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Only 4 pages to catch up on when I got home from work. That has to be a record!

I don't feel like doing any of the things I really need to with it being Easter weekend. So, in order to justify my procrastination, I bring you:

Astrological Analyzations Part 2  - Where the "love" sign aspects focus on romantic relationships, these are more general. (to make this a bit easier I'm going to break these up) (also, since JY's older, I'm going to start with his aspects to ZZ, then ZZ's aspects to JY) ( The " * " next to some of the aspects designate those are "love" signs)



Sun Aspects

JY and ZZ's suns are sextile to each other. @hitokiri genki posted a wonderful look at this a few pages back, so I won't say more on it. 

JY Sun sextile ZZ Mercury: Unusually cooperative & successful association. Mercury understands the Sun, while the Sun empathizes, encourages & stimulates Mercury. Even though totally different in mental & emotional natures & personalities, still seem to think alike.

*JY Sun square ZZ Venus: great deal of affection, Can cause minor disagreements due to conflicting natures (minor disagreements!)

JY Sun trine ZZ Mars: Sun stimulates self-confidence, energy & enthusiasm, enterprising spirit & courage in Mars. Mars does the same to the Sun. Harmony.

*JY Sun square ZZ Saturn: age difference,Saturn is the teacher in the relationship, both need to watch their egos and how they express themselves during rough times, but the bond is incredibly hard to break, even if they want to. 

*ZZ Sun trine JY Moon: one of the strongest of all harmonies, the Moon's emotional nature & the Sun's personality are compatible

*ZZ Sun square JY Venus: see above. This is a double vibration,leading to a stronger influence of this vibration in their relationship

*ZZ Sun square JY Mars: can be dangerously explosive, separate ambitions could conflict, flaring tempers lead to frustration, need to remember that love can solve all difficulties

*ZZ Sun conjoin JY Jupiter: bring out the eternal optimist in each other, has the power to decrease any disharmony, financially beneficial

ZZ Sun trine JY Saturn: capable of combining confidence, enthusiasm, & optimism (Sun) with stability & patience (Saturn) needed for long lasting success. Usually an age difference.





Moon Aspects

Moon sextile Moon: Whether emotional separately or when together, things will go smoothly. Dispositions & temperaments are congenial, emotional responses are similar. "telepathic exchange of thoughts" 

JY Moon trine ZZ Mercury: Moon's sensitive, intuitive qualities blend well with Mercury's curiosity & intelligence. Love travelling together.

*JY Moon opposition ZZ Mars: Strong mutual attraction leading to strong emotional reaction. Rudeness, abruptness, nagging from both. Irresistable cosmic tie, though. 

JY Moon square ZZ Jupiter: Financial & religious conflicts possible, "keep it to yourself"

ZZ Moon opposition JY Mercury: Friction caused by different attitudes of communication - Mercury talks too much, Moon not enough, but wonderful discussion is possible leading to mutual attraction

*ZZ Moon trine JY Venus: Deep mutual devotion & affection, helps soften 'tense' aspects. Inclination to forgive small hurts. Agreement in creative endeavors, travel, & social activities. 

*ZZ Moon sextile JY Mars: sexual magnetism, irresistible passion, physical chemistry, platonic loyalty. Mars bolsters Moon's self confidence & stimulates imagination, Moon can guide & direct Mars's forceful drive. Professionally, financially beneficial.

*ZZ Moon square JY Saturn: Saturn can be overly critical & selfish, Moon can be overly sensitive & impractical. Need to realize that they each possess what the other needs. 


To be continued...

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21 minutes ago, ximichem said:

Hi guys, I just saw an old vid of JY going to the swimming pool with his puppy.. So adorable >"< sb kind enough please share the link


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1 hour ago, ximichem said:

me too, i was very unsure so i just don't start the project.. i read sth on their website (if it's still there) that they'll stop the translation if another version of it is found. very very unsure, since this is truly independent translation, it might resemble their translation at some point, BUT. 

anyway, estreline, I think you're fine. Keep working on it, we really support you.


omg then what should i do... should i just stop :(

im kind of confused, i just want to help actually, because i also waited their translation and ive waited for few months but... ;w;

55 minutes ago, Oline Oline said:

I also ever said it to admin of addicted web series, about the subbing video cos u know, there are other people who also sub it.

