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Bear with me, this is going to be one of my long post.   There has been many analysis on this, but I do believe that they both have mutual affection for each other.  ZZ is harder to read, but I t

Hi friends, I'm a HEROIN & YuZhou fan from Beijing China. Another Chinese fan introduced this forum to me (not sure if he has an account here) and I have been trying to read through this thre

What else? Well... let's hear from the top posts then 为什么其他耽美演员能同台,同秀恩爱,因为都是假的。为啥他俩同个框就搞得世界末日一样,因为他俩是真的 Why is it that other BL actors can be seen together and act like a couple? Because it'

@ksuyen I think you can find CJD's post in Skeletonwork's first post at the beginning. But yes CJD is living her dream because she started out writing BL stories and now she gets to watch her stories become real life and in action. I agree with most fans that her post had to do with YuZhou. (I've thought that it could be QingYu another CP but it doesn't make sense since they're already friends and CJD probably knows more about their relationship but who am I to say. Lol, yeah most likely YuZhou.) I also agree with you that ZZ looks better with the simplistic and minimalist style like the beige trench coat and all black. He looked so cool and handsome. I hope ZZ's stylist comes down a bit with the experimenting.

@ryokise You are a godsent from heaven. Thank you!

As for those wardrobe of love, man CPFs are amazing at catching the little details. @prima13facie It's not just the shoes too, but their clothes. It's white top black pants/shorts. Plus ZZ is wearing the necklace and the handmade ring! This CP loves giving sweets. 

So the fanmeet will start at 4 and I'll probably be sleeping by then, but we'll see if I can wake up early. Jingyu goodluck, hope you have fun on the stage and you capture their hearts! 



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4 hours ago, migdy05 said:

I already follow your work in wattpat....thanks for sharing!!!:wub::cookie:

Ack! Thank you!

I feel so.....odd, when I stumbled across those that do. It's a new....hobby?....for me, so it's nice to hear from folks like you. :)

Writing is a huge departure from my day job, so the creative outlet has really been good for me.

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5MilesLove 02:06 12/11/16 iPhone 7+

Like a star just like the falling rain
I want to have you
Get ma mind
My thumb and index finger can express my feelings

(I think this is from ZZ to JY for the guitar reference at the last line and of course iPhone7+ - unless by thumb and index it means something like below :lol:)

Repost, just because of possessive whale. credit@pic.




My 100th post!

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Today livetream for JY backstage will start at 6pm. Info here

All the best of luck for you today JY!!!


JY - Arriving Gimpo Airport 111116


Cr FlowerFlutter



Cr TV Daily




Cr EnTer on News



Cr 10Asia


JY - China Merchant's Bank 071116


Cr -真域RealZone-









Yesterday, the shoes JY wore to Seoul looks exactly like the one ZZ used in Asia New Song Chart Night :rolleyes:


Cr 冬冬dongxdong



Fanart by 有的是青春_沒的是時間



Fanart by 粥粥要带鲸鱼玩儿啊



Edit: Fanart by jingjingjuju




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51 minutes ago, bearology said:

5MilesLove weibo update

Like a star 내리는 비처럼
반짝이는 널 가지고 싶어 
Get ma mind
엄지와 검지만 해도
내 마음을 너무 잘 표현해




Like a star, Like rain

I want your brightness

Get ma mind

Thumb and black but you too well express my mind.


Lyrics from 우주를 줄게 (Give you my galaxy) by Kpop singer 볼빨간사춘기

Caption authors (English) by 신준호 damn yerim through Bugs (벅스) (K-entertainment)

The song describes the person's feelings that she almost want him to be on her side, and this girl thought of how about giving him the galaxy and travel with him along the universe, and she's willing to be his pilot anywhere, everywhere.

The rap portion tells her fascination about the stars and galaxy and the same way she's fascinated with him.


In case you want to listen to the song :D The lyrics part is the rap part @ 1:21




Best of Luck Boss JY and let the galaxies and the whole universe be at your side this day!

See you later here for JY's FM. Good day!

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I was just in Weibo, during break time, and thought I'd share this now that it has come down a bit. Based on Google trans, somebody in Yochec's school (the one who did no comparison no hurt that gashu translated) did editing on a VCR for a school program and they put scenes from Addicted. Lol, everyone in the auditorium were wowing. 


It's the same shoes guys. Lol

cr. 到此为止的白色



@ksuyen you might be right. That might be from ZZ. JY probably started 5ML but they both share it as their "public" persona or something. There's two different phones that are being used by 5ML. Ah good catch. 

Cr: logos & Tender甜乐



Hmmmm. . . I'll leave these and good night guys. Till tomorrow again. 

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The lightsticks are so cute! I want one. It's a blue lightstick shaped as a whale. If anyone can find a site that's US/western friendly thank you in advance!

(I woke up from nature calls, might as well watch JY's fanmeet.) @bearology thanks. I wasn't so sure of what they were saying. 

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Guest skeletonworks

JY's fm in Seoul has started. Begin with the same VCR we saw in Nanjing..

If anyone has any other livestreaming links pls do share with us here!!

He started singing... A ballad song kekeke... sound soooo nice!!!! aaaaahhhhhhhh this kind of song suits his voice the best! 

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Just want to share this johnny v live here and want to say hello to you guys fellow yuzhou soompi family :wub:

:) Hi, nice to meet you guys, hope there will be a lot of sugar from boss huang tonight :wub::wub:

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Guest skeletonworks
2 minutes ago, 1blankstare said:

Those blue lightsticks looks like a really good ocean. Anyone knows the song that he just sang?


EDIT: See bearo post below. :heart:

A mellow sad love song.

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