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Bear with me, this is going to be one of my long post.   There has been many analysis on this, but I do believe that they both have mutual affection for each other.  ZZ is harder to read, but I t

Hi friends, I'm a HEROIN & YuZhou fan from Beijing China. Another Chinese fan introduced this forum to me (not sure if he has an account here) and I have been trying to read through this thre

What else? Well... let's hear from the top posts then 为什么其他耽美演员能同台,同秀恩爱,因为都是假的。为啥他俩同个框就搞得世界末日一样,因为他俩是真的 Why is it that other BL actors can be seen together and act like a couple? Because it'

7 hours ago, prima13facie said:


Bazaar Fashion Style (芭莎风格衣橱) update featuring ZZ

在22岁生日那天 @许魏洲ZZ 选择和云南昆明嵩明县三转弯小学的小朋友们一起度过[爱你]一路飞机汽车辗转十几个小时,只为将第三季芭莎#公益星设计#的“艺术梦想包”亲手送到山区贫困儿童手中[心]孩子们给他系上红领巾时 他的表情严肃又认真[求关注]在教室给孩子们上音乐课时 他变成了可爱幽默的许老师[噢耶]他把自己写的《月光》教给孩子们,也把艺术梦想撒播在孩子们心间[鲜花]一个个“艺术梦想包” 一缕缕希望之光[好喜欢]行程艰辛疲惫又如何,孩子们的笑颜便是最大的动力

Rough Trans.

At his 22nd Birthday that day @许魏洲ZZ chose to spent his time together with the 3rd grade primary school kids in SongMing County, KunMing, Yunnan  [爱你] all the way from the 10 hours travel from plane and his car, and only for the 3rd season of Bazaar #CharityStarProject# "Artistic dream packs" were personally given as gifts to the poor children in the Mountain areas [心] at that time, the children gave and tied to him a red scarf, his expression was deep and heartfelt [求关注] At the classroom, he taught music lessons to children, he became Teacher Xu, lovely and full of humor [噢耶] he wrote his own song Moonlight to teach the children and he sowed the artistic dream into the young hearts of the children [鲜花]One after another the "Artistic Dream bag", a ray of light of hope[好喜欢] The travel distance is somehow difficult & exhausting but the children's smiles were his biggest motivation.


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ZZ is absolutely amazing. He is so sweet with poeple and especially with children! What a fantastic young man and great artist. He never ceases to impress me. 

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JY lxhgeili_org.gif

cr  今天喝鱼粥了吗







cr 瑜洲的胃药





ZZ Teaching "HAI"


JY's short clip.

The host is on his table and JY is about to eat a lipstick like snack, JY says it tastes like a "tree"



1 hour ago, bearology said:

JY today - clip. WHO IS THIS BOY???? :angry:

That is a clear violation! So close and touchy! inappropriate! Good thing Li Ge went back immediately to the rescue or the boss will drop down his jujitsu! And who's that "obey" guy wandering around?

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Finally JY received this year's Cosmo Beauty Festival Leap Idol Award along with Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang Tianai, Jiang Shuying, Zhou Mi.

While the other artists are promoting their shows and movies, JY said on his short speech that Guns & Kidneys is a very great leap.

That's the spirit boss gza_org.gif



JY when eating that lipstick

cr 洲坑里的狮子



Clip for JY receiving the award


JY Off the venue

cr 小奶音biubiubiu




this deadly smile by JY after the event

cr logo



Congratulations Boss HJY!


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The BTS. The BTS Korean fans have been talking about! I don't know how to download videos from weibo so I'm just gonna link it! Good lord, my heart cannot handle this. 

