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8 hours ago, bearology said:

5ML weibo update

等待着 美妙旋律的回归


This time 5MilesLove is showing his love to JY after we speculating him to be JY himself. Is this a lyric of song? Sounds romantic though. :wub:


7 hours ago, 1blankstare said:

@jingyuzhou CJD IS living her dream. She posted in Weibo her life is complete or something. Dunno which pertains to. It could be anything but most think its YuZhou. 


Most think it is YuZhou, because the story of GH and BLY has realized into real couple in the form of YuZhou?:sweatingbullets: Interesting, would like to know more of her post in Weibo. 


7 hours ago, prima13facie said:

Is that a ring bumping on ZZ's chest?


Hard to see because ZZ is wearing turtle neck, what a smart boy to conceal any mosquito bites. 


3 hours ago, prima13facie said:

(Chanting) Who will come to Seoul! Who Will come to Seoul!! Who Will come to Seoul!!!

cr Lydia_hin精分





OMG Zhou Zhou! Very bold indeed, you could choose to wear anything but instead pick up the shirt with word SEOUL? After JY carrying your face around in airport now it is your turn supporting your hubby in Seoul. Like I were saying, this is a new beginning, an era where the ban means nothing, when they both started to show their love and support each other more openly. Yeah, go get your whale in Shanghai! He should be waiting for you in the hotel room :phew:

And same style? :blush:


Credit on photo



YuZHou love! I like this photo because they both look so manly and sexy and yet mysteriously intimate. It's like they are saying, 'what are you looking at? this is only between me and my hubby here.'


credit on photo



Can't wait to see Korean FM, YuZhou have legion of fans there, look at their poster side by side together!




Fan manip, so real :wub: And what it SHOULD be.




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Bear with me, this is going to be one of my long post.   There has been many analysis on this, but I do believe that they both have mutual affection for each other.  ZZ is harder to read, but I t

Hi friends, I'm a HEROIN & YuZhou fan from Beijing China. Another Chinese fan introduced this forum to me (not sure if he has an account here) and I have been trying to read through this thre

What else? Well... let's hear from the top posts then 为什么其他耽美演员能同台,同秀恩爱,因为都是假的。为啥他俩同个框就搞得世界末日一样,因为他俩是真的 Why is it that other BL actors can be seen together and act like a couple? Because it'

7 hours ago, bearology said:

Just finished watching Ryo sub for ZZ random talk - gNPearl. Obvious when ZZ talked about Moonlight, he wasn't prepared for it. So there are all just half sentences...he wanted to describe the song but couldn't say the meaning of the song. Then he wanted to describe the Moon but couldn't say the real meaning of the Moon in Moonlight. How can you describe something was done for your beloved but couldn't mention your beloved or Shangyin :( Finally, ZZ ended up describing the moonlight - more gentle and comfortable. Why do I have a feeling this is how ZZ feels when he thinks of JY? Oh my heart :tears:

Reposting this just in case you missed Ryo's sub because of all the new BTS clips :lol: Kudos @ryokise kiddo!!! You are the best!

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I also just finished watching this. The subs really help my poor Chinese LOL. You are right, Zhou Zhou struggled to explain what is the meaning behind Moonlight since he can't talk neither about JY nor Shangyi. I feel awkward seeing him tried his best finding the right words but it's so hard because everything about the song is about 'him'. You can see it in his eyes... reminiscing a certain whale. Yeah, the gentle and comfortable is how ZZ feels and thinks of JY. So sweet :wub:

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So ZZ wore this shirt underneath. He wore this for his pictorial on VougeMe and... and... wore this last night while making the airport his runway. The turtle neck is definitely thinner that made the word SEOUL well defined. So clever!!! These instances clearly explains he's waving the whale flag! Having that said about his VogueMe cover it's like saying "I have you here with me all along and thru this magazine, let everyone always remember how I dearly support you forever with all my heart and soul" , and all the time he wore this shirt it's like saying "Though it seems that I hid it, but I can't and won't plan to, Look how this bold words come into my chest!".... "I love my love" (Like he desires to bang his chest!)

The Seoul T-Shirt by Levis

cr 冬冬dongxdong




Suddenly these Lyrics pop up into my mind by Ed Sheeran.


