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ZZ is such a talented actor, I hope he finds more work soon^^. I love to see ZZ and JY in a ancient chinese drama, be it wuxia or yanxia----With fighting and all :)!!!!! Yeah hope ZZ's drama will be out, ugggh taking so long. I wanna see him in Full House.

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Bear with me, this is going to be one of my long post.   There has been many analysis on this, but I do believe that they both have mutual affection for each other.  ZZ is harder to read, but I t

Hi friends, I'm a HEROIN & YuZhou fan from Beijing China. Another Chinese fan introduced this forum to me (not sure if he has an account here) and I have been trying to read through this thre

What else? Well... let's hear from the top posts then 为什么其他耽美演员能同台,同秀恩爱,因为都是假的。为啥他俩同个框就搞得世界末日一样,因为他俩是真的 Why is it that other BL actors can be seen together and act like a couple? Because it'

Just wanted to say, YOU ARE A TOP STAR, TUZICR! Thank you for all your updates on our boys! Hugs and kisses to you lol...:kisslevel: and to say 'hi' to everyone on Soompi.  Thank you always to Soompi, this YuZhou forum! It's a 'treasure' to all YuZhou fans (new fans, especially, for the history of our boys) for updates and info on our boys.   Old fans like me haven't forgotten about you, Soompi!:heartxoxo:  Keep up the good work, keep up this YuZhou love journal!:foryou:

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It's really going to turn out to be a very good year for XWZ. I am a new fan. I was watching Midsummer is Full of Love because I recognised Yang Chaoyue and then I realised the male lead acted very well, which then led me down the rabbit hole of googling about him, which then led me to watching Addicted (and everything else including BTS and interviews)... oops. I just wanted to say that I think he will gain a lot more new fans this year because you have someone like me stumbling on Addicted because of his current dramas. 


Thank you for this Soompi love letter dedicated to the two boys. I started on Page 500 and it was like going back in time. I knew what was going to happen (the ban, erasure from variety shows etc) so I read the forum with a heavy heart, knowing it was going to be heartbreak. I hope we don't ever lose these pages. 


I am convinced Yuzhou are still very close and I get the feeling from reading Weibo that the boys love their CP fans because it means they are both loved equally without a war between them. I am sure we (international crowd) are all puzzled about the Chinese fandom - the fans seem to enjoy creating trouble and wars between different celebrities without giving thought to their idol's feelings.


Love to all!

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Hello everybody!

I have been bit more busy, but still following Yuzhou around :wub:

And boy, are JY and ZZ "on fire"!


1. ZZ Mayang Street premiere in October.

As far as I know the episodes are being uploaded on Youku youtube channel, but so far no subs :(

One Yuzhou fun "fact": as the drama is taking place is 1980s in Guangdong province and that ZZ character Ou Xiaojian is an undercover cop, cpfs say he is actually LI Fei's father (Li Fei is JY character in the Thunder drama) :D

Here comes the "evidence":

(photo spoiler, cr. weibo, cos i dont know who posted it)





At the occasion of the drama premiere ZZ held a livestream. Originally it was supposed to start before the drama broadcast on that day but was delayed, so many zz fans watched zz live instead of the drama. But ZZ livestreams are always fun and worth to watch.

This particular one was via Yizhibo app, so cpfs were sending zz special "gifts" ;)

(see spoiler, cr. me from yizhibo app)






2. ZZ JD livestream

Another successful livestream was ZZ online selling event for JD (JD is a big online platform and this event was for their "online supermarket" account). ZZ spent almost 4 hours there, which is really a lot of work!

It was fun, if I have some time later, I will post some screenshots of ZZ.

The reason I am saying this is cos ZZ showed up in a brand new BAPE Pikachu hoodie. It doesnt get any more yellow than that :loolz:

see spoiler, cr. screenshot by me from JD app




ZZ has a history with a full-yellow Pikachu sweater that recently has been showing up at JY events.