So why not to work on it together to save time, but the answer i got is similar as yours. Maybe they have their own reason :D

And i rarely open the FB group coz the admins are busy and rather slow to update *no offence*


i'll do my best ^^

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1 hour ago, estreline said:


thank you so much really appreciate it ^^

pls look forward to it :)



well.. about that, they said something like this ...

"as much as we appreciate everyone embracing Addicted, we prefer to work with only people we know for now, so that is the members of my team and the members of Addicted Web Series Facebook team. With this, I would like to express my apologies but we prefer to keep all our work in one place for now..."

im kind of not sure what to do too. :(

Huh. Well that's... an interesting statement >.> I guess I can understand where they're coming from in a quality control point of view but... :/

Well, you're doing great. Keep it up! :D

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42 minutes ago, ximichem said:

That's what I was talking about but it's unavailable TTATT I'm in the US and it can't be seen *bawling*

I guess an alternative of access is to use VPN~

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19 minutes ago, kakelet said:

Huh. Well that's... an interesting statement >.> I guess I can understand where they're coming from in a quality control point of view but... :/

Well, you're doing great. Keep it up! :D

im actually not sure what to do..

i just want to help for now i hope its okay with them ^^

thank you so much, i see you also translated some of them, eventhough honestly i havent read it yet since its going to be major spoiler xD

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The story of Meng Qi Qi update, YM seeks refuge from BLY is up. Read the full chapter translation here

It took me quite long to do this probably because there's no YQ and YM interactions here, haha. However YM was extra cute here :lol:.


BLY was just standing there when a huge force knocked into him suddenly and he almost fell. He looked back and YM was already hanging onto him with a panicked expression.

YM cried, “Yinzi, please save me!”

BLY put his hand back and patted YM’s back, “Come down first!”

“No, I will not come down if you don’t save me.”

“If you have anything say, can’t you get down first and say it properly?”

YM cushioned his head on top of BLY’s back, “I’m scared that you will run off once I come down!”

“Where will I run off to?”

YM was rest assured and jumped off BLY’s back finally.

“Say it.” BLY adjusted his shirt.

YM looked left and right, looking very suspicious, “That YQ from your class, does he have any illness? Lately he would pester me whenever he found an opportunity to. Not only does he pester me, he also says bad things and always finds fault with me to bring me down. It’s not right if I were to retaliate as he seems to be close to you! However if I don’t retaliate, he would keep pushing his luck, whenever the bell rings after lessons ends, he would be stationed at the back door to block me.

“YQ keeps harassing you?” BLY was puzzled.

YM hugged one of BLY’s arms with a fearful expression, “I’m telling you, he wouldn’t let me go even at this time of the day; just after the mass exercise had ended. Once he had caught me, he would not let go. Can you see? Can you see? He’s there staring at me, stalking me, this lad……”

A huge slap landed on the back of YM’s shoulder, one of YM’s legs was bent in an instance and half of his shoulder slumped.

YM had been busy guarding against YQ that he forgot there was another guy behind him that’s not one to be trifled with.

YM pinched BLY’s arm in pain.

GH scowled and pulled off YM’s arm that was around BLY, almost sending YM rolling onto the ground.

He then passed the ice-cream to BLY.


YM looked at BLY peeling open the wrappers, the smell of vanilla mixed with the chocolate coating made YM rub his hands together unconsciously, “I haven’t eaten an ice-cream for so long, come to think of it I really missed this.”

BLY smiled and took a bite and his teeth hurt from the coldness.

YM stared at the ice-cream in BLY’s hands like a greedy little kitten, he asked in anticipation,  “How’s the taste?”

GH pushed YM away, grabbed the ice-cream in BLY’s hands and gave YM a fake smile, “I’ll help you taste it.”

After saying that, he took two big bites leaving only half an ice-cream.

“It’s alright, the taste is quite nice.”