Loving can hurt
Loving can hurt sometimes ----- (The times when Love fights all the challenges)
But it's the only thing that I know ---- (You don't give up on love)
When it gets hard
You know it can get hard sometimes
It is the only thing that makes us feel alive... 

We keep this love in a photograph --- (All the photos when they were together and now for ZZ's VogueMe wearing his SEOUL)
We made these memories for ourselves ---- (All the precious moments e.g. Addicted)
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken ---- (Will always and forever be in love, through thick and thin)
Times forever frozen still....

When I'm away ----- (JY and ZZ's distance when working, and now JY who will be on Seoul)
I will remember how you kissed me
Under the lamppost
Back on 6th street
Hearing you whisper through the phone,
"Wait for me to come home."  ----- (ZZ going to Shanghai while JY in Shanghai, JY in Beijing while ZZ's on Beijing and vice versa)
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ZZ family is in Shanghai right? I wonder if JY went for ZZ family dinner. ZZ family already know JY I believe. JY should be flying to Seoul today. Sorry short post since I am still at work but boys are MIA since last night.

Ok a few updates below.

JY will live 4PM at V Live: http://www.vlive.tv/video/16859 Probably Korean time tomorrow?






ZZ Bazzar event. Looks big.


credit @ pic



My small analysis on ZZ GN Pearl comments below.



When MC asked him were there any implied meaning to the song, ZZ couldn’t give a direct answer at all but instead saying that the song was self-composed and he wrote the lyrics. The he continued “I only want to express my…” He stopped, didn’t continue the line. I thought, ZZ, did you want to say “love”? “feeling”? He then changed the sentence to “towards this…” and then stopped again. I thought, ZZ, did you want to say “whale”? “silly boy”? “handsome boss”? at this point he simply made up his mind and said something totally unrelated “just like the lyric.” ZZ ah, you think you want to easily escape from the pit you dig yourself? (1:60)

Then he looked really awkward, as if hoping the MC will let him go. “er… I hope…” before finally found himself explain smoothly about the sun and the moon. How the sun makes people feel the warmth directly while moonlight is reflected by the sunlight. At this point I remember JY IG “ever since” that shows the candle light reflected to the cold metal object.

Later ZZ said that moonlight is more gentle and comfortable. When the MC insisted that moonlight is more like ZZ, he looked kinda disagree with her but said nothing. Of course we all already know that the moonlight in the lyric is JY.



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@ryokise Thank you! You are a legend!

21 minutes ago, ryokise said:

Eng Subs for 20 mins BTS

  Hide contents



It's weird to see JY and ZZ in the beginning, they were more like two strangers and acted indifferent to each other. :sweatingbullets: So different with how they interacted months later. Also, in the episode when they practiced the script, I think it's before they started the filming, it's plain to see that JY was still very much inexperienced in acting. You can sense too that when ZZ was serious he could be a bit scary, just like a little tiger ^_^. The face JY made when he asked quietly, 'is there intimate scene in the movie?' Oh I can practically see he was like damn, I am going to regret this. LOL :lol: Nobody could predict back then the exploding event that followed this film: it became the only BL movies that attracted the most views in China and International in such a short time, the popularity was so huge that it got banned including both actors. But what most people including JY and ZZ didn't predict, they both found each other soul and love was blooming ever since. :wub:

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Today is Double-11 day, people like to do online shopping on this day and there are huge discounts in online stores such as Taobao.

And right now, ZZ is live at the BAZAAR tech living room.

Oh, he looks like an innocent kitty :wub:

ZZ's weibo studio update.


#夏普VS芭莎科技客厅#  现场已经开始啦,你们有在收看么? 记得参与互动哦,今天有随机抽奖,夏普互联网电视,祝你们幸运!

#SHARPvsBAZAAR tech living room# live show has already started, Are you all watching? Oh, Don't forget to participate interactively. Today there will be a random draw for Sharp Internet TV, wishing you good luck!




ZZ at Bazaar event

photos and caption by 瑜洲的胃药





ZZ earlier

cr. ING1020_许魏洲



As early as today, Korean fans are camping out in Gimpo International Airport to meet JY :wub:

cr.  韩国宝宝们_黄景瑜supporters



cr. Nara7777




Watch and Be Touched on how ZZ celebrated his birthday with the Kids in Kunming.


