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9 hours ago, bearology said:

JY - ShangHai to Beijing 071216

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Cr 鲸鸿_黄景瑜粉丝后援团



Love these new pics of JingYu.. This outfit.. makes him so handsome.. so manly.. so GuHai.. Our Big Sea Whale.. Love you...;))..



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ZZ - Esquire Event 071216

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Cr FeverFun








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Bear with me, this is going to be one of my long post.   There has been many analysis on this, but I do believe that they both have mutual affection for each other.  ZZ is harder to read, but I t

Hi friends, I'm a HEROIN & YuZhou fan from Beijing China. Another Chinese fan introduced this forum to me (not sure if he has an account here) and I have been trying to read through this thre

What else? Well... let's hear from the top posts then 为什么其他耽美演员能同台,同秀恩爱,因为都是假的。为啥他俩同个框就搞得世界末日一样,因为他俩是真的 Why is it that other BL actors can be seen together and act like a couple? Because it'

22 hours ago, Lululililululu said:
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In regards to the voting, you don't need Weibo.  It's 3 votes per IP address each day to December 31st Beijing time.  However, if you download some sort of app and register, you get 10 votes a day per IP address.  You're required to vote for each category - JY and ZZ are in the same category for most popular new.  

I was able to vote the three times using my laptop.  If you don't vote for each category, the votes won't go through. They have different categories like best actor China, best actor HK/Taiwan, etc.  You can choose the stars/singers that you like or just pick randomly I suppose :)  Jay Chou is in the category for most popular singer in HK/Taiwan.  The most popular new category where the boys are is the last category at the bottom.  If you are using google chrome and have the translate function, you can translate the entire page into English.

I hope that this helps for now.  I'm sure someone else can provide better instructions :) 



In case anyone's interested in the voting poll that @1blankstare posted last night...

Tonight, I tried to vote, and it looks like they added a verification step to ensure that you're not a bot.  When you choose all of your categories and click on vote, a mini screen will pop up to ask you to enter the verification code.  Some of the codes are chinese words, so you may need to keep clicking on the circular arrow thing to change it to numbers/letters.  Enter the code on the blank space.  Then you click on the red button, and after that, the votes should go through.

EDIT: Looks like JY is in first place with 1.9M votes (second place has 785K), and ZZ is in fifth place with about 550K.  If you're voting, perhaps give more votes to ZZ? :) 

EDIT 2: The non-Weibo link to ZZ's stream does not work for me. Is this counted towards his ranking?  If so, is there another link?  Thanks so much!!  And, I love the song too!  Definitely delulu right now like @pknb described.  :D

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ZZ - Release MV. Cr [瑜洲的胃药]


ZZ - Release



Cr CCTV今乐坛




JY - Marie Claire. Cr here




ZZ - Esquire event 07121


Cr 腾讯视频






Cr BubbleSheeo




Cr [新浪时尚]





ZZ - Release MV screencaps


OMG! The first half, hard to tell if it's a Meow and Whale LOL

Cr Joeychika滑板姐姐











Cr 宇宙第一无敌小心肝儿









Favart by 呼呼花-



ZZ - Beijing to Japan 071216


Cr 一只吃桃少女kkx_





Cr [instantcrushZZ]








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16 hours ago, gashupingo said:

ZZ's "Release" Lyric Trans:

@gashupingo Thank you, Thank you, Thank you (repeat important thing 3 times like Johnny) gashu sooo mutch for translating the song lyrics for you :cookie: because now i understand what Timmy is singing.

Timmy realy i love the song now even more that i know the lyrics i love the style rock and pop and the lyrics guys this love can't be broken not even the ban this is pure love a message to his love and showing his love for all of us fans i love it. :heart:

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I feel like we'll get so much information about ZZ's side of story after the MV release

How he feels
What he thinks of JY maybe?
Some hints are definitely in the lyrics but the music video makes everything complete... into a whole new view
Unlike other music videos there's not even a girl in his musicvideo~ doesn't it make you think of something? ;)

I can't wait..:wub:
and it's rock genre *-* 
I have to say that ZZ and I listen to the same japanese rock bands lol  (just a random fact I am blurting out of nowhere :'D)

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ZZ's weibo update


Let us have fun run wildly free together, stand up!