Half of it is gone; let’s see if you’re shameless enough to still ask for it.

Who would have thought, GH was met with one that was rather thick-skinned; YM waited for BLY to take a bite and extended his delicate hands. YM smiled and said, “Why don’t you let me have a taste as well.”

GH, “……”

BLY took another bite and passed it to YM, “Here, have it all.”

YM enjoyed the pleasant taste of the remaining ice-cream, eating the ice-cream very slowly on purpose and stealing a few glances at GH while he ate.


YM goes to find BLY in between lessons.


“YQ kept putting you down? Why would he put you down? What grudge does he have against you?”

“What sort of grudge is there?!” YM may be small-sized but his voice was loud, the anger rose automatically once he had started talking about YQ, “I hardly talk to him, I’ve only greeted him two times altogether, who knows what sort of craziness got into him! Now I have to run immediately once the class ends, if not he’ll block me at the school gates and forbid me from leaving.  I can accept if he beat me up but he just wouldn’t, instead he kept scolding me like a machine-gun, the contents…… I can’t describe……”

Just as he was saying, YQ came by.

YM grabbed onto BLY’s arm, looking like a kitten that had just seen a tiger, mumbling softly, “Look, look, he’s coming again, he’s gonna scold me again……”

However, YQ only smiled at BLY, completely ignoring YM.

BLY glanced at YM, “Did he scold you? Why don’t I hear it?”

YM slumped his shoulders, looking puzzled, “What’s wrong with him today, why don’t he scold me anymore?”

BLY patted YM’s head, as if coaxing a small child, “Alright, go back to your class, it’s time to study.”

“No, I have to hear the bell ring before I go back; I’m scared he’ll rush out to holler at me.”

BLY, “……”


During the next break...

The unhappiness in GH’s heart had started to dissipate during this lesson. However the bell rang and the backdoor opened, that delicate and delectable small face appeared again. This kid doesn’t know how to avoid suspicion, he still used his hands to beckon seductively, “Yinzi, come out, come on out!”

“Why are you here again?”

YM pouted, “I’m scared he’ll go to the backdoor to block me, I ran here before the next class starts.”

“He’ll not scold you if you come to find me?” BLY asked.

YM nodded fervently, “He’s only scared of you; he behaves immediately when I’m with you. Look, once I come to find you, he doesn’t leave the classroom anymore.”

 BLY replied helplessly, “So you’ll continue to come here to take refuge?”

YM understood YQ’s intentions, “Yes, if he keeps pestering me, I’ll continue to pester you.”

BLY scratched his head, “Can’t you find another place to hide?”

“I can’t!” YM shook his head, very determined, “Hiding elsewhere cannot be compared to hiding next to you; the school is only so big, he can find me no matter where I hide. Moreover I can’t hide during lessons right? Once I finish lessons, he will definitely be at the backdoor blocking and I can’t go out.”


This matter was a little hard to solve, BLY ground his teeth; the problem lies with YQ!

During self-study period, BLY tapped YQ’s back and asked him softly, “What’s the problem between you and YM?”

“YM?” YQ faked ignorance, “Who’s YM?”

“That buddy of mine! Didn’t you go with him to my house that time?”

“Ohohoh……”  YQ looked as if he had suddenly realised, “What happened to him?”

“He said you kept pestering him.”

“I pester him?” YQ shrugged, smiling helplessly, “I’m not even close to him, why would I pester him?”

YQ pulled out two pieces of tissue to wipe his nose after finishing his sentence.

BLY continued, “He said you were always blocking him at his classroom door.”

YQ looked even more surprised, “I’m blocking the door of his classroom? Isn’t he the one that’s been blocking the door of our classroom? You had seen it; did I go out for the past two lessons? Didn’t he keep running to our classroom?!”

BLY. “……”


BLY's conclusion on the matter; basically why YQ's plan didn't work in the end.


BLY heard one version from YM after class and heard another version from YQ during class but both versions didn’t sound faked. One faked pity very well while the other faked innocence very well, BLY was caught in the middle feeling very bad and there happens to be one behind that keeps creating more trouble instead of helping.

