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Hey guys,

Can anyone, please, tell me what's the name of ZZ's and JY's managers/assistants? I've forgotten:wacko:. I guess one of them is Li Hao, but which one I can't remember. It'd of much help. Thanks.


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Guest skeletonworks

@jingyuzhou Jingyu has followed Justin Bieber for quite some time (even before he started following his zombie co-star that pretty lady).


@pygmalion30 I would just like to add more to bearo's answer since I'm so excited for his new movie.



The movie is called Operation Red Sea by Dante Lam. I heard from my friend that this director tends to cast manly actor so Jingyu is definitely a perfect fit (tall & manly) and on top of that this movie is a military theme. His previous work is Operation Mekong, which starred Eddie Peng, who's also very manly :wub:

It seems that this movie is gonna be bigger than Guns & Kidney and it's possible that it's gonna be shown here in Malaysia as well since Operation Mekong was also shown here. I don't think I'd be able to see Guns & Kidney in Malaysian cinema though.

It's a sin if Jingyu is not topless in this movie :tongue:


@estreline updated her IG and said that all her translation of Addicted/Shangyin have been deleted/removed because someone cruel reported her!!!!! She said she had no back up on some of the chapters!!!! :bawling: So if anyone has saved a copy of each chapter that she has translated, please let us know. We can't let her work goes to waste :-(

28 minutes ago, abhishikta said:

Hey guys,

Can anyone, please, tell me what's the name of ZZ's and JY's managers/assistants? I've forgotten:wacko:. I guess one of them is Li Hao, but which one I can't remember. It'd of much help. Thanks.


@abhishikta ZZ's assistant/manager is Lihao while Jingyu's assistant/manager is Liu Zheng. Sometimes there's also Xiao Han.



Jingyu so dorky in this livestream!!!

(Cr. Johnny Global Resources / Johnny黄景瑜全球资源站 on Weibo)



saehan updated her tumblr that she has setup a wordpress where she'd post all her translations of the novel. She said she'd upload to Wordpress first, then Tumblr. So if you want instant update from her, I suggest you subscribed to her wordpress blog.

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@abhishikta lol! Nice depiction. I can totally see it. In terms of who wears the pants in this relationship (I think) it's ZZ. But when it comes to serious matters both gets a say in something. Abbie, both YZ's assistant/PA have fans now too. 

@bearology I've seen that Hashtag! I wasn't sure though if that was the hashtag but will be using it when I get back to Weibo. 

@skeletonworks I'm not sure but I think I've seen a teaser trailer for the Operatuon Red Sea. So are they in the process of filming it now? But it's coming out this year? If this is really going to be bigger than Guns and Kidneys, then I hope I get to see this here in at least one of the movie theater near in my area.

Thanks for the link of the livestream. JY is so cute here and so handsome like a King, just like his Surname. He looks like one too with his jacket fur on. Like a Viking or Mongolian tribe leader outfit. 

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ZZ weibo update

Translated by Ryo:

(PS: the images and the words seriously doesn't match!) Happy new year! A late new year blessing from me [笑哈哈] A new year, a brand new start [笑哈哈] In the year 2017, I hope to improve together with the people I love and the people who love me, everything goes well [笑哈哈]
The xu weizhou who really can't take selfies is hereby giving everyone a scenery photo, please kindly accept it [二哈]

Note: Everything goes well (事事顺利) is a chinese idiom. 

The group chat photo.

Title of his group chat: "Zhou meow's cattery"

ZZ: I didn't take a good photo again

ZZ: -video clip-

ZZ: can I just send the scenery?

ZZ: -image-

(Ps:图文严重不符!)新年快乐!我在这里给大家拜一个晚年[笑哈哈]新的一年,全 新 的 开 始[笑哈哈]2017年希望能与我爱的人们和爱我的人们共同进步,事事顺利[笑哈哈]




许魏洲FanClub weibo update






触不到的TA weibo update



Today ZZ flew to Sanya with his mom and dad. Family trip?


Cr 洲洲睡粥粥




Cr 到此为止的白色


Throwback Shangyin


Cr 耿直鱼与谦逊喵










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Guest skeletonworks

Did anyone read the latest chapter of Shangyin translated by Saehan??? Here: Ch188: Challenging The Two Forces

OMG SO MUCH FEELSSSSSSSSS!!!!! I feel like crying reading the sacrifice Guhai and Bai Luoyin made T_T It's too much!!!!!