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ZZ is so adorable and he was teaching the kids to sing Moonlight :lol: This charity was done on ZZ's bday when he was in Kunming. Doing charity while teaching/singing Moonlight and spreading YZ love on his bday. All in one! Perfect!

Cr Timmyoo









芭莎风格衣橱 (BAZAAR China) weibo update


刚刚过完22岁生日的许魏洲 在生日的当天和芭莎公益星设计 芭莎公益基金团队一起来到云南省三转弯小学进行了爱心公益探访 年轻是一种力量 @许魏洲zz 选择了爱运动主题 更好的诠释了 活力和激情 运动与汗水 坚持与努力也是他想与大家分享的 作为第四季芭莎公益星设计的明星大使 在11月10日我们一同在户外...







ZZ from today livestream

Cr Timmyoo





Cr maewmira 











Cr be my sugar





Last but not least, kudos kudos kudos @ryokise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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JY today going to Korea

Oh, he cut again his hair! :w00t:

cr 阿毛在学习






cr 洲坑里的狮子





Short clip


Weibo Link


Somewhat similar shoes?! Okay, we both have the same tast :phew:




@bearologyhaha I always bump in. :P add these shiny shoes too, these shoes are somewhat similar and the laces are only lacking, and JY's shoes has been way for quite long then ZZ wore a similar design. I bet they like the smell of each other's foot. Just kidding YZ

All the love Boss JY! Korean fans will surely take good care of you just like they did with ZZ. :wub: Have a safe trip!

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JY @ airport ShangHai to Seoul

ZZ's livestream was from 2-3pm. JY's flight is at 6pm. He's at the airport now, which is around 5pm. Did he purposely choose this time to fly so he could watch ZZ's livestream and meet ZZ one last time after ZZ finished his work? Lemme delulu guys :rolleyes:


Cr 阿毛在学习



YZ Manip. Cr Black_瑜洲双人黑图站





@prima13facie That Seoul top :rolleyes: These boys have been very generous to my Wardrobe of Love post :lol: Oops and posted as the same time as you :lol:

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JY @ airport ShangHai to Seoul

This coat reminds me of ZZ's coat last night :rolleyes:

Cr 洲坑里的狮子






Cr cantabile_a




@prima13facie the buttons are different though, ZZ has 2 and JY has 4 but apart from that, everything else look the same :lol: It's too obvious to wear the exact same one right the next day right LOL. But yes I call this couple coat :lol: Remember JY's answer? I would wear similar style to my beloved? This is...'similar' enough to me. Added :lol:

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OMG, the coats look the same bearo!,

Right, the coats somehow look the same, the buttons are a bit different, the neckline have slightly different edge, but the hemline, the design and the pockets are the same!

So my delulu changes, a kitty went into the whale's place to give this slightly similar coat personally to him but still the rest is history. :phew:

cr. 瑜洲的胃药 and pic logos




Lovely YuZhou by Heroin_Funny



Korean Fans (JINGCA) supports HJY!

cr 鲸咖-韩国黄景瑜个站



the fans are waiting for JY's arrival and are so excited!

cr. Johnny_黄景瑜同行站



cr 黄景瑜的妹妹头



cr 水晶鸡儿



cr. Nara7777 is Korean and her friend ppnagnyun are currently there waving YuZhou flag and all the YuZhou stuffs :D Good job ladies!







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Whoa I love Korean fans! JY looks fresh with the new haircut! So boyish. I wonder if ZZ prefers this look since he always says he likes "adorable/cute" bf gf. And to the fans in Korea, good job with YuZhou support! I know they were restraint and couldn't go all out, but well done everyone.

The event is tomorrow afternoon 4pm?

ZZ old and JY new (credit yuiszhou62) :lol:




Yup, "similar style", mission accomplished. :P (credit yuiszhou62)






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EDIT: JY ARRIVED KOREA. Cr: http://tenasia.hankyung.com/archives/1056039





Fans are waiting at the airport for JY. Cr 黄景瑜的妹妹头


@ ShangHai airport. Cr 洲坑里的狮子


YZ manip. Cr YuZhoutudio19520




Few things after watching BTS subbed by Ryo

1st BTS - Photoshoot with Tanghulu:

"Stop eating, you still need to feed him" then when XL wanted to give ZZ another one, ZZ still managed to eat one more before giving it to XL. Got the new one for...1 second then he dropped it! LOL clumsy Kitten since 1994. XL "it's ok now he can't eat it anymore" :lol: By the way, this look!!!