Finally they made it through to the end of school, GH was the first to open the backdoor and saw YM’s face again.

“I want to go with you!”

YM was short, his head not reaching BLY’s shoulders but he wanted to show off; wanting to hug BLY even if he had to jump.


After reaching the school gates, BLY stopped and looked at YM, “You can go home now right? He lives in the school dormitory and can’t leave the school gates, so you can go home with no worries!”

“Who says?” YM crooked his head, “He had followed me the last time I went to your house. This can’t do, I need to walk together with you!”

GH was pushing his bicycle behind BLY, waiting for him with a scowl on his face.

“Wasn’t last time a special case? He has to risk being discovered and marks deducted to come out, he also needs to spend money to stay at hotels, just to scold you; he wouldn’t would he?”

“But I still want to walk together with you.” YM was totally determined, “Us two have been walking together since kindergarten, how long has it been up till now? If not for the teacher from your previous class that was always dragging the lessons, would I have gone separate ways from you? Thinking about this make me sad, was it easy for me to walk alone on such a long road by myself?”

“Fine fine fine……” BLY patted YM’s shoulder affectionately, “Let’s walk together.”


Could the journey that YM had walked be considered as walking? He was totally dancing tango, a head turn after every three steps!

BLY could not look on any longer, “YM, what on earth is wrong with you? I had asked YQ and he said he hadn’t look for you at all. He’s not at all close to you and says it’s you that’s trying to sow discord and ruin his relationship with me!”

“B***s*** (x4) !!!! YM shouted, “A**h***! Really f***ing a**h***!”

BLY had finally realised, there’s something wrong with both YM and YQ; YQ must have harassed YM, without doubt, but it was not as exaggerated as YM had described. YQ may have found YM fun to play with and only wanted to tease him. However YM can’t be teased; he will take whatever others say seriously. Thus it had created this problem.

“Ehhem…… we’ve reached your house, go in.” BLY gave the back of YM’s head a pat.

YM was still looking around warily; he stood at the door to observe a few rounds till he was sure there was nobody around before stepping inside with relief.


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4 hours ago, kakelet said:

@estreline Nice to see you're getting the ball rolling for the novel translations! Thanks for your hard work! Have you considered teaming up with JustBLThings though? Because, well, at the end of the day there's going to be two versions of the same novel since they're still continuing the project... It would probably save everyone involved a lot of time and effort? (Just asking though! ^^)

Actually I've tried contacting the admin, as I wanted to help translating the novel. But I think they are very busy. I've been wanting to translate it since early March, but got no confidence LOL. Thanks God @estreline decided to translate the novel! Happy to be able to work with her! Gotta admit that she's a fast translator :D

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20 minutes ago, Petrova said:

Good Morning!!!

Sexy JingYu TIMESS !!! 

  Reveal hidden contents



holy richard simmons we need a moment to appreciate those thighs!!!

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14 minutes ago, BLFANS said:

still remember this school <3 ?

I wonder after the ban, can they still filming at this school for season 2?:confused:

oh @estreline hello there. Hahaha i'm one of your insta fan hehe :). Oh and thank you very much for the novel translation too.

@shuwei thanks a lot for that new chapter translation. Bly really is hot mess when he's drunk .

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just a shot in the dark but does anyone have a list of chai jidan's written works and timeline? like is addicted her most recent story or she has written other things since then? i never really read original bl but my world has been changed after reading addicted...

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These should be my hands caressing ZZ's hair:wub: (IG spamming)




ZZ as a military commando in a fictious Korean drama 



Can somebody photoshop JY instead of that chick ASAP???!!!:tears:



Fan art (credit to the author)



(edit: I hit back button upon posting it and I was taken to the Counterattack thread...what the richard simmons?)

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Maybe it's just me, but I always laugh so, so much whenever GH/JY do a little run in the series. He looks ridiculous! He sort of bounces and sways his head, in contrast to his otherwise big and burly ways. I find it inexplicably funny.  /Random


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Update on Zhouzhou's songs in http://pop.weibo.com/#data_trend

-  Moonlight #3 in trend 

-  Dust #8 in trend

-  Walk slowly #18 (from #22) in trend

Keep on streaming! For Zhouzhou!!!