Also ZZ was featured in CCTV今乐坛 (Today's music scene)

新生代偶像、歌手 @ 许魏洲ZZ 最新单曲《放》正式首发,一经上线就开启霸占音乐播放器模式,空降各大榜单首位。单曲封面中许魏洲变身摇滚少年,狂“放”着自己的音乐信仰。

The new generation idol singer @ 许魏洲ZZ with his latest single Release has officially launched! once online, it opened and took into music playing mode, making a major hit on chart. On the front cover of his single 许魏洲 transformed into a young rocker boy, madly "releasing" his own musical belief.





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ZZ weibo update

“偶遇”漫姐lxhxiudada_org.gif@陈漫ChenMan 。我终于发现要想摆脱我拍十张删九张的自拍,那就不能让我拿相机bz_org.gif2日本·京都

Translated by Gashu "”Encounter" Sis Man lxhxiudada_org.gif @ 陈漫ChenMan. I finally found out if I want to get rid of me taking 10 selfies delete 9 selfies, then don't let me hold the camera bz_org.gif Japan. Kyoto"


She is ChenMan, the one that directed or filmed? ZZ's Light Trailer




Throwback YZ. 


Cr fenglianglife IG


JY - ShangHai FanMeeting 301116


Cr 黄景瑜可爱的九岁妹妹




ZZ - Changsa to Beijing 061216


Cr tete_cake







Cr [YuZhou_办公室]



Throwback JY


Cr [霸哥er]


ZZ - Beijing to Japan 071216


Cr eversince



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Guest skeletonworks
On 07/12/2016 at 9:04 AM, 1blankstare said:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. JY didn't get the Award. (I feel like I jinx it by making that teaser videos of JY that says he won the award. I couldn't vote at that time so I was bored of waiting. There were some other glitches that made wtf.)

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But I gotta say I've already had feelings that JY won't win right at the beginning when I saw ZrY's face and he was first/second. It solidified that gut feeling when I saw other people have been getting glitches and other errors from the site (I can attest to this). PLUS!!! The date, instead of ending it at the 5th like how it says on the page, but somehow they change it and had one more day to vote? How does that work? Bs. 

Now fans are complaining at the excuses and graphs that Netease made. And looks like deducted some votes too. While the others had increased votes, based on the number data collected with Netease. (Basing this on google translate but those graphs and charts are damning enough in my eyes that there's some cheating going on)

There are many problems with why ZhangRuo Yun's voting results seems fishy and overall of how Netease system was set up. The most important one is that his dad is a famous director and screenwriter.

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The lesser ones were why were we given 2000 flowers when it's just going to let us give 60 then Goes back to 2000. Doesn't make sense


His dad most certainly has a hand in ZRY's fame no doubt about that. (I like him tbh but not as much as JY. ZRY was awesome in Novoland. Never saw migrating birds but heard his acting is meh or so so.) Most likely netease wants ZRY to win because of his connections with his father. And no matter what Ruoyun says he is still using his father's fame since he has an upcoming drama with his dad. 


On the topic of Popularity of YZ. Yup they're no where near in terms of popularity of Yang Yang, Jing Boran, William Chan, Li Yi Feng but to tell the truth this is just YZ's year of big break while the ones mentioned have already been in the business for years now. Even TFBoys are seniors compared to YZ. 

Even with that they're getting bigger and bigger and that is really a threat to others. Their network is expanding and this really will hurt the ones who's reputation is already established or in the middle ground, hence why these scandals have broken out of YZ (that coupled with some bad managements).

