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Bear with me, this is going to be one of my long post.   There has been many analysis on this, but I do believe that they both have mutual affection for each other.  ZZ is harder to read, but I t

Hi friends, I'm a HEROIN & YuZhou fan from Beijing China. Another Chinese fan introduced this forum to me (not sure if he has an account here) and I have been trying to read through this thre

What else? Well... let's hear from the top posts then 为什么其他耽美演员能同台,同秀恩爱,因为都是假的。为啥他俩同个框就搞得世界末日一样,因为他俩是真的 Why is it that other BL actors can be seen together and act like a couple? Because it'

Did I miss  out on anything ? A little late for JY fan meeting! His must be really tire ! He looked bleary eyed! Poor Whale! My god! Ty@sohocomo for dat fanfic really needed dat! My brain going to work overtime delululu ing about! them I don't think I'm going to get sleep! :vicx: thanks again. @bearology For the tons of JY & ZZ  pics! They  r killing us  over and over again! With their stunning outfit! and looks to match! They r flaunting!:angry:

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konnichiwa~!! ❤

gosh, i missed the livestream and i'm smad at myself bc i was online at that time (watching 'em freaking animes) *sighs* anyways, is it true that the tickets were not fully sold? T^T meh, our whale still looked pretty happy so i'm glad for him ^^ (HE SHOULD REALLY COME TO MALAYSIA THO)

p.s/ i'm new here and so far i've covered page 1300 to here, thanks for u guys' fbi works lololol i'm glad there's many international fans that don't understand chinese too lol but tbh i've never regretted not learning chinese till now T^T (half-chinese here) please treat me well ^^


about yuzhou: tbh i only got truly interested in yuzhou after watching the zz's "gf" video since u guys, as cpfs, were all like "nahhhhhh faaaaake". i, myself, did think of the possibility for the video to be fake, but at the same time, i wasn't that sure either. my yz resources were only from instagram (since i didn't know that this forum existed and the yz fandom in tumblr isn't so strong lololol) and instagram was a mixture of emo-ness and faith (in yuzhou) that day lol.

honestly at first, (sorry to say this) i thought that u guys (cpfs) were just indenial or smth, which i totally understood bc i was too tbh xD so i got curious and suddenly found this forum, where i learnt so much more about them– the similar clothings and styles, their change in interests, suspicious yet convinient mia's, hy's poetic love confessions xD , etc etc etc– and i kinda doubt that video too now. 

after reading and finding out so much about them, that girl just couldn't be zz's gf. over all the prooves cpfs have found throughout the year vs a 30 secs video? and the video itself was pretty weird– zz staring at the camera's direction twice despite being in said situation, the window conviniently opened for the paparazis eventho zz is such a sneaky kitten and how could zz and his supposedly "gf" not realise they were being followed when the paparazi guys were pretty near?? idk bout other ppl but my friends once played a prank on me that involved following me which i felt by my instincts (or whatever it is that made me feel it). as a celebrity, wouldn't ur instinct be stronger? idk tho lolol

so now that i'm 85% sure it's fake, the question is: why did zz do it? i think the leak theory is the most plausible answer, since it doesn't make sense for them to purposely upload this news just before the song release (eventho it would make a ruckus if it was uploaded on jy's bday ofc but stiiiiiill) this question really intrigue my sherlock self but it's too bad i'm too dumb think of any logical theories rn xD

oh noooo i babbled too much lol i'm just excited since it's the first time i'm posting on soompi! still noob tho lol sorry for such a long + lousy post whoops xD side note: even if the rumour is true, zz doesn't deserve for his privacy to be taken! *sighs* i guess this is just the typical celeb life tho...

ok i've srsly said too much, sorry sorry sorry (important things must be said three times) and baibai ฅ'ω'ฅ


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the grammar mistakes made me insecure xD
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I can finally see Taipei fm (in bits of pieces though). For those that couldn't fully appreciate the livestream because of the lagging or missed it. (I do love and thank the livestreamers. They're awesome! Having to experience it live.)


lucky fans got to see JY so close!!! Ugh I wanna meet him in person too. (And ZZ, too. if I can I'd pinch both their cheeks but I'll probably get jj'Ed by JY lol.)

@dahliasaysmeow welcome to Shangyin Family. 


:bawling: I'm still low key waiting for Demon Girl Season 2. I wanna see JY in a drama soon.


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1 hour ago, 1blankstare said:

I'm still low key waiting for Demon Girl Season 2. I wanna see JY in a drama soon.