Yin Zi, you must stand your ground! You’re my beloved wife that I am most proud of. No one can fight against you. No one can threaten you. You cannot disappoint me. - Guhai

“Gu Hai! Gu Hai, listen to me and you listen well! Starting from today on, every day that you sleep in this tunnel, I will sleep at the side of the road. Every day that you don’t eat or drink, I will not eat nor drink either. Between the two of us, whoever agrees to this compromise first, that person is a fucking asshole!!” - Bai Luoyin


188 chapters and their love has totally solidified. None wants to be apart from each other and rather endure this torture( TДT)


It's so painful!!! Especially because I imagine Zhouzhou and Jingyu acting this scene out (ಥ﹏ಥ) It really breaks my heart... This scene is so emotional. ZZ & Jingyu would totally nail it... 

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Throwback Happy Camp


Cr My宇宙的世界








JY - Beijing to Morocco 020217


Cr tete_cake










JY and ZZ's signature (not current)


Cr 草莓冰淇淋QML

This one is for Timmy and Johnny fanbase (aiya, Jy and ZZ wrote T and J ahh LOL)



This one is for RealZone



JY's wallpaper


Cr leohild




Random fish and cat LOL


Cr 华图网校


Huhu's Huang Whale and Zhou Meow plushies travel Paris together. Awww!


Cr TJ_meow














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what!? not estreline's translation. I'm still at chapter 105. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I wanna raise hell and find who ever reported their translations on wattpad. darn it! T_T


anyways! I just saw a clip on IG from thai ver. of bts vids. it was the scene in bed. the two went to sleep (as the script) then the director told them to do something. JY reacted that the scene did not require any screwing and ZZ was preparing to sleep. lol the director replied that sonce the were cuddling they (the staff and everyone else) were expecting them to give everyone a surprise.

now this got me wondering. how many are the non-scripted surprise goodies did YZ do during filming? all I could remember was the car scene. as far as I could remember, there wasn't supposed to be a kiss scene right? it was a surprise. but JY was so into teasing ZZ of kissing him that they just did the kiss (ok the last part I just added based on the market bts).

still sad and angry about estreline's translations.

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On 03/02/2017 at 2:15 PM, abhishikta said:

@1blankstare- OMG, yes, I can totally imagine them bickering about who gets to top!:w00t:

This is how I imagined it- 

  Hide contents

JY- ZhouZhooooou, my kitty baby, my MeowMeow, pleeeeeease? Baby please?

ZZ- Nope, no way, no. 

JY- *whines* but why?

ZZ- 'cause it's Sunday. And Sunday is your turn. 

JY- But I don't wanna! I won't.

ZZ- If you break the rule, you're grounded. No touchy touchy for...two weeks. 

JY- Two bloody weeks?! Where does that rule come from?!

ZZ- I just made it up. 

JY- The hell? How can you make rules up?!

ZZ- 'cause it's Sunday and I'm the king! Now, be prepared to get drilled!:w00t:



I'm laughing at my own joke! Maybe it's time for me to get a straight jacket!:sweatingbullets:


LOL... Abbie, you're just too funny..lol...so amusing you! Love u! LOVE this wee drama of YuZHou 'bickering on who gets to top' hahaha...you're brilliant..! a natural expressionist! ;()))0...goodnite you! lol....xxx

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@skeletonworks hey, I have saved some of @estreline's translations but only for chapters 85-105. I started saving those to read offline because I only have random free time these days. anyway, if it's needed I can send it. it's not much though, but I hope it helps.

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XWZ Fanclub Weib update

LOL ZZ!! What are you doing!!!!



JY - Trailer for 芭莎大咖秀



ZZ - 悦己女性网 (Ad for Lexus)








JY - Arriving Beijing 020217


Cr Hyukira










Fanart by 呼呼花- 



Fanart by Hako缺魚粥




Fanart by tuh_high_la






Random ZZ


Cr [粥粥欢喜洲洲]





Another FMV


This if the gif ZZ used in his chat (yesterday web update) LOL


Cr 瓜皮的id酱  



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11 hours ago, lovehaiyin said:

LOL... Abbie, you're just too funny..lol...so amusing you! Love u! LOVE this wee drama of YuZHou 'bickering on who gets to top' hahaha...you're brilliant..! a natural expressionist! ;()))0...goodnite you! lol....xxx


Honey bumble!