Bed scene:


Edit: Bed Scene - Reuploaded by original poster 



Caught offguard changing clothes: 


ZZ hitting JY because he was 'cheating' on him: 


Edited by marurina
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3 hours ago, bearology said:

Cr 墨小虾xx



wow~~~ that inner thigh rub feels good kitty zhou ah? i should know...hahahahha....somebody please post the complete BTS....im dying soon! hahhaha

for the zz only fans who try to threaten our kitty zhou...i dont feel anger towards them instead i pity them...we the fans, especially the "rich fans" dont give gifts and favors for our boys to get something in return. we do something for a person we like and admire because of the joy they bring to our lives...like what boss whale said..if some of their fans leave for one reason or another...they would not be bitter about it instead be thankful for all the good memories....dont worry baby kittycat, your boss whale will always protect you and be there for you....and you got us too....we admire and love our boys not because of the fancy clothes or things they have now, or even the fame and stature that they acheived.....we love them because they are down to earth and began as ordinary people like us...we love the jingyu and zhou2x we met last winter....when you first started out, when life was simple for you guys, when you can touch, hug and play with each other and smile together carelessly, do piggyback rides, laugh like crazy (arbi and dobi, is that correct...im trying to remember the chinese words that i picked up....correct my chinese...my soompi brothers and sisters...hohoho) kids

boss whale holding the magazine with his kitty cat cover and being oblivious about it is amazing! boss whale is cautious yet in little ways always declare his love for zhou2x...i hope out kitty cat, in his own little ways would do the same too,...(im not demanding...just wishful thinking! lol)

boss whale & kitty cat....you dont need to make favors for us your TRUE fans,,,we just want you to be really happy together or not....we just want more sugar and candy treats from you! hahahahha.......sorry for my novel! lol!


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Indeed the Korean Addicted BTS were real!

GIF (Bedscene part 1)



GIF JY and ZZ half naked



Full Version (better angle) of the BTS released tonight by Korean fans.

HD version

JY and ZZ half naked


HD Version Youtube link

Bedscence part 2 + ZZ hitting JY and told everyone he's cheating + JY and ZZ caught off half naked


Edit: Checked links and thank God they are still working!

Added a compiled video from 永不放倒 瑜洲大旗.(all can be rescaled to 720p HD)

JY practicing his lines part 1 & 2 + JY playing the wrong guitar key + a cut from Chenwen and LinFensong's kiss + JY and ZZ caught half naked + ZZ hitting JY and telling everyone he's cheating on him+ JY and ZZ (GH/BLY) bedscene part 1

Full Bedscene 




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48 minutes ago, 1blankstare said:

[抓狂] OMG! Thank you!

Caught of guard link isn't working, probably taken down by fan or staff

For some reason, the video for the bed scene is gone too. :(

Edit: Someone uploaded it on IG.




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10 hours ago, bearology said:

Teacher Xu and Student Huang LOL. According to Ryo, those lines on the board are Moonlighr lyrics LOL

Xu Teacher: You are the Moon, I am the Sun, remember this OK! :lol:


Yes, Xu Teacher, we always remember you are the Sun who is giving your warmth to a 'tall and handsome' moon ever since. :heart: Xu Teacher is so adorable, and he really looks like a great teacher who love kids (and the kids love him too!). I am so happy that he did this thing. I bet JY must be very proud of him.


7 hours ago, yzcraze62 said:

The more I listen to the letter reading part I'm really convince is not for the fans but for the special someone! Well IMO!:blush::heart:


@yzcraze62 I know! Especially the part that I posted earlier, some of the sentences do not even make sense to the fans. What about the 'meeting and getting to know each other in the winter'? What about 'I have never say I like that person'. :blush: JY ah, you are so crafty!

Also a Handsome Boss! Look at him below, gorgeous, tall, lean and manly. Lucky kitten :wub:

7 hours ago, bearology said:

Translated by Gashu "HJY appeared at COSMO(sth) red carpet, a whole body of black suit very dommineering, "the burn" exploded the site, look forward to what boss will be doing later!" 




6 hours ago, bearology said:

JY today - clip. WHO IS THIS BOY???? :angry:

  Hide contents


Yeah that guy has known no boundaries. Look at how uncomfortable JY was. It's fortunate his manager came, if kitten was there, there would be claw and blood already. 'How dare you getting so close to my hubby, he is mine!" <-- possessive cat.

