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JY teaching his slogan to fans now: 一路风景,瑜你同行 (a road of scenery, Yu walk/travel together with you)

Just now he sang "Love" by Karen Mok. 

Picking question to ask JY now.

Other than filming, what he want to do? He want to jump parachute(like what he said in the backstage interview livestream with vlive just now) scuba diving, 

What supper he like to eat? He likes to eat BBQ (Just like what he said in the backstage interview too)


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The livestream a bit repeating and lag

What is his beer limit? 
JY: Bring out your beers!
Sometimes he drink a little bit he'll pengsan(fainted), sometimes he'll drink very happily


JY: Cheers! (drink water) 

We feel that your beer limit is rather high
(forgot what JY said T-T)

What gift from fans with the greatest impression?
JY: those that need to be read, photo album, those with words, a lot of fans letters that is serialize, can continue reading

What he want to tell to the fans:
He said he can recognize those on site who write letters (if I remember correctly ^^:)

What is the food he has most deep impression in Korea?
JY: Kimchi KpfVp0q.png Because all the things he eat has Kimchi

What you use HP for the most?
JY: Wechat

Now watching VCR somemore

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Guest skeletonworks

They're playing the 2nd VCR of him shopping for fans' presents...

Livestreaming is lagging af! I'm watching the recorded 1st song he sang... Ahhhhhhhhh what a beautiful voice!!!! His voice and the way he sings the song gives me goosebumps! And he looks extremely handsome!!! How can anyone be this perfect!!!!!

That pics that bearo posted he's in an extremely good mood!!! 

(Zhouzhou just online kekekeke)

They're drawing number to call lucky fans to play on stage with Jingyu~~~

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New outfit!

Pick 5 fans to play games with JY! (lucky draw)

MC: JY you normally like to smile?
JY: smile (and lagg T-T)

Game is to look at each other and who laugh who lose (1min start)

JY want to kiss the fan??? KpfVp0q.png

the fan won, no laugh


2nd fan too calm KpfVp0q.png

1min pass already

this fan no laugh too


JY ask what the 3rd(?) fan work as

one I didn't heard what, one work as delivery

Another fan/fans(?) won!


JY giving out presents now


Now 2nd game

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2nd game, touching hands and guessing which one is JY (same as the Nanjing one)  

Korean fans can touch 2 times! KpfVp0q.png

Oh she guessed right!

Eh I was distracted KpfVp0q.png dunno what happen anymore.

JY drank water and everyone shrick hahaha KpfVp0q.png


now is spinning wheel where JY need to do somthing based on the wheel stopped

Hahaha, no hug, all korean fans said no hug (think one of the thing on the wheel is hug)

JY: you got bf? KpfVp0q.png
the fangirl is married and hav kids already hahaha
fangirl stroke JY's head!!

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