First it was at JY FIla activity in Beijing on 16th October where one of the cpfs was wearing it and made it to the group photo with JY (i cannot find a good pic, i only have a very low quality screenshot from the livestream). And then showed up at Oversize Love road show event in Beijing on 27th October. This time is was a cpf male fan, who got picked to ask a question to JY

(see spoiler for screenshot from livestream. its dark but its there)




So, whatever activity JY gonna have next, I am expecting at least one cpf to show in the new ZZ pikachu hoodie :lol:


3. JY Oversize Love film premiere

Finally after Wild Grass movie we got to see the Alice movie and JY Han Bing character.

I went for a movie organized by our local cpf group, which is always fun as we dont need to be all silent and can go oooh and wooow anytime we want (just wondering what the ppl who pass by our cinema hall are thinking if they hear us :joy:)

Two pics from our cinema promo "booth" in spoiler, cr. me





The movie is funny but gets bit "darker" with few emotional scenes both by JY and Guan Xiaotong.

Good news! JY shows up on screen just a couple of minutes into the movie (might now seem like a big deal, but those who have seen Wild Grass know what im talking about :ph34r:)

The most fun part for me what when all three main characters are in the sceens together - Han Bing the Music Guru, Alice the Princess from Wonderland, and Chris the Superstar.

I dont think that is any spoiler to say that Han Bing secretly likes Alice, while Alice is trying to get closer to Chris. Han Bing is sabotaging their dates and any time they spend together working. So there are tons of meaningful looks and glances between Han Bing and Alice and then Han Bing and Chris :lol:


The movie has english subs, so i think they were planning to release internationally. Hopefully when the situation is better and overseas cinemas open again, the movie can be released. If not, then definitely next year Tokyo International Film Festival is waiting :lol:

(since JY Operation Red Sea, all JY movies are screened there as part of special China Week segment. This year on top of JY movies, ZZ Rookies movie was added to the list :wub:)


4. JY Something Just Like This drama premiere

This is brand new info. JY new drama shall start broadcast on iQIYI on 8th November. Previously it was knows as "We Are Young".

JY character poster in spoiler, cr. drama weibo




Hopefully the drama will be released on the international version of iQIYI app with eng subs. I will check once the drama is out. Recently both WeTV (tencent) and iQIYI dramas are released in sync with their Chinese releases and have subs from the very beginning, so good luck to us!


Happy streaming everyone!:heart:

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Happy New Year everybody!

Lets hope 2021 will bring more happiness and less worries to all of us :allgoodlol:

Great news to begin with. ZZ Dear Mayang Street has started the upload on Youtube with Eng subs.

Its on YoYo English channel, the playlist link is HERE

They release one episode every Thursday to Sunday, currently at ep.6.

Please remember to give likes and post positive comments about ZZ.


First episode link in the spoiler.




I checked Douban (Chinese drama/movie review app), Mayang Street scored 6.4 points, JY Something Like This 6.9 points.

See spoiler for printscreen from Douoban





I would say both quite good results. These days, pretty much anything above 5 is a relative success.


End of the year brought two extra Yuzhou livestreams, JY with Viya for Nivea on 26th December and ZZ for Watson's Makeup Miracle on 29th December.


ZZ livestream was rather brief, he just logged in from Hengdian where he has been filming City of Streamer for the last couple of months. The two girls did all the lipstick, makeup selling before and after. There was also a lottery for ZZ-related products, some posters, stickers, a special photo album. Usually they ask fans to write some specific phrase in the comment, then they take a screenshot and who got captured, they get the prize.

See one "wondering" ZZ in spoiler.



Girls were showing ZZ stickers, asking him if he has seen them before. ZZ said he hasnt :lol:

They also said that ZZ has many cute nicknames given to him by his fans, like Xu Jiu Jiu ("jiu" is the chirp sound that a bird makes) or Xi Wa Zi. Thats a particularly funny one. Its a play on ZZ name's initials X-W-Z and it means "Wash Sock(s)".

The most funny thing is that these nicknames are yuzhou cpf's nicknames :phew:

Correspondingly to ZZ Wash Socks nick, JY got Hua Jiao You, which means "Sichuan pepper oil".


Once again we saw ZZ in his outfit and hairstyle for City of Streamer. Seems the drama is not that "secretive" when it comes to spoiling some minor things, they even regularly update their weibo official account with new photos and clips, which is definitely nice. Compared for instance to JY latest drama, which they dont even dare to officially announce the cast names.