2nd BTS - That look!!!



3rd BTS - To be honest, If I were JY, I would have picked this annoying kid up and threw him to the river there :lol: I don't know how did JY manage to withstand for the whole time without saying anything LOL



BTS 4 - What was ZZ doing?? Jumping up and down like a rabbit?? :blink:

BTS 7? - "He's flirting with other people behind my back" :lol: You can see in this BTS, JY started to respond when ZZ teased him. He didn't look like he minded at all though LOL

BTS....the bed scene. OMO!!!!! When ZZ kissed JY, I was still OK. But when JY started kissing ZZ back, open his eyes a bit to see that IT'S ZHOUZHOU HE'S KISSING then after that.....just rainbows and unicorns dancing. I don't think they were acting at all. Oh my....JY has a thing with ZZ's shoulder! Always aimed for ZZ' shoulder to kiss...twice B)

BTS... singing I only care about you. ZZ was using JY's iPad right? :rolleyes: And the lyrics "When will one meet a soulmate in their life"



"I just want to be together everyday". When JY was singing this sentence, he turned and looked at ZZ. After that...he forgot the lyrics. Awww, the feels :tears:



At first, these two had zero common interests, JY admitted it himself once too. Recently, ZZ started skateboarding and JY started playing games (although before he said he doesn't like it). Oh JY was teaching ZZ jiu jitsu in one BTS. And here JY tried to play guitar. Goal relationship there people!!!

@prima13facie Those shoes are not the same, but they are from the same brand :phew:

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On 26/10/2016 at 5:57 PM, baw74 said:

Ok, I felt inspired to finally begin writing a fanfic of ZZ and JY that I've wanted to do for a while now. Here's the first, of what I hope, is many installments. I think I'm going to put it up on Wattpad...

  Reveal hidden contents
When Addiction Turns Good

An ‘Are You Addicted?’ fanfic

by baw74



Chapter 1

The Compromised Device


The stark contrast of reality that morning, when compared to the previous evening, could not be more different...


That previous evening...


When he had finished dinner, Weizhou settled into a much needed bath. The stress of events the past few days had worn on him to a point where he could feel that tell-tale tickle in his throat. Not good. Under orders from his doctor, he had a short day of work and had been keeping hydrated. Not that the orders from a doctor spurred any obedience in him, but it was another he was worried about not obeying. Jingyu had made it clear the last time they were together: Either ZhouZhou takes better care of his health, or be denied any physical contact from Jingyu.


Weizhou smirked when remembering that exchange. He had a cough he couldn’t shake at the time, and Jingyu’s demeanor towards him went from concern, to upset, to almost angry. Weizhou hadn’t thought that Jingyu could deny himself any physical contact with his ZZ, but he was wrong. Evidently jujitsu training had given Jingyu the willpower to follow through on actions, and Weizhou learned the hard way how Jingyu can enforce his will. Being there in the same hotel room after so many nights apart, and yet not being able to be intimate was a lesson that ingrained upon him deeply. Jingyu had made his point well.


So thus Weizhou left the doctor with orders he would follow to the letter. He had two days to turn this around before he and Jingyu could be together again.


A day doesn’t pass without at least a text message between them. Most days end with a FaceTime session. Weizhou, knowing Jingyu’s filming schedule, had time for a leisure bath and make sure the strain of the previous days didn’t show on his face. Jingyu’s schedule called for some late evening filming, so they would make the calls around midnight. It was not ideal, and Weizhou had to turn on the extra charm to get Jingyu agree, as the big fool had once again pushed to not keep Weizhou up late and allow him some rest. If Jingyu detected anything remotely wrong with Weizhou, that’d be the end of the late night calls for a while. And he was finding that the time apart was becoming more and more unbearable.


After the bath, he brushed his teeth and put his nightly mask on. As his popularity and success rose, it was even more critical to maintain that healthy, glowing skin. Sometimes he found this to be a hassle, but he couldn’t argue with the results. He had just sat down on the couch when that familiar FaceTime ring started. Positioning the iPad Pro at the perfect angle, he answered.


“Hey babe.”