Throwing all the ZZ and JY plushies at ya! You're such a sweetheart! Thank you so much for all the positivity you give me! In fact, your "wee" comment gave me a wee fic idea!:w00t: And if you read the last update, drop me a word. :D

Love ya, babe. Hugsies!:wub:


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This one is for @HarukoYoshi, claiming to be pure and innocent, even as she screams over certain, ahem, trails. Just a reminder haruharuharu - only ZZ can lick. :tongue:

@gayyoxx @bearology @Scandani @skeletonworks @ryokise @tea4two @abbraccio91 @ximichem @kmmyzz @filmlore46 @joycemay @prima13facie @gashupingo @ayasdai @liesl @aeislaeigh @charlie10

(YAY, Soompi let me tag!!! :D)




JingYu held his stomach tight. If this kept up much longer he was going to get a hernia from trying to hold in his laughter. WeiZhou obviously did not know he was being watched. If he did, he would not have been dancing around the kitchen, at least not as...flamboyantly...as he was, JingYu thought. True, the music coming from WeiZhou’s phone propped up on the counter had a distinct Latin rhythm to it, but JingYu didn’t think it was enough to warrant the full performance mode he had been witnessing the last couple of minutes. The Pikachu on the butt of WeiZhou’s loose boxers, bouncing around with every movement of his hips, did not help the matter, either. One extremely sharp thrust of WeiZhou’s hip, bumping to close a cabinet drawer in perfect rhythm with his dance, sent Pikachu shimmying uncontrollably, and finally threw JingYu over the edge.

WeiZhou jumped at least a foot, spinning around in mid-air, at the loud burst of laughter behind him. Slapping a hand to his chest, he glared as JingYu stumbled into the room, unbalanced by the cascades of laughter he had been holding in and added to by WeiZhou’s reaction.

“Damn it, JingYu!” WeiZhou exclaimed in between heaving breaths. “Scared the sh!t outta me!”

JingYu stopped and leaned against the counter, purposefully just out of WeiZhou’s reach.

“Sorry. I’m sorry,” he said, in between the continuing chuckles. “Just...Pikachu...on your *ss…”

He couldn’t continue as another wave of laughter surfaced with thinking about it. WeiZhou silently glared at him, slightly embarrassed at the fact that JingYu had caught him dancing, until he thought about what JingYu was saying. Absently grabbing the back of his boxers, WeiZhou realized what he must have looked like to JingYu. It was funny, he thought, smiling to himself, but he wasn’t going to admit it.

“So glad I could amuse you,” a kitchen towel thrown at JingYu’s chest emphasizing the faked annoyance in WeiZhou’s voice.

JingYu caught the towel before it fell to the floor and tossed it onto the counter. It had been slightly damp, and the cold of it hitting his chest had sent a small shock through him. Though the room was warm, his skin suddenly tightened with goosebumps and he shivered. Absently, he rubbed a hand against his chest because of the chill, drawing WeiZhou’s attention.

WeiZhou stared at JingYu as the music from his phone changed from the bright, upbeat song he had been dancing to. The slower, more sultry melody enhanced his sudden mood change. JingYu had just come from the shower after working out. His hair was damp and slightly mussed, having combed through it with only his fingers. His body was still flushed pink from the heat and pounding spray of water. His skin pulled taut by the chill he had experienced emphasized the definition his recent diligence to an exercise routine had produced.  Forgetting the sandwich he had been making, WeiZhou held out his hand, his fingers itching simply to touch the perfect specimen of masculinity before him.

“Dance with me?” WeiZhou asked.

“You know I can’t dance,” Jing Yu groaned, yet grabbing WeiZhou’s hand and stepping towards him.

“You dance just fine,” WeiZhou said, ending with a small hum as JingYu’s arms wrapped around him. His own hands went around JingYu’s neck, his fingers tracing over the stubble at the base of JingYu’s hairline. “My perfect dance partner.”

“Don’t go overboard, Zhou. I know I’m clumsy and uncoordinated.”

“Says the man who can pin me in three seconds.”

“That’s different.”

“Hmm, is it?”

WeiZhou focused on the subtle angle of JingYu’s shoulders, the smooth skin slipping under his palms as his hands moved over them.  The feel of JingYu’s biceps flexing slightly under his touch highlighted the strength in the recently added muscle. WeiZhou pressed his chest against JingYu’s, verifying that while it only appeared wider than before, it was definitely much firmer. Giving in to a strange urge to explore JingYu’s physique, WeiZhou pulled the arms from around his waist and stepped around JingYu, his hand drifting over the defined muscles of JingYu’s stomach that twitched with his touch as he moved to stand behind him.

“You are built more for athleticism than artistry,” WeiZhou said matter of factly.