JY Viya livestream was more fun than the actual product selling, it was rather unexpected, but why not.

Ms.Viya (she did a livestream for charity with ZZ before) prepared with Nivea and JY team quite many interesting activities and JY seemed to enjoy himself.

Few JY laughing screenshots moments in spoiler





I tried to find if anybody posted the full livestream on Youtube to give few notes about what was going on there, but didnt manage to find any. Maybe everybody busy with Christmas and New Year celebrations. I will check later again.


For New Year's Eve, we got JY on CCTV (pre-recorded) and then live on DongFang TV (if no change there, JY Lucky to Meet You drama should be broadcasted there, eventually) and ZZ on JiangSu TV that he especially flew to Macao for.

For once, it was easy to keep an eye on both livestreams as the online platforms were showing them all in one place and it was easy to switch from one to another. Even included program lineup list.

Screenshot from iQIYI by me in spoiler




There is JY DongFang channel and right next to it ZZ JiangSu channel. The best thing about the Jiangsu TV New Year program was that the theme was "Whale", I kid you not :fiercebunny:

On top of that, ZZ traveled to Xinjiang province in September to shoot for a travel program (at that occasion ZZ also filmed the Welcome to this world MV). Now the travel program has just been officially announced, ZZ episode will be representing Karamay city and look at what ZZ got next to the city name ( 克拉玛依 in Chinese) on the official poster...:lol: (see spoiler, red highlight is Karamay, original pic taken from the program official weibo)




The program will start airing on 5th January on Youku and apart from Karmay there will be other cities presented by other ppl, so lets see which episode will be ZZ.

Unfortunately, unlike Tencent and iQIYI, Youku doesnt have international app that comes with subs, so  lets see if we get lucky or not.


So, while ZZ has been "whaling" around, guess who felt bit "cat-like" :happydance:

No spoiler, this needs full exposure :D


cr. JY weibo.

Looks like after full BJJ training session JY hasnt been feeling "dog-tired" as one might say, but rather more like "the cat that got the cream".


Isnt it fun to be a Yuzhou fan?:wub:


Take care everybody!

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I joined soompi forums because someone on youtube said that it's where the yuzhou fans are, and I needed this after binging addicted 2 days ago. Going into the drama I would not have thought that I would fall so hard for these two. And I regret not believing in people saying that "after addicted no other bl dramas could compare." It made me so sad when there was nothing beyond episode 15, and hearing that the actors were banned from working together. I hope they could continue filming (ofc with the og cast) very soon. The people that banned this most likely do not know how much of an affect it has on addicted lovers.


I've heard a lot of addicted fans in China were publicly outraged by the ban. And still nothing happened? I could only hope views on LGBTQ+ get more widely accepted there. And maybe this drama can continue, and more BL drama come out.


I know that there are a lot more addicted and yuzhou fans out there that might not know about this forum (thankfully I came here after coincidentally seeing a comment under another comment of a fan edit youtube video), but I think staying united and connected will abate the sadness of the ban. If there are any other platforms (like discord?) for not only addicted discussions, but just BL/LGBTQ+ drama lovers please let me know.


-Recent but passionate Yuzhou Fan 

Edited by Makoe
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Hello everybody!


and welcome to the new yuzhou fan @Makoe , its nice to see there are new people joining the fandom.

You can check out Bummie blog for all kinds of Yuzhou updates, both old and new at Yuzhousky . Bummie is a real treasure :heart4:

The day-to-day Yuzhou "business" is happening mostly on Instagram.  I am not much active there as I am more on Weibo platform, but from the accounts, you can start with Bearology or go through the yuzhou/jy/zz/addicted hashtags and found accounts you like. There are also active accounts on Twitter and Facebook, but at the moment I am not active there at all, so cant give you pointers. Maybe somebody else can help with that.


Re current situation of BL dramas in China. There are many original BL novels that are getting adapted to dramas, but to be able to be broadcasted they need to cut all the BL stuff. At the same time you can find new Asian BLs dramas being made and broadcasted by WeTV, which is the international branch of Chinese Tencent company.


I personally dont see much changes to happen in the near future in China, but the most important is that both JY and ZZ are on the rise and their careers are flourishing.