“Hey babe, yourself! You know how I love seeing you in a bathrobe…” replied Jingyu.


“Mmhmm… I just got out of a nice, long, hot bath. The tub was big enough for two here.”


Jingyu mentally noted down which hotel it was that Weizhou was staying at, and promised himself to make ZZ’s comment reality when possible.


“How was filming today? I saw from some fan photos that there was a lot of action.”


“Yeah, it was a strenuous day. We had to run quite a bit, and other physical activities. I’m so tired.”


“Then...let me let you go. I know you have an early call time.”


“Nope! Tomorrow is a break until afternoon again, I’m good to chat with you longer. Besides, I need to see you some more.”, admitted Jingyu. He had recently realized that the more he can see and talk with Weizhou, the more balanced and calm he is. As quickly as their friendship and subsequent relationship had developed, so had their emotional dependency on each other.


Yet, Jingyu longed to touch Weizhou. That tactile feedback has always been a part of him. To touch and to feel, was for Jingyu, to know. He chuckled as he thought to himself that he could go blind and be ok, as long as he could have his ZZ there to touch.


“What are you laughing about? I love seeing that smirk that you have.”


“Oh, nothing. Just my internal dialogue saying crazy richard simmons, as usual. I had just gotten to a point of thinking that if I were to go blind, I would be just fine as long as you were there for me to touch.”  Jingyu saw Weizhou’s eyebrows turn up a little, and his small smile appear, but no response.  “I know, I know. Like I said, crazy thoughts.”


“Not crazy. I was just touched, and immediately imagined myself helping you navigate around, and feeding you… and I just thought that I’d do anything for you if you went blind.”


Jingyu’s heart fluttered, and he swallowed, not knowing what to say. They both sat in silence for a moment, smiling at each other. It was moments like this that Jingyu cherished, the ability to sit in silence and enjoy each other’s presence.


Weizhou broke the silence first. “I can’t wait to see you. It’s been so long.”


“Yes, it has. And I feel like I should apologize for how I acted last time. I just hate seeing you sick, and it upset me that I felt like you didn’t take it seriously.”


“No, babe, it’s me who should apologize. I know better, and yet I still push myself past the point of where I should. And it’s selfish, because when I’m sick, it’s also hurting you, too.”

Jingyu smiled a little, he had to be himself here, “Good, I’m glad you see the error of your ways.”


Weizhou’s eyebrows shot up and he pursed his lips. “You! Just wait until I see you… you have a pinch coming to those cheeks!”


After they both laughed a little, they talked a bit about the crazy fan updates on the forums and Instagram. Jingyu finished some dinner while Weizhou talked about the photo shoots he had been doing.


“Well go get some sleep, and we’ll chat tomorrow. What is on your schedule tomorrow?” Jingyu asked Weizhou.


“Oh, it’s clear.”


“Wait, what? What’s going on?” Jingyu was concerned.


Weizhou internally cursed, “Oh, nothing. Just a scheduled break day for me. Li Hao said he listened to you, too.” That should shut the big fool up, use him as the reasoning!


“Hmm, ok. I have never seen you be so compliant, though.”  Jingyu was suspicious. It was so unlike ZZ to acquiesce so easily. But on the other hand, Jingyu did give Li Hao a good talking to about ZZ’s health the last time they saw each other.


“Since we’re both free in the morning, perhaps we can have, uh, an extended FaceTime, uh, call.” Weizhou knew the subject change would work.


“Really? You really mean that? Even when we’re going to see each other in a couple of days? Are you sure you don’t want to save up for in person?” Jingyu’s eyebrows arched in his classic devilish way.


“Please. We’re not old! I have enough for you, and then some!”


“Hahaha! Ok, ok! Then I’ll see you in the morning, babe!”


Weizhou smiled, “Ok, babe. I’ll see you in a few hours. Kiss!”


They both then settled into a peaceful night's’ rest, each anticipating the morning call that was promised. Weizhou had resisted having any sort of mutually pleasing “sessions” via FaceTime. He found it so frustrating. The thought of sitting there, seeing his Jingyu pleasing himself and Weizhou not being able to assist in person was something that he couldn’t find any pleasure in. On the contrary, he felt like it would be torture. So Jingyu’s persistence in asking had slowly been subdued. Besides, he also saw a benefit to being denied, as it made them both much more motivated to see each other in person as often as possible. But this time he felt it was necessary, knowing how much it would mean to Jingyu. But having not traded any sort of mature photos, or gone that far in a FaceTime session, would turn out to be a silver lining in a brewing storm cloud.