But of course it's known that JY does not like to be touched by stranger, although he really does not mind at all when a certain kitten rubbing his thigh.

I just want to say, no straight men rubbing their inner thigh off screen like that. Here is the rough translation of what they said (correct me if it's wrong):

JY: I touch you.Don't touch me. I will have desire when you touch me. 
JY: why don't you resist me when l compel you after we have not seen each other for a period of time? 
ZZ: because we are couple and we have not seen each other for a period of time.

Haha, JY said he is easily aroused when kitten touches him. :sweatingbullets:

7 hours ago, yzcraze62 said:
  5 hours ago, bearology said:

Cr 墨小虾xx





7 hours ago, mrsaturn said:

That's why I am quite worried that many fans are like this too... they supported them because they pity their situation and want to see them appear together again that's why they are holding to this fandom for so long.

@mrsaturn There are probably a few people like him out there, BUT I won't be worry too much at this point. Some people might started this YZ fandom because of their protectiveness spirit (like why they are not allowed be seen together while it's clear they are a real couple  very good friend), it doesn't make sense right? But the feelings develop when they follow their individual journey into supporting them both individually and together at the same time. :)


:blink: OMG The kissing scene in Korean BTS is off limit! No wonder they wouldn't show it at first. I remember ZZ and JY said they were lost during intimate scene,  they said they were not even felt like acting, but really engrossed into their feelings to each other (or should I say horniness :vicx:). Just look at that ZZ panting and lusty look when JY took off his shirt. I wonder did they continue this scene at night minus the camera of course :phew:, there must be lots of pent-up energy left over.



2 hours ago, 1blankstare said:




Lastly, just 2 gorgeous guys caught unguarded. Look how ZZ covered JY. ZhouYu anyone?




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@mrsaturn Right now is a critical time for fans to support them because their career is still growing, not yet stabilize and their fans are still small in numbers compare to others.  Of course, the ban helped to assisted in this madness.  But I think that over time as they become well recognize as mainstream celebrities, their fandoms will grow and there won't be much needed effort from the first generation of fans to help support them.  I probably won't stop supporting them, instead, my support will probably be much more relaxed.

ZZ and JY don't owe us anything.  We support them because we love them unconditional and the only thing we want from them is their wellbeing and happiness.  To expect more is detrimental to your own wellbeing, and I would recommend you stop it now before it can badly affect you psychologically in the long run.  

Originally, I used the word 'unconditional love' to describe the relationship between JY and ZZ because I think that their love is beyond gender and is between two souls.  I realized that this can also apply to us (fans) as well.  Our love for them should also be unconditional.  We've done a lot of analysis, picked out their habits, their body languages, and their personalities.  We know they are not perfect, but are trying to improve each day.  They will make mistakes, they may fall out of love with each other.  But we never should regret the time we spent chasing them or loving their love, because at the time that we were doing all those things, we were enjoying it!  Living in the moment because we wanted to!  I liked both JY and ZZ as individuals and am fortunate enough to have been here when they started as unknown in a small web series to where they are now and will be in the future.

It is normal for fans to go as time passes.  It is also normal for some to stick in for the long run.  And it is also very normal for some to go for a while and find their way back.  Recently, one of the very first generation fan came out of the woodwork and tell her account of the earlier days (way back from the casting period of Addicted).  Much of her account corresponded with a lot of what I thought happened back then by providing some extra details that I didn't know exist before (such as JY going back to Shanghai in the middle of November for work and BJJ and that the deleted post on Nov. 25th, 2015 was an early telling sign of where his heart was).  Even though it has been February since Addicted was banned, it never stop the stream of new YuZhou fans (found out that there were a lot of fans who were recently drafted into YuZhou in October).  It is never late for those with affinity to them and bright enough to see love to cross path and join as a family.

