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37 minutes ago, liesl said:

Vivi jiejie's IG update!!


Woaaah the fans... but I like that they're so respectful and gave Johnny some space. :wub:


I like how his bodyguard is like 'What am I even doing here?? Whatever, I get paid anyway...'

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Bear with me, this is going to be one of my long post.   There has been many analysis on this, but I do believe that they both have mutual affection for each other.  ZZ is harder to read, but I t

Hi friends, I'm a HEROIN & YuZhou fan from Beijing China. Another Chinese fan introduced this forum to me (not sure if he has an account here) and I have been trying to read through this thre

What else? Well... let's hear from the top posts then 为什么其他耽美演员能同台,同秀恩爱,因为都是假的。为啥他俩同个框就搞得世界末日一样,因为他俩是真的 Why is it that other BL actors can be seen together and act like a couple? Because it'

41 minutes ago, porcelainwhite said:

I also have an observation to make. I symphatize with GH's ex gf much more than with SH. Actually, I can't stand SH. Lala (was that her name???) has been with GH since both of them were very young, and we know how he is when he is passionate about something, he probably pursued her relentlessly and it must have been hard for her when he started losing interest in her (and then when his interest completely shifted to BLY). I mean, I never read the novel, but from the tv show character, I can tell she understood much more than she let on, and in the end, she did gave up pretty fast, and wasn't as scheming and as manipulative as SH. I mean, her heart was probably broken. They have been together for what, 3 years? Since he was 13?? They're 16 at the start of the novel, right? And since he said they had s*x, that probably means he was her first??? Even if she claimed otherwise, she was probably really affected by their ultimate break up. And she probably saw it all coming the moment he introduced her to BLY and she saw the pair interacting. 

I share the same feeling as yours about Lulu on both arguments :

- she is quite victimised by GH, not going to be "jui-jitsu parabolised"***, but almost (saved by BLY actually).

- she is smart and soon understands what is going on between the Twos.

But for SH (BLY's fiancée), we have seen only very little of her, and this very little is quite appealing for me.

***Thanks to Elppa here, we know what « parabolize » means. (= a jui-jitsu spectacular and acrobatic move fitting a parabolic curve, and finishing the adversary deadly off).

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5 hours ago, palz4u said:

Ha ha ha.... this video is funny. ZZ sure is adorable but he looks kind of drunk or high to me.. 

He is cute as ever.. 


Hope this link works.

Thanks a million for the link @kmmyzz. You are awesome.. love ya.. but, yes... its still not working for me...

soo cute ZZhou..lol.. thankyou for this ;))).. love seeing him happy! sweet ZZhou!!

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*resting for upcoming FM*

Edit: Fanpage is sharing a note of instruction to create Weibo acc. I'll trans and share when things are ensured.

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29 minutes ago, ximichem said:


*resting for upcoming FM*

Edit: Fanpage is sharing a note of instruction to create Weibo acc. I'll trans and share when things are ensured.

you are actual Jesus for this forum when it comes to video downloading i have tears in my eyeeesss

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Finally, finally I see so many positive comments about JY, how (mostly CP) fans are so proud of him because he attended on Mei's concert, that as far as I know, was LGBT focused.  Fans says the in the audience someone (or more then one) was holding the LGBT flag. Even if it was to build future relations, he still went there and did his best, fans really praise him this time and I think they used all positive words that exist in the dictionary :)

Credit to GingerCake from another forum: also it seems that the reason they didn't revealed weeks ago that JY is going to attend on the concert was that he was supposed to be a mysterious guest.  

This is for CP fans. I am not quite sure about this, but 


just to feed the delulu mode: CP fans are saying that before Mei started to sing 'I only care about you', she allegedly said that it's a confession. Many of them says they hear it on the vid, few says they don't ... and well, it is not really clear in what context she meant it. CPs are really happy about it (but imo it's a bit too delulu and it would be too good to be true if it was related to YuZhou)


To be honest I find it ironic that even though the Addicted press conference should have been about Addicted (and it wasn't), the concert JY attended was much more Addicted related, not just because of the song, but Mei brought up the infamous mispronounced (Northern China accent) sentence from the BTS. Still JY was the one who got the bashing from stupid fans almost whole day...

(however I still think his management should have informed the fans and this whole bashing thing could have been avoided)

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6 hours ago, alvinboi said:

Just finished reading 20 pages here. At Page 650 now. I'm not quite clear of the cause of JingYu's clash in schedule between the press conference and Amei concert. It could be a case of miscommunication or a simple breach in agreement due to unforeseen changes.