The morning arrives…


The ringing is what woke him up. But something didn’t feel quite right about it. Jingyu slowly came to a more woken state, and realized that the ringtone he was expecting wasn’t the one that was ringing. Was ZZ using a different phone? No, it’s a ringtone he associated to his manager. Damn, is the break schedule for this morning cancelled? He reached over and fumbled for his phone…


“Hey, what’s up.” Jingyu answered. He listened for a moment to his manager, and processed what he was saying. Slowly, Jingyu understood, and he suddenly felt the icy cold adrenaline enter his bloodstream. He remembers focusing on that feeling, and trying to concentrate on it’s progression around his body. It was a rare moment of partial lucidity, laying there in his warm bed, and feeling that course through him. Then reality snapped him back, and he sprang up to a sitting position. “Ok, I understand. Fine. Yes. Ok. Yes. Ok. Bye.”


For a brief moment, Jingyu all at once felt frightened, alone, violated, betrayed. He looked down at his phone, and felt like he didn’t want to hold it anymore. He tossed it across the room, onto the couch.


A million thoughts were flying around his head. He could tell they were there, but he couldn’t tell exactly their meaning. Too many to process, to decipher through the flood of emotion.


Jingyu reverted to his training. He concentrated on his breathing, focusing on counting to seven while breathing in, and then slowly out. In…...out…...in…...out…..in…..ou *Ding!*  The text message tone broke the silence from across the room.




*Ding, ding, ding!*  …  Ding!*




Jingyu stared at the phone on the couch, cursing himself for not assigning special tones for texts from certain people. The anonymity of the texts now glaringly apparent.


He felt like he wanted to hide. Not for lack of courage, but to have the opportunity to process the thoughts. After thirty seconds of silence had passed, Jingyu became angry at himself for how his response has been so far. He got up to retrieve the phone.


One message from his manager. Four from Weizhou. One from Li Hao. He opened ZZ’s first.


“Are you awake?”

“I need to talk to you. It’s urgent.”

“Li Hao just told me your manager called you already.”

“I’m sorry. It’s being handled. Li Hao is texting you my new number. Message me there.”


Jingyu then opened Li Hao’s message. Just a series of numbers, representing a new digital identity for Weizhou. Jingyu wryly smirked at the thought, and copied the number to the clipboard.


He then opened his manager's message.


“I spoke with Li Hao. We are coordinating. We have also contacted the PR firm in Beijing. The issue is being worked. I will be at your room shortly with a new SIM, until then, it should go without saying to not use your phone anymore.”


Jingyu locked his phone and tossed it back on the couch. So much for a leisure morning camming with his babe. He decided to take a shower and get ready to face this head on. He unlocked the latch on his door so his manager could enter, and retreated into a very hot shower to surrender himself for ten minutes of hopeful peace before the oncoming storm.




Weizhou’s return from slumber ended abruptly with a loud knocking at his door. His first thought was that another fan had somehow learned of his room number and is attempting to meet him. It’s happened before, and ZZ usually found it entertaining. He was still relishing this new phase of his career. But this time, it annoyed him. He got up, threw on the jeans and t-shirt laying on the floor, and opened the door to the room. No one was there, and he poked his head out. Not seeing a soul, he turned around to come back in, thinking he dreamed it. He heard the knocking again, and a muffled “ZZ!”, coming from the door that was shared between his room and Li Hao’s. “What the hell?” muttered Weizhou, and he opened the door.


Li Hao immediately walked in and went straight for Weizhou’s phone. He picked it up and was about to turn it off, when Weizhou stopped him.


“Uhh, what’s up Li Hao?”

“You’ve been hacked. The last thirty days of texts between you and Jingyu were posted online last night. The perpetrators also admitted to having more than just the texts. The police from the Digital Crimes Unit are almost here, and instructed me to turn the phone off and pull the SIM out. I’ve talked to Jingyu’s manager already, and I have a new SIM and phone for you.”


Weizhou heard everything Li Hao said, but was still comprehending the first sentence over and over in his head.


You’ve been hacked.


