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Just began watching this show after being recommended in this forum. Does this have a s2 or is it just the 15 episodes of s1? So far I'm lolling with the classroom shananigans lmao Is there any meaning to offering paper towel to someone? Is it considered romantic?

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On 11/17/2019 at 10:18 PM, AnniaD said:

Does this have a s2 or is it just the 15 episodes of s1?

Yes, its 15 episodes in total. and hours and hours of BTS :P


Lots has been happening in Yuzhou world and I had no time to post pretty much anything about it here :sweatingbullets:


1. ZZ My Girlfriend drama

After the cheesy trailer, the drama itself turns out to be very funny and many scenes and sub-plots are truly original. ZZ is delight to watch and finally (compared to Love Evolution) he can showcase way more of his acting skills. In China the release was limited to Youku platform (at least so far I havent seen any notice about a TV station picking it up), but we got international release on Viki, special broadcast in Thailand, on We TV and even Youtube channel with ENG subs (link to the first ep. in spoiler).




2. ZZ Birthday Concert

Unfortunately, this year I havent had the chance to go myself and there was no official livestream, so it was all about cpfs on-site reporting and many were trying to run a livestream or at least sharing videos and photos. ZZ had a great selection of awesome costumes that I was bit missing last year :wub: My friend said that at the concert ZZ said next year he will probably get bigger venue and probably Beijing again.

On the other hand, JY will not hold a fanmeeting for his birthday due to working commitments, but many were hoping for some kind of livestream. Now it looks like JY will have ECCO event in Shenyang on 30th, so lets see about that.

The birthday boys :rolleyes:(no spoiler, cr. on the pic)



3. ZZ Our Songs show

After the "famous" Shake It Up dancing show last year, ZZ has returned to Dongfang TV to participate in singing show "Our Songs" (direct translation). The format loosely copy the Shake it up. We have two groups, A and B. First two episodes were group A, where there is ZZ. There was the blind pairing of the young contestants with their senior mentors/coaches, followed up by the second episode where they were singing duets. The idea seems to be pairing the "old" with the "new" in terms of music. So far, ZZ has followed his partner Mr.Fei in both song selections and style of singing, but he said he will bring more of his own style (rock) to their cooperation.

In the second episode, the first round of votes are by audience present which is grouped by age - ppl born in 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. My friend said most of them are music professionals, rest are fans. In total 261 eligible votes. There were also additional points allocated by the opposing teams (10 point each). The result of the two rounds was that ZZ was in the third place.

Episode 3 and 4 was the same for the group B. Next week should be "battle" between A and B group, but not much is known about the rules, so we have to wait and see.

See spoiler, ZZ and Mr.Fei in preparation enjoying what seems to be sushi and cakes :D (cr. ZZ studio)

As everybody probably knows by now Mr.Fei made special appearance on JY Let Go of My Baby. Cant forget how the guys were watching Mr.Fei sleeping and afterwards stealing the bed linen :lol:



Ep.1 Youtube official channel



Ep.2 Youtube official channel



I know that its hard to watch without subs, but just listen to ZZ songs, like the videos and leave nice supportive comments. Thank you!:wub:


4. JY Feel the World program

JY traveling adventures in Australia from iQIYI. So far 2 episodes aired and iQIYI is releasing them with Eng subs, so thats an easy one!:) Simon (his father actor from Thunder drama) is taking JY from one fun activity to another and JY really seems to be enjoying. And bonus, as with Let Go of My Baby, we get to see JY napping. my favourite :phew: I dont want to spoil all that content, go watch it for yourself, its worth it! ;)

Just one pic in the spoiler to kinda set the mood (cr. on the pic)




5. JY Chase Me show

JY  new variety show with "sports" theme. No eng subs that I am aware of, but rather easy to watch as the whole premise is one person/team chasing the other. There is the permanent crew that JY is part of (together with Chen Waiting, Fan Chenchen, Song Zuer and after temporary of permanent change another girl from the girls band Rocket girls). For every episode we get special celebs guests and some pro-athletes. They mix up the teams, sometimes its one on one battle, sometimes its relay.

The mini games in between are usually to add time advantage for the running team.

I heard there should be 12 episodes in total, so with one episode every week, that will keep us entertained throughout the whole December :w00t:

JY gets to compete with or against some of his "friends", such as Li Chen in the latest episode. My friend told me he and JY have known each other for quite many years, when JY was still modelling. He is the one that JY got into the BJJ style fight in the tear-the-name-tag game, which turns out rather fierce :crazy: In so far unreleased episode we have the tough girl from Operation Red Sea, we also have NanNan from Let Go of My Baby (I read some comments that JY picked up NanNan by one hand in style of picking up his female costar in We Are Young drama. and also that JY helped NanNan to get out of the balls pool after he fell in there.).

Link to  Ep.1 on Youtube official ZheJiang TV channel in spoiler.



The filming is quite difficult, they usually record during the night till early morning. You can see that it was even raining heavily and was rather cold. JY was also sick during some of the recording.

There is the famous "joke" about JY have muscle cramps in his butt after running. After Chen Waiting finished his run, he said he is like Huang Jingyu, got the butt cramps as well :sweatingbullets: which they followed up with JY giving CWT a birthday cake with photo of said CWT complaining about his butt:D


I got more stuff, but as this post is getting rather long, so I stop here with the "whats on Yuzhou TV"  segment ;)

Happy watching everybody!

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I got hooked on BL after The Untamed!!! I looked around, and got ADDICTED^^!!! Really like the storyline, acting and funny bits from this short drama. Although GH is crazy in the drama, but his chemistry with LBY can't be denied. They are just made for each other!!! JYJ and ZZ actors are the OTP for this show; I can only see them as BLY and GH :)!! GH is handsome, muscular and manly looking; while BLY is more cute, handsome and pretty looking. So, their looks complement each other; and puts their personality together; then there is a disaster for masterpiece; they are both crazy and hilarious!! I started reading the chapters, and OMG it is way more juicier in there!!! I hope there is a season 2!!!!! Sadly, the original actors probably won't start in season 2 because of how popular and hotness the drama got from season 1!!! If there is a season 2, as long as they can find similar looks to ZZ and LBY; then I think that's good enough^^. 


edit: I started reading the BL novel 1 and it's soo good!!! I watched their fan meeting and BTS, and it's just so funny!!! I never knew I would like BL this much lol!!! Addicted 2 would be a dream come true!!! Hopefully Taiwan can pick it up!!!! 

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