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Bear with me, this is going to be one of my long post.   There has been many analysis on this, but I do believe that they both have mutual affection for each other.  ZZ is harder to read, but I t

Hi friends, I'm a HEROIN & YuZhou fan from Beijing China. Another Chinese fan introduced this forum to me (not sure if he has an account here) and I have been trying to read through this thre

What else? Well... let's hear from the top posts then 为什么其他耽美演员能同台,同秀恩爱,因为都是假的。为啥他俩同个框就搞得世界末日一样,因为他俩是真的 Why is it that other BL actors can be seen together and act like a couple? Because it'

Guest skeletonworks

The fans are playing another game.. Pop the balloon I think. Jingyu changed his clothes. Gaaahhh so handsome even cannot clearly see him hahaha

Seems they got paired up. One lucky girl got to pair with Jingyu. me so jelly!!!!!! 

One of them will get blind folded, while the other give instruction to where the blind folded one should go in order to pop the balloon.

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I'm back home. Missed some part of JY FM :dissapointed_relieved:

I think they are playing some game where 1 need to be blindfolded and the other need to tell the blindfolded person to walk and step on the balloon and need to pick up flowers on the floor

There is an auntie fan from New Zealand and a Korean fan, the other fans are Taiwan fans.

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Guest skeletonworks
6 minutes ago, 1blankstare said:

@gashupingo sounds like a hard game. JY isn't participating?


JY got paired with another fan so he will play. Can't wait!!!!

It's awesome that Korean fans even attended his fanmeeting in Taiwan. One of the Korean fans is playing and got paired with a C-fan. A K-fan who understood Chinese translated for the C-fan cuz the K-fan is blindfolded.

Now Jingyu is playing the game AND HE'S THE ONE BEING BLINDFOLDED AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

He's soooo cute!!!! Can't wait to see HD photo of him blindfolded!

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JY said the balloon quality is not bad after he played the game KpfVp0q.png

Now seems to be Q&A:

1)Taiwan HJT: Asking JY to read a story for 4mil fan welfare because his voice too nice

2) Something about food, didn't hear clearly, 

3) Asking JY to eat better etc. from Taiwan HJT also

4) Other than dog what animal do you like?

5) Will accompany him even with a road of wind and strife

6) Sth sth, your dancing is very handsome! Audience goes estastic

7) ask him if he like acting or singing? I think he like all. The audience is like: Dancing!! Dancing too!!

8) Will act in horror dramas/movies?

9) About the millet porriage. I think ask him if he like or not or sth. And he replied good for stomach
JY: Good for stomach. What are you guys so happy about? KpfVp0q.png

I think I missed some questions. Too fast and I was a bit distracted.KpfVp0q.png


OMG The dinosaur pair! saw their photos before the FM. I think they are from HK (?)

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Guest skeletonworks





At the end the livestreamer asked the dino fan her weibo and it turns out to be JT-PROJECT! One of the awesome Yuzhou fanartist! This livestreamer also met with Huhu and Sally. They even drew for her on the spot!!!

JY sang a new song. Don't know what song is this but he sang nicely and the song sounds nice. And the animation on the screen is like wedding bells and fireworks hahahaha

It seems finished already? Cuz he said bye bye.

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Fans got to stand up and some thing about the Dino ZZ wore. Or something. Who's the MC in this fm?

wtf?! Background video shows a key opening a heart! Ah! What song???

the lagging!!! He said something about good friend (bf) or very pretty or something, lol I only heard the Hao pengyou or pengliou. It's ending already?

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Guest skeletonworks


HE CAME DOWN THE STAGE!!!!!!!! Went up the hall and down back to the stage using different route so that fans can see him up close gaahhhh.. 


Now it finally ends!!

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