You’ve been hacked.


You’ve been hacked.


Weizhou felt like his knees were going to buckle. He sat down on the edge of the bed, staring out to a point five feet in front of him. Li Hao handed him a glass of water and some aspirin.  He took them and drank the whole glass. He turned to Li Hao, grabbed his phone.


“I haven’t pulled the SIM yet!”


“Good. I just need to text Jingyu that you’ll be sending him my new number.”


He fired off three quick messages to Jingyu, his hands shaking. As he typed the fourth message, he paused. He felt a pain shoot through his heart, as he slowly deleted the word “Babe” from the beginning of the last message. That wouldn’t be good to have added to the already enormous amount of intimate terms apparently already out for the world to see. After sending the messages, he turned off the phone and popped the SIM. He was about to break it, when Li Hao stopped him, as the police will want it to examine. He picked up the new phone from Li Hao and proceeded to wait for a reply.


This morning was going to go down as one of the worst mornings of his life. Probably the worst. Yet all he could think of was how Jingyu was doing.


Chapter 2

First Contact


After several minutes staring at the phone, Weizhou had Li Hao text Jingyu’s manager. He said he was in Jingyu’s room and he was in the shower, and that he’d have him text Weizhou as soon as he was out. Weizhou took the opportunity to shower himself.


Once Jingyu was out of the shower and dressed, his manager handed him the new phone. He had brought breakfast up, and told Jingyu that the director said to not worry about coming to film for two days. There were scenes without Jingyu to be filmed and they needed to deal with this first. He sent a note for Jingyu:



I wanted you to know that the cast, crew, and myself are here for you. We support you. In time, you may come to see this event as a turning point, or simply as a small speed bump in life. Either way, I know you will prevail. Fighting!



P.S. - Stop thinking. You’re not letting us down. Now go take care of ZZ.


Jingyu smiled. Meng and he had become close, something that is rare for Jingyu. Meng had become the big brother that Jingyu never had. A confidant. A mentor. So much, that Jingyu had opened up to him about his relationship with Weizhou. When he had told ZZ that, Weizhou surprised him by saying he was happy to hear that. ZZ said he had seen the stress of the circumstances weighing on him, and he hoped that by developing a close friendship with Meng it would alleviate those stresses. Jingyu asked ZZ if he had told anyone, at which point he turned the phone towards Li Hao, who smiled and waved. Jingyu was grateful for Li Hao.


Back to the issue at hand. Jingyu opened up the Contacts app on his phone, and the starkness of the emptiness reminded him just how alone he could feel at times. Only one record was listed - Xu Weizhou. His manager said he entered the new contact number for him, but he was on his own to transfer other contacts he wanted, knowing full well that is what Jingyu wanted, anyway. His manager said he’d be back later, and left.


He tapped the contact record, and tapped the phone icon. As soon as he had the phone to his ear, the call was answered.


“Are you alone?” Weizhou asked.


“Yes, and hi to you, too.” After a few seconds of silence,  “Hello? ZhouZhou?”


“I’m here…” croaked Weizhou.


“Babe, are you crying? Are you ok?” Jingyu was on full alert and honed in on ZZ’s voice.

Weizhou was barely able to utter, “I’m fine, I think. How are you?”


“Babe, I’m hanging up and FaceTiming you.”


“No! I’ll be ok, I don’t want you to see me like this.”


“Nonsense. I need you to see my handsome face so you feel better.” Jingyu resorted to a joke, in hopes that his ZZ feels better.


*Sniff* “Heh. Thank you, for that…” Weizhou replied. Then, “Babe, I’m so sorry. I don’t know how it happened. I’m very careful about where my phone is. I have a security code set and even two-pass authentication enabled. I just don’t know what happened. I’ve been trying to think where the failure was and I can’t think of anything. I’m such a mess right now.”


“Shhh. Shhh… It’ll be ok. The authorities will figure all of that out. Don’t worry about it.”


“Ever since I learned about it this morning, all I could think about was how you were doing. I hate that we’re so far apart. And then I’m wondering what this could mean about actually being able to see each other.”


Jingyu thought back to the note from Meng, and he knew what he needed to say.


“Nothing is keeping me from you. No ban, no forced outing…. nothing. I’m done with the hiding, and keeping this a secret. You mean too much to me. In fact, I’m glad this happened. It means I can finally stand up and tell the world that I, Huang Jingyu, love Xu Weizhou with all my heart and being.”