Moonlight's performance is good but not as strong as Walk Slowly in its first week. Is there any promotion for these songs? Or maybe ZZ's management deliberately limits ZZ's presence in public these few days so we are starving for him and anxiously waiting for any news, then they'll hit us with the MV? If that is so...





ZZ as a military commando in a fictious Korean drama 

Ohhh yess... I reallllyyy could see ZZ in action there. However, with Chinese govt's warning against DotS, I don't think that will likely happen :( 


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Wish for Sunday to come quickly and JY's Super show to air...

Wanna watch more of my boys...

It is a slow and sluggish day for updates but I did see JY's new photo shoot in shorts skate boarding.

Hope this link works... JY as usual looks awesome ...


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One more 'feeding' for the shippers tonight!

Astrological Analyzations - part 3

Mercury Aspects



*JY Mercury sextile ZZ Venus: Few areas of real conflict,encourage each other's talents & creative aspirations, genuine mutual sympathy & affection

JY Mercury square ZZ Mars: Friction between Mars' impulsive, aggressive behavior & Mercury's more rational, reasonable approach, stressful misunderstandings & sudden quarrels

JY Mercury conjoin ZZ Jupiter: excellent for all types of partnerships, agree on educational, religious, & legal matters, & travel, much general goodwill, humor & understanding.

JY Mercury trine ZZ Saturn: comfortable, steadying effect on each other, indication of a long lasting relationship & rare mental compatability, Saturn is more mature than Mercury (again, ZZ over JY)

ZZ Mercury square JY Venus: minor annoyances & disagreements, must attempt to understand & tolerate divergent outlooks & behaviors

ZZ Mercury square JY Mars: see above. another double aspect, another flip-flop

ZZ Mercury conjoin JY Jupiter: see above, AND AGAIN a double aspect

ZZ Mercury trine JY Saturn: see above. AND AGAIN!!! (okay, even I can't argue anymore)


Venus Aspects



Venus trine Venus: tend to express affection similarly, greatly increases harmony, comfortable companionship & mutual sympathy

*JY Venus sextile ZZ Jupiter: both are blessed with better than average good health, optimism, & self confidence, because they bring it out in each other. Others feel it is a pleasure to be around these two, because they just make others feel good about themselves as well

*JY Venus sextile  ZZ Saturn: a mutually beneficial & long lasting relationship, helps gentle controversies, overwhelming amount of pure trust in each other. Venus will often feel more protected than possessed by Saturn

*ZZ Venus sextile JY Mars: a "peaches & cream" vibration, emotional harmony. (possibility of Venus not paying enough attention to Mars & Mars becoming a bit jealous, impetuous, or bossy - @gayyoxx I'm giving this bit for you...hint, hint)


Mars Aspects



JY Mars trine ZZ Jupiter: as a team has a rare ability to achieve prosperity & financial security together, complement each other very well in all things

JY Mars trine  ZZ Saturn: joint endeavors will run serenely & smoothly, best natures are brought out of both.

ZZ Mars sextile JY Jupiter: same as, though slightly less intense, as JY Mars trine ZZ Jupiter above (basically, another double aspect!)

ZZ Mars opposed JY Saturn: Mars can be overly aggressive & impetuous causing Saturn to scold or hinder Mars for Mars' own sake, though Mrs won't realize this. If Mars rebels, it can cause Saturn to become physically ill


Jupiter & Saturn Aspects



ZZ Jupiter square JY Saturn: possible financial issues, creative differences. Jupiter should be thankful for Saturn's comforting reliability & protectiveness, Saturn should be thankful for Jupiter's idealism & clown like humor.





One interesting note: Both JY & ZZ's charts are what are known as basket charts. The majority of luminaries are in 1/2 of the signs (6 consecutive), with only 1 or 2 in the other half. One aspect of a basket chart is that the person tends to be secretive, unwilling to reveal their inner selves.

Edited by sohocomo
forgot **
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