He ran his hands over JingYu’s shoulder blades and along his ribs, taking note of the strong angle skin and bone made towards JingYu’s waist. WeiZhou pressed his face to the nape of JingYu’s neck, small puckers of his lips accentuating his light grasp on JingYu’s waist, his thumbs smoothing along the edge of the boxer briefs clinging dangerously low on JingYu’s hips. Swaying slightly against JingYu, in time to the music, WeiZhou circled around him.

“I may be more flexible and graceful, but you have agility and power. It’s a perfect combination.”

WeiZhou said this just as he came to stand in front of JingYu again. With one hand still on JingYu’s hip, WeiZhou pressed the other to JingYu’s chest, his fingers twitching to match the heartbeat under them. JingYu inhaled deeply as he felt his blood rush in response to WeiZhou’s touch. JingYu lightly grasped WeiZhou’s upper arms, urging him closer.

“Mmm, there is that one type of dance I’m pretty good at.” JingYu grinned mischievously at WeiZhou’s questioning look. He leaned in until his lips touched WeiZhou’s ear and murmured in a soft but heavy voice, “Horizontally with you beneath me.”

JingYu half expected a playfully sharp slap to land somewhere on his body, but WeiZhou only leaned back in his arms to look him in the eye.

“You do excel at that one, I’ll agree.”

The seriousness of WeiZhou’s tone made JingYu uncertain whether he should be flattered or not. Though his face remained stoic, JingYu noticed the sparkle in WeiZhou’s eye.

“Meanie,” JingYu groaned, just before brushing his lips against WeiZhou’s in a tease of a kiss.

“Hmph, you’re the meanie, barely kissing me like that.”

WeiZhou leaned heavily into JingYu, but only pouted, his lips a mere breath from JingYu’s.

“You gonna do something about it, Zhou?” JingYu asked with a smirk. It was a subtle concession from JingYu for WeiZhou to lead the increasingly amorous dance between them.

JingYu groaned when WeiZhou dropped his head and began sucking on the sensitive spot in his neck. The pinpoint of pressure threaded its way through JingYu, causing him to sway as his toes curled. He slowly shuffled backwards until the counter stopped his movement, WeiZhou pressuring against him while he moved his lips to the base of JingYu’s throat. JingYu braced his hands on the countertop, causing his chest to push forward.

WeiZhou took advantage of the sudden protrusion, gliding his tongue down JingYu’s breast bone, then following the deep curve of pectoral muscle to one side. The barely perceptible, refreshing hint of soap enhanced the clean flavor of JingYu’s skin. WeiZhou drank it in as though having been offered a mystical drug. JingYu’s moan deepened when WeiZhou, with the tip of his tongue, traced around the seam where smooth skin transitioned to soft and silky. Inciting nerves and blood to converge and concentrate under the small patch of rosy skin, WeiZhou licked and flicked his tongue against the rising sensations shaking JingYu.

JingYu let his head fall back as WeiZhou slid his tongue back to the underside of JingYu’s pec, back towards the center of his chest, and on towards the other side. Again, WeiZhou used his tongue to pull all of the stimulating pleasures in JingYu’s body to the point of his nipple, the sound of his voice echoing the rising greed of his flesh for WeiZhou’s touch.

“Zhou, mmm, Zhou,” became a near constant chant from JingYu’s lips as WeiZhou kissed his way down JingYu’s abdomen, his hands surveying every rise and depression of definition.

JingYu had never heard of the navel being an erogenous zone, or maybe it was just that it was WeiZhou who made it so. Biting nips to the skin of his stomach drew JingYu’s focus just before WeiZhou pushed his tongue into the concave of flesh. JingYu felt the pulsating pressure not in his skin, but deep within, running from his gut to his groin, his knees buckling with the weight of the sensation. Gleefully aware of JingYu’s reaction, WeiZhou continued to press his tongue, wiggling it deeper into JingYu, his grip on JingYu’s waist being a means of support to the man melting against him.

JingYu breathed a sigh of relief when WeiZhou let off of his navel with a smooth circling of his tongue around the edge. Able to catch his breath and steady his legs, JingYu held himself upright with one hand still braced on the counter and smoothed his other hand over WeiZhou’s head, a simple caress of connection and affection. WeiZhou hummed with the touch, the vibration from his throat purring throughout JingYu’s torso as he sank farther on his knees before JingYu.