So many comparisons to make but I won't since this is already too long. Maybe in another post later on. But to say YZ's popularity is a rising star of low ranking of actors and actresses in China BUT factor in that this is their first ever debut in the entertainment business they're successful enough. Not many gets these big offers in their first year debuting. Especially JY in terms of acting. 



I heard the result is pre-determined, which makes me angry on why there is a voting in the first place... They added Jingyu as one of the candidates and I feel like they're using him to create traffic to their website and also that ZRY guy can also get exposure. Let's face it. Tbh, I don't know him and neither my two Chinese friends. Now we all know who ZRY is.

And yes you're right. Since his father is an influential figure, this might be one of the factors why the award would be given to him. Another thing is his ad/poster with Netease is everywhere (see 2nd spoiler), which is very telling that he's going to get the award no matter what. If he didn't win it, it'd be just fuking awkward...

I reckon other fans have known about this (the pre-determined result). I noticed the votes for #3 and #4 (which is Tao) didn't change that much over the past few days of voting, while Jingyu and ZRY's votes kept on increasing and reached 1.3 billions at the end of voting. But because we're such a passionate fans of Jingyu thus we fought this to death. 

So even if we lost, we lost with honour. My friend said to me... This award is called "Star With Attitude". Now we know why ZRY won this award. Some so-called "attitude" he got there... 

It's unbelievable the glitch towards the end of the voting day. I couldn't load the page since 7:30 pm BJ time. I rushed home because I thought it was my mobile network problem. Switched to wifi, finally gets better but cannot vote!!! grrrrrrr.... Then I had to reconnect to weibo to vote. And if you checked the number of fans "clocking in" to vote has decreased to less than 1,000!!! Before the "glitch" it was about 19k!!!

So I believe they did a little "refreshing/resetting" to the website because after that, it only allows 10 votes... Ridiculous!!!! Why did this on the last voting day?!

One more thing. ZRY became #1 again around 5:15 pm BJ time... I remember I checked the number of votes before that while Jingyu was still #1 and the difference is around 5 millions vote but right when ZRY became #1, the gap became 10 millions something! WTF! In such a short time, can become 10 millions difference?!!

What makes me angrier is ZRY's rude fans who left comment on Jingyu's page saying that Jingyu doesn't deserve this award since he got nothing/no work while ZRY has starred in a lot of dramas/movies.. EXM!!! This award is for "Star With Attitude" not "Star With Many Dramas"!!!!!! Ugh!!!

YZ is quite famous online so people make used of them a lot, which really infuriates me! Last time during China National Day or something, a lot of Weibo accounts posted "Happy National Day" or something with YZ pictures to get their post popular because they know YZ fans will repost their posts.

Maybe Boss knows we work hard to get him to be #1 even though he knows the result, so he reposted Dong Tian's picture that has him and ZZ in one frame. I mean that post was like 2-3 days ago I think. Only now you finally repost it Boss? Hmm...






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1 hour ago, boysloveismylife said:

Waiting for interpretations :)

I'm confused...Is the title of this song Emancipation, Fun or something else? o.O 
Because there are so many titles for this one song....


I'm not sure of the official English title(and sometimes the official Eng title not the same as Chinese too) but the Chinese title of the song is pretty much open ended. Normally in Chinese a lot of words come in pairs, the title 放(fang) can mean anything from release to putting and if you combine the word with another word it can mean a bit differently. But since the word in the lyrics mentioned 释放, it means freeing from something that hold them off like we use this word when being freed from jail.


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1 hour ago, skeletonworks said:

It's unbelievable the glitch towards the end of the voting day. I couldn't load the page since 7:30 pm BJ time. I rushed home because I thought it was my mobile network problem. Switched to wifi, finally gets better but cannot vote!!! grrrrrrr.... Then I had to reconnect to weibo to vote. And if you checked the number of fans "clocking in" to vote has decreased to less than 1,000!!! Before the "glitch" it was about 19k!!!

For me it was the same. I have desperately tried to load the page. no chance.

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