Anyway, thanks for the video. So happy to see JingYu on stage with superstar Amei. At the start, JingYu appeared to sing one of the Teresa Teng's I Only Care About You. After that, Amei and JingYu had a short chat. JingYu said hello to Thai and Chinese fans, and repeatedly said that he is feeling very nervous. Amei also tried to talk him out of his nervousness and calm him down (by rubbing his sleeves and interacting with fans who shouted to strip him). Then, at 6:13,  JingYu sang one of Amei's most popular song 我要快樂 Desire For Happiness *official MV* Omg JingYu sang it almost perfectly, full of emotions. :w00t: If only he didn't cough though. After that, JY was asked to demonstrate some of his angry phrases, and shared some of his hometown phrases.

I'm not a dedicated fan of Amei, but anyone from the 90s who has listened to Chinese pop songs before will surely have heard of her name. She is one powerful Asian singer and has frequently shown her supportive stance in gay equality. I hope someone else here who follows her works closely could give a more proper and just summary of Amei. :sweatingbullets:

i hope jy will come to australia for a-mei's concert as a guest at well.....HOPING.....FINGER CROSSED....i know im dreaming..........:bawling:

1 hour ago, aeislaeigh said:

Credit: watermark


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those arms........:grimace:

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Just woke up and went scrolling through the posts so I've managed to lose track of whoever it was that was commenting about the boys' exes in the drama. From what I understand...although this is from me skimming the sections with the ladies in it:


GH didn't do the deed with his ex. He only used it as a way of trying to get BLY to admit to his own acts or lack thereof. LOL GH was more interested in if BLY had don't it or not.

BLY's ex was conned back by the mother, so half of the way she acts is through manipulation and the other half, through delusional dreams.

After an incident, you can't help but feel sorry for BLY's ex though...she got the short end of the stick from both GH and the vixen mother :phew:

I think it was at that point that I started backing away from GH as being...sort of insane and just thinking he was plain crazy...and thought that BLY must have some mental/emotional issues to still stick around with GH....:sweatingbullets:

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12 minutes ago, conspiracytheorem said:

Someone already posted this but can't help myself. I woke up to this and gosh I melted. So jealous of the fans that get to see him.

ZZ: Baby, come on take a picture of me. I want our fans to know I'm coming.



he really needs to be more active on insta

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I only slept for like 2 hours. Reading updates and watching videos of JY in the concert and HC leaked fancam. I told my self to sleep but I was not able to. I even dreamed of using names Gu Hai, Bai Lou Yin and Ah Lang in my work. :sweatingbullets: 

just some of my thoughts while I was sleepless last night. I fell in love with the story and the characters, especially that of HaiYin. Then, I became curious about the actors. In my mind, as always and like the other movies or series that I watched, I thought that the actors will one day leave their roles when the story has ended. I will see them in different characters, roles or even field of entertainment. So, I decided not to really be attached to HJY and XWZ. But then, I was wrong. These guys are really addicting. Include here the works of different fandom, deluluing together or even arguing. These fed my curiosity and of course appreciation of the two. But then, since season 2 has not yet been confirmed and reading the other parts of the novel, this pushed me to think that season 2 might be hard to film, unless of course, they revise some parts and do not forget the ban.

HJY and XWZ will have to separate due to their individuality and track in the entertainment career. But what I can say is that, after so many years, I became a fanboy. I always thought that fanboying or fangirling is a silly work of people who have no life. I was too judgmental and I was wrong. What can I say?!?!? Maybe I'm a little bit silly, too.

with all the dramas happening in this thread, Weibo or in any other forum or even in real life, I have learned to appreciate and support HJY and XWZ. No biases. Not shipping, just plain job well done kind of love for them. 

Maybe one day, I'll join the ship, too. Who knows? I can be silly, too. 

Now, hope I can sleep even if the sun is up. 

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Well, kinda hopeless even in rehearsal for FM tomorrow JY and ZZ still separated, even FW and CW is with ZZ. Kinda confused...

*Edit : Jy come from Amei concert, so that' why he not with them. Well at least they are in the same place. But why god so far we don't see picture of Jy and Zz together..hhahahhaha sorry and forgive me guys too many complain*


*keep trying positive thinking bout their Friendship still good between Jy and Zz*

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