft as cotton. Gu Hai was right, this beach was definitely a lot more beautiful than the one they saw last night.

They found a quiet spot to sit down. Bai Luoyin reached out and found a small shell. He waved it in front of Gu Hai a bit, and then threw it back into the sea, creating a small splash in the water.


Bai Luoyin’s scream came without warning. It was like a way for him to vent his emotions, after he screamed, he felt a lot better. The people surrounding us can look all they want, it’s not like I know any of you.

“That won’t do, watch me.”

Gu Hai stood up and shouted loudly towards the magnificent sea, “My name is Gu Hai, 18 years old, from Beijing. The person sitting next to me is my wife, we officially started dating last year around this time, this journey has already been a year now! Although there have been plenty of ups and downs and constant disasters, but we will not turn back, we will keep moving forward!”

Bai Luoyin wanted to bury himself in the sand.

After Gu Hai vented his feelings, he looked at Bai Luoyin provocatively, “Do you dare?”

The connotation was: is your skin as thick as mine?

“Is there anything I’m afraid of?” Bai Luoyin also stood up and shouted: “My name is Bai Luoyin, male, 18 years old, lives at 48 Guang Cai Alley, Xicheng District, Beijing, third year high school student at Beijing’s X high school’s class 27, a poor kid. The person standing beside me is my wife, after all of his shameless pestering, I decided to marry him into my family out of compassion for the mentally ill. Unfortunately, my father-in-law doesn’t approve so this marriage is delayed without further notice, but my feelings towards my wife are sincere. Whether or not he will continue to be sick in the future, I will never leave him!”

Gu Hai laughed, Atta boy, you sure are ruthless.

Thus the shouting continued, “Gu Weiting, let me tell you, I don’t care if you agree or disagree! Even if you chase after us all the King's horses and all the King's men, my response is still the same. The person that I, Gu Hai, have decided upon, no one can change it! The relationship that I, Gu Hai, decided upon, no one can tear it down! The feelings that I, Gu Hai, decided upon, no one can destroy it!”

“Gu Weiting! ….” Bai Luoyin just shouted one word when he stopped.

Gu Hai held his breath in anticipation.

“I f*** your son!”

That seemed like a good sentence to end the translation at haha

Oh, also happy 700+ pages 

At last somebody translate this LOL thank you! This scene has been one of my most memorable scenes, I died laughing and ended up re-read n times

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I hope everyone will cheer up, They went to dinner so basically we won't see them interacting on screen but they will still keep contact in real life. Like ZZ/JY  said

ZZ : This is just beginning.

JY : Winds of revolution has begun.

They both want freedom and road ahead will be hard for them but I have faith they will be successful and I think they'll bring something new to entertainment world their friendship is special.

(they are so levelheaded for their age and fans on this thread say most awesome things about life I wish their was away to compile them).I

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