If I'm not wrong, Demon Girl Season 2 will air starting from Dec 30. So YES, we will be able to see JY in both drama and movie next year! Hopefully, ZZ will have some good news for us in 2017 too :) 

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5 hours ago, bearology said:

If I'm not wrong, Demon Girl Season 2 will air starting from Dec 30. So YES, we will be able to see JY in both drama and movie next year! Hopefully, ZZ will have some good news for us in 2017 too :) 

You have no idea how that make me feel!!! 2be7d58d0f39ff6b585c9e4924fc91b3.245x200


I hope we get some news about ZZ's drama too. I'm excited for him too. 2017 is looking good so far. Ugh this is good!!! (Fengmang and Englight should hurry up with finalizing the contract ZZ's drama. Maybe He's going to be working with ZhouYu? Lol hope not)

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19 hours ago, Guest ilovemyloveYZ said:
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heard/read that the ticket just sold 40% for today's fm because of zz's scandal. is that true? why? and read that zz can't/ forced not to comment about his scandal, that's why he posted about locked in dark room. so is that mean he actually want to say something about this scandal? i also saw at yt that zz and his mother followed by paparazzi when they went to bank. his car in that video looks similar in style (but i thought it's not same) with the car behind JY at his selfie few days ago.

JY looks moody (tired/ sad) yesterday. Hope he's okay and everything's going well with JY FM today.

I'm sad when this thread kinda quiet. I check this thread everyday and i love you guys so much. Please be strong dear CPF family! 




Just want to say that is simply not true. The tickets were about 85% sold, which is quite reasonable considering that "Addicted" has been off the air for almost a year. I don't think ZZ's scandal had any major impact on the FM. In fact, a majority of the audience were CPFs. The FM was still quite a success despite some very dry game segments. 


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hi my soompi babies~ sorry i have been busy lately...i missed you all.....been catching up with boss whales FM in taipei~ wow our taipei brothers and sisters are awesome! from the shangyin school uniform to the dino outfit! they are one force to recon with! hehehe.....the sweets....keep coming....honestly...not too excited....why? coz i already know in my heart boss whale and kitty zhou own each other!!!! aiyaahhhhhh!!!! boss whale singing a song used in an FMV of zz...come on nowwww!!!!!! hahahah....any updates on bro 5mileslove? is he slowing down a bit ....to prepare for a big sugarrrrr bomb?? we love you boys!!!!! we cant promise not to be shaken,,,,but we will never be stirred!!!!! we know you only have eyes for each other~ we wish both of you a better career for 2017.....im happy because im ending this year with new found friends...a new family who shares the same love and passion for our boys!!!! hope for more updates regarding our new power couple!!!!!!

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3 hours ago, gesseki said:

any updates on bro 5mileslove? is he slowing down a bit ....


He updated yesterday before Jingyu's FM started. The video posted was at 15:45, using iphone 7p, his edited video of JY singing Love Confession (the one JY sang during his birthday), I don't remember if anyone posted it in previous thread, I cannot link now :sweatingbullets: anyone? It's also upload on youtube if i'm not wrong.


Noticed that there a half-moon when JY sang it yesterday in big screenB) 

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With all the rumors, and speculations, i think YuZhou ending will be like this


Scene: *by the sea* BGM: walk slowly - zhouzhou

Zz: yup, they (media) fell for it.. where did you hire that girl to act as my gf?

Jy: Hm? connections.. got mine clear as well.. so you ready?

Zz: are you sure we are leaving?

Jy: we saved lot of money, put up businesses, our families and closest friends know about us, and of course we have each other what else could  you ask for? you still want the limelight?

Zz: No need, im satisfied of what i have achieved.. it will be a big news of us suddenly disappearing, but our tracks will be covered and there is no turning back..

Jy: yes... come to think of it, i will miss the press, the shows and movies, and safrt (a little bit) but better missing them, than missing you wifey!

Zz: there you go again....... hey how about the soompi followers? they will have no more news about us... if it weren't for them, our relationship would not grow nor last that long.... if they only knew that i fequently visit that site to make me smile and read all those weird speculations... i saved the pictures as well... if only i could thank them personally...

Jy: DON'T! we talked about this.. no communication.. we will leave everything behind, dont you know those soompis have extraordinary csi skills! it is freaking me out, let us not leave a trace.... but for a second thought, they are our fans who believed in us when everyone does not........................................... nah, they can handle themselves. let's go now wifey

Zz: where shall we go?

Jy: .......where we can freely love each other

Zz: oh jy!

Jy: Zz!

*they shared a kiss with the gentle waves of the sea as the sole witness* *background music slowly fades out*


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