I hope we all stay for a long long time!

@ksuyen Agreed with your analysis on the kissing scene, they seemed to have lost themselves, forgot that they were on set filming.  They probably forgot about the whole crew being there.  Leehom have a longer version with the scene after the flip.  I am now beginning to believe that it is not that the director did not say 'CUT' on the intimate scenes (from YY interview), BUT it is because they lost themselves during those scenes and probably did not hear it.


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43 minutes ago, tea4two said:

@ksuyen Agreed with your analysis on the kissing scene, they seemed to have lost themselves, forgot that they were on set filming.  They probably forgot about the whole crew being there.  Leehom have a longer version with the scene after the flip.  I am now beginning to believe that it is not that the director did not say 'CUT' on the intimate scenes (from YY interview), BUT it is because they lost themselves during those scenes and probably did not hear it.


Director: "cut"

(GH kept kissing BLY neck)

Director: "CUT"

(GH started rubbing BLY arms and bodies with his hands)

Director: "CUT! CUT!"

(GH already rubbing his crotch against BLY bum)

Director: "..."

18+ below


BTW you could see GH erection in part 2 :dizzy: and then BLY wanted to 'touch' little hai-zi (I use a very loose term here, @baw74 probably have more vocabulary to describe this part). :grimace:



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15 minutes ago, ksuyen said:

18+ below

  Hide contents

BTW you could see GH erection in part 2 :dizzy: and then BLY wanted to 'touch' (I use a very loose term here, @baw74 probably have more vocabulary to describe this part) it. :grimace:


Oof. So I'm the erotic wordsmith now?  LOL! Eh... I'll take it. :)

For your share above, I'd describe it as...


When the director yelled, "ACTION!", Jingyu had already assumed the role of Gu Hai. This was the sixth take this morning. The only problem was, he was immersed into the role completely.

He'd only been slightly aware of the predicament. The time between takes was quick, as they adjusted lighting, corrected lines, small things. He and Weizhou hadn't had to move much. But Jingyu hadn't prepared for the shooting of these intimate scenes like he normally does - with a quick visit to the restroom for some private time. However this morning the director switched it up to film this scene - their penultimate coupling.

When the action started, he realized he was tenting his sweatpants. OH GOD WHY! Why did I have to be dressed in these! thought Jingyu. It couldn't be helped, he had to go with it.

Weizhou had known when the last take had been called. He felt the bulge had gotten larger. Knowing how Jingyu's process for acting was, he wasn't surprised, the guy really immersed himself into his role. Weizhou thought it was hilarious, and so he decided to have fun with it. As the scene progressed, and Jingyu's Gu Hai struggled to undress Zhou's Bai Luo Yin, Weizhou took the opportunity. Reaching back in the struggling, he easily found the massive Jingyu Jr., and give it a squeeze.

Gu Hai was confused. Why would Bai Luo Yin do that? He likes it! He wants it!

Weizhou laughed inside at Jingyu's reaction - who had immediately descended upon his neck and face with attempts at wildly snogging him. Weizhou had to be careful and not screw up the scene. Jingyu had sat up again, trying to undress him. He reached around again, and did another squeeze and tug.

Gu Hai just about lost it. Careful, Bai Luo Yin! I may lose control of Little Gu Hai!

Jingyu attacked Weizhou with more snogging.

"CUT! End scene - great job fellas!" the director yelled.

Jingyu jumped up and ran to the restroom.


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5 hours ago, tea4two said:

To expect more is detrimental to your own wellbeing, and I would recommend you stop it now before it can badly affect you psychologically in the long run.  


Just to clarify, but you are referring to those fans that think both of them owe them a living right. Because I never expect anything from them as i know they dont owe us anything. I want them to be happy in everything they do.

It just make me sickening to see fans thinking they have a say in everything they do when they are just fans.

The first generation fan, are you referring to the tieba post? The one where zz was scolded by bailouyin 1.0 fans in October?

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