ZZ still hasnt got his big break (meaning in the after-Addicted era), because eventhough his previous drama were quite well-received he still hasnt experienced the "big boom" that would make him "visible" to the public audience. JY got that wider recognition by first Operation Red Sea movie and then as Li Fei in The Thunder drama. Thunder has been pretty much on all the TV stations in China, some even more than once (like national CCTV) and I just saw a recent post that Thunder will be released on DVD in Japan.

The next big "hopeful" for ZZ is his historical drama Datang Mingyue (I dont think it got an English name yet). Based on the rumors the broadcast should start as soon as 27th January, but its NOT OFFICIAL, so please keep open mind, it can change as always, but lets keep fingers crossed.


JY Dear Military Uniform has been in the status of about-to-be-broadcasted since end of last year, the latest info (also unofficial) puts it at the beginning of February.

ZZ also successfully finished filming City of Stream drama from the republican era on 15th January, which visually, based on what the drama side has been releasing, looks also very promising.

One pic from the filming wrap up with ZZ holding a duster :D

cr. Sophia_26




For the next ZZ and JY projects, nothing definite yet. JY has finished filming his latest drama in mid-January and since then there are new dramas and movies rumors flying left and right everyday. So lets wait whats gonna stick in the end.

For ZZ, I havent heard anything, but ZZ schedule is quite packed with activities, so its not like ZZ got nothing to do :gangnamstyle:


Meanwhile JY has recorded for Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) Gala for Beijing TV, looking happy in the yesterday's interview, cr. 剧淘APP




JY also made a recording for his home province Liaoning TV.

ZZ should be heading for Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala on 25th, but its not official, everybody is guessing its Beijing TV cos ZZ studio schedule only said "TV" without specifying which TV station. BIG fingers crossed we get both Yuzhou on the same program:rolleyes:

ZZ already recorded for Shandong TV in Qingdao. That was quite funny because on 16th JY flew FROM Qingdao to Shenyang while on 17th ZZ flew TO Qingdao from Shanghai.

Eventhough it was a close "miss", no biggie as both Yuzhou were in Shanghai as ZZ returned to Shanghai on 19th and JY didnt leave Shanghai until 21st.


One sweet Yuzhou hint to finish with.

The pic is a screenshot from a video that compiles Yuzhou hints for 2020.

First I thought the scenery just looks similar, but I checked with my friend and she says it really should be the same place.

cr. 鱼姐喵



JY is from the filming the promo video for Chase Me show and ZZ is from the living alone (让生活好看) reality show :happydance:

Full video on youtube, see the spoiler. cr. 宇宙糖果屋





ZZ and JY had mega livestreams, I will try to post something about those separately.


Take care everybody!


Edited by tuzicr
typos fixed
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Hello everybody!


Great, great news! ZZ historical drama has really started the broadcast


It airs on Hunan TV in their prime time (starts around 8-9pm local time, depending how the TV schedule fits) and Youku releases the same eps at 10pm.

Even better, we already have an official Youtube channel that has loaded up the first episode yesterday, its China Zone and the English name of the drama is "Weaving a Tale of Love".

See link to the EP1 in the spoiler.



No ENG subs yet, but I hope as of now its a work in progress. To help speed it up, please go and leave a comment asking for the channel to add subs, so they can see many people are really excited to watch this drama

Less than 24 hours since China Zone released the ep 1 and it already accumulated over 80k views! its an amazing start.



The first two episodes were about the "beginning of the story" so to speak, so we got the junior version of ZZ and Nazha (the lead female actress). Tonight we should see the grown-up version.

Based on the preview, ZZ character Pei Xingjian will be drinking and doing some calligraphy :lol:


Here comes Pei Xinjian Jr.

(screenshot from Hunan TV by me)





and here is ZZ as General Pei Xinjian

(cr. ZZ studio)




The costumes are amazing, I really think those dark shade colors fit ZZ so much. Also he seems to have many different sets of clothes :rolleyes:


Based on the statistics, the  drama has had a really good start, so I hope we keep going up from here :wub:


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after all these years... this thread is still alive? hahaha



I still remember when everyone was still looking for YuZhou hints... from the airport to the zoo to the keychains to the cap.... they connect everything

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