WeiZhou continued to hum as his lips followed the thin line of coarse, yet pleasingly ticklish, hair that trailed from JingYu’s navel. Lower and lower, kiss by kiss, WeiZhou imprinted himself on JingYu’s skin. His fingernails raked into JingYu’s hips as he shifted the waistband of JingYu’s briefs even lower than it already sat, pausing only at the very edge of the thin line of indecency. WeiZhou stopped his lips there as well.

JingYu lowered his head to look at WeiZhou just as WeiZhou raised his eyes and caught JingYu’s stare. Neither man flinched as WeiZhou swept his tongue side to side, the natural fringe peeking over material an alluring tingle against the smooth underside, causing WeiZhou to moan. JingYu lost the small battle of wills, his eyes closing to focus on controlling his erratic breathing. WeiZhou, with one long, smooth lick just to the right of where his lips had descended, left an erotically damp path back to JingYu’s navel.

WeiZhou abandoned himself in the taste and feel of JingYu. The clenching and quivering against his lips as he again kissed down the sensual line. The increased, intense heat on his face as he paused, the source of the heat hidden from him behind cotton. He inhaled and devoured the delectable musky essence that was definitive to JingYu, leaving another seductive, moist trail with his tongue, opposite of the one before.

JingYu groaned, his knees trembling wildly. The third descent by WeiZhou down his abdomen slowed to a literal crawl, lips and tongue meticulously measuring that road of delight. Hands that had been steadying JingYu at his waist began to draw inwards. Fingertips probed the lowest ridge of muscle while wrists scraped against thighs coiling with power, until those hands framed the hearty and exquisite swell the form fitting boxers could not control. WeiZhou tapped against cotton covered blank space, the delicate friction of fabric more lewd and arousing to JingYu than an actual touch. WeiZhou’s lips came to a rest against the base of JingYu’s abdomen. Capturing with his teeth the elastic band that blocked him, WeiZhou made several quick tugs, lengthening the drumming beats from his fingers.

JingYu gasped and growled, his lower back scraping heavily against the counter, as his knees finally gave out beneath him and he had to fight to remain standing. WeiZhou wrapped his arms around JingYu’s waist and slowly returned to his feet, his face pressed against JingYu, continued kisses and licks blazing into JingYu’s stomach and chest with the ascent. Face to face, JingYu indulged in a long, slow kiss of his own, returning to WeiZhou a mere ounce of the passion he had ignited in JingYu. Only when WeiZhou’s feet touched carpeting did he realize JingYu had been leading him in a shuffling waltz from the room.

“I want to dance with you,” was all JingYu said in response to WeiZhou’s confused look.

A sudden, frenzied tango filled the doorway, lips and limbs tangling wildly with urgency. WeiZhou reached around JingYu and flipped the light switch, plunging the kitchen into darkness.  A moment later, completely forgotten like WeiZhou’s late night snack and accompanied by the music still playing softly from WeiZhou’s phone, a pair of boxers shimmied wildly across the tiled floor. Unobserved in the dark, as the pair continued out of the room, the folds of material left Pikachu staring after them with a wicked grin.



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Today is ZZ's mom birthday 6 Feb. Happy birthday auntie! Thank you for giving birth to our dearest Zhou Zhou! I hop you are having a good time with your family! 

This is not the important point but I just realised that ZZ's mom birthday 6/2!! And last year, JY wished ZZ's mom birthday in weibo T.T

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Cute Timmy ZZ



Boy Next Door Timmy ZZ



Punk Timmy ZZ



Sexy Timmy ZZ






Sophisticated Timmy ZZ



ctto of all the pics btw. I like Punk Timmy and Sophisticated Timmy. 

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ZZ - SoFigaro精品周刊b weibo update







JY - Looks like that bracelet will be on sale but I'm not sure what is this for. Cr 故宫文化珠宝


Throwback. Feel like a life time ago. There was fan account back then that ZZ was busy acting for fans to take photos (acting emo while sitting down) and let JY take care of their luggages by himself lxhbuhaoyisi_org.gif From 你里墨兮, fan gave JY bottle of drink? but JY didn't drink it. He gave it to ZZ.

Cr 临临6622










Throwback RFT recording. Haiz, you aired this episode already. You edited them out already.....can someone please just leak their raw cams for us? bs_org.gif



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Red Sea Operation - JY's new movie update


Director: Dante Lam


The other 3 members in this team: Eddie Peng, Zhang Yi and Duan Yihong. And JY. I am not sure if theres a 5th member.




Pics cr hiyaya12345

Edit: I think finally it's official. From Sohu Movie Channel weibo. The last one in the team is Oho Ou



Edited by bearology
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