Li Hao had taken a seat across the room, but within eyesight of ZZ. Weizhou had said he wanted him close.


They had grown close working together. At first, as his manager. Then a right-hand man. And then a confidant. Being trusted and needed were essential to feeling productive and successful in life for Li Hao. But when ZZ and Li Hao had realized how much of a friendship they have, and how much it meant to them - well, that was all the bonus Li Hao had needed in a career. And to know how good of a person Jingyu was for ZZ, and be a part of nurturing that, meant the world to Li Hao.


Li Hao was watching ZZ talk on the phone. Weizhou’s response to this morning was typical Weizhou - adaptable to the news, strong in the face of it, showing courage. What was new to Li Hao was seeing ZZ as soon as he picked up the call from Jingyu. The tears welling up in Weizhou’s eyes cause Li Hao to freeze for a moment. He then turned to grab some water and tissues, passing them over to ZZ. After taking a seat, he watched as the phone call continued.


Seeing Weizhou vulnerable like this was new, but didn’t worry Li Hao as much as it would have a normal manager. What worried him was the pending storm and handling the fallout. Already he was fielding calls from close contacts in the entertainment news community, wanting that coveted first interview. Li Hao couldn’t blame them, really, as it’s their job. But what did concern him was how Weizhou was doing as a friend, not as a client. This is where the nature of their relationship would get dicey. He’s going to have to evaluate each and every move from the best possible outcome for ZZ, and that could mean some uncomfortable conversations. But, it ultimately depended upon what these two wanted.


It sounded like the call is coming to an end, and ZZ was still curled up on the couch, red-eyed, and sniffling. He had heard ZZ talking about not knowing how the hack happened, and Jingyu probably replied with something consoling, because he knew that guy would be more concerned about ZZ’s well-being.


But then he saw Weizhou’s eyes grow big and his jaw drop as he sat up straight. Then he saw two huge pools of tears well up in ZZ’s eyes and spill over. With his mouth still agape, but not making a sound, Weizhou became flushed and started sweating. Li Hao now became hyper-focused on the situation, and waited to hear what was happening.




For the second time in a morning, Weizhou could only repeatedly think of a set of words over and over in his head...


I can finally stand up and tell the world that I, Huang Jingyu, love Xu Weizhou with all my heart and being.


I can finally stand up and tell the world that I, Huang Jingyu, love Xu Weizhou with all my heart and being.


I can finally stand up and tell the world that I, Huang Jingyu, love Xu Weizhou with all my heart and being.


He sat there, staring at the wall across the room. Mouth hanging open. Jingyu’s voice jerks his attention back to the call.


“Are you there? Are you ok? ZZ? I mean it. I don’t care what the world thinks anymore.”


“I’m here, babe. I’m just still processing it all, I guess.”


“I understand. I’m sorry if this added to your already upset state.” Jingyu said worriedly.


“No, you’re fine. And I love you, too. Truly. Do you know that?” Weizhou needed Jingyu’s affirmation before continuing.


“I know, babe. I know. I wish I could hold you right now.”


“Me too. But… I want us to be rational about this. I don’t think we should be going and telling the world just yet. Do you understand what I’m saying?” Weizhou hesitantly asked.


Jingyu smiled. He expected this. One thing jiu jitsu taught was how to read a situation and formulate a response. The very fact that his ZZ was starting to think rationally again was proof that as bad as this turn of events had gotten, Weizhou could handle it, and was handling it.


“Don’t worry, ZZ. I’m not the big fool Gu Hai. I won’t run off and do anything rash. However, I wanted to let you know where I stand in this. I feel like I haven’t communicated fully how I feel about you, and wanted to plant the stake in the ground here, at this moment, and let you know.”


Weizhou let out a long sigh and leaned back on the couch. As bad as things were this morning, he could feel the smile on this face. He glanced at Li Hao, and gave a thumbs up that he’s ok, in spite of how it looked. Li Hao’s appreciation showed on his face.


And he couldn’t let it escape, “You are a big fool, though, and I love it.”


To be continued...

Eh, formatting is slightly off... enjoy!

I already follow your work in wattpat....thanks for sharing!!!:wub::cookie:

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