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List of songs JY briefly sang in Hello! Goddess's singing game segment, whereby they have to think of relevant songs to sing for specific keywords. Those who can't think of relevant songs will be eliminated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlJUYu9BBvI

*video timings linked in each number, songs linked in each song title*


Keyword: Animal
1) The little white rabbit (小白兔白又白)
JY: the little white rabbit, white and white~ both ears standing up~ this can be considered as rap

2) Chyi Chin - Wolf (齐秦 - 狼) (part of the lyrics >> "I am a wolf from the North, walking on the endless wilderness")
JY: too difficult..too difficult..
Host: 5,4,3,2,1...
JY: I am a wolf from the North~
Host: wow fits the theme well, you came from the North
Host2: Oh, really a wolf from the North
JY: turned into a dog in the South due to the hot weather

*热成狗 is a way of describing how the weather is so hot that one turns into a dog (dogs panting) xiaoku_org.gif *After the "animals" keyword ended, he told the host "suddenly I think of many animals(songs)"

Keyword: Color
1Jay Chou - Blue white porcelain (周杰伦 - 青花瓷) (edit:linked with eng subs)
2) Sun Nan - Fluttering red flag (孙楠- 红旗飘飘)

Keyword: Season
1) Landy wen - Summer breeze (温岚 - 夏天的风 )
2) Jacky Cheung - Autumn sense (張學友 - 秋意浓)

Keyword: Number
1) Jacky Cheung - One thousand reasons to be heartbroken (張學友 - 一千個傷心的理由)

2) CoCo Lee- In 365 Days when i missed you (李玟 - 想你的365天)
*this is ost of animated film <Lotus lantern>
*eng sub

3) Jay Chou - Starry mood (周杰倫 - 星晴)
lyrics link > http://jaychoulyrics.blogspot.sg/2009/02/translation-quiet-boy-www.html

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Bear with me, this is going to be one of my long post.   There has been many analysis on this, but I do believe that they both have mutual affection for each other.  ZZ is harder to read, but I t

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First Light Asian Tour in Shanghai (081316)


Source:   许魏洲国际后援会











Source:   冰冰TICKTOCK





Source:   许魏洲吧











Johnny on today's live stream (081416)


Source:   Six_Two基地站


Hello Goddess (081316)


Source:   KwanKwan君君君







Source:   锦衣卫全球后援团



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First Light Asian Tour in Shanghai (081316)


Source:   Timmy_dannie







Johnny on today's live stream (081416)


Source:   鱼京鱼京鱼正版


Fan arts


Source:   锋芒一中高三27班官博 /  有的是傻_沒的是力






Source:   Danty-五角星



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First Light Asian Tour in Shanghai (081316)


Source:   梁纪WIN










Johnny on today's live stream (081416)


Source:   Bluesea_黄景瑜个站








Source:   sguie










Video manip


Source:  UtheLightV_
Video clip:  



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17 minutes ago, aerospaces said:

Hello everyone! I've decided to write/post YuZhou fanfic here, a kind of throwback to the good old days when Addicted was still being filmed

Hello and welcome to addicted forum :). Thank you for the fanfic. I like your story,

Congratulation to ZZ, What A Great Concert! and thank you guys for all the updates, translations and candies :wub:

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2 hours ago, aeislaeigh said:

Fan arts

  Reveal hidden contents

Source:   锋芒一中高三27班官博 /  有的是傻_沒的是力







Of course google translated it (there are parts kinda iffy, sorry :sweatingbullets:). I only know 'da' and 'hai'. I guessed the 'gu'. I really love that HaiYin sleeping together square. They look so perfect together.








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5 hours ago, Alby Roma said:

@charlie10 Being Bulgari from my lovely country i know those rings very well i do wear one they are perfectly the same in Italy (i have no idea elsewhere) usually we buy them in pair (means 2) and it is usually a love memory ring i do wear it while my partner that does like rings use it a necklace again i do not know what behind you firmly believe they are together hence this might be a proof and showing may also meaning sending indirect message but i am guessing here only. About the fact people mention name despite the ban, i am happy they do, same bravery can simply help rather than damage honestly. 

@Alby Roma And Johnny was in Milan so its possible that the rings come from there.

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1 hour ago, aerospaces said:

Hello everyone! I've decided to write/post YuZhou fanfic here, a kind of throwback to the good old days when Addicted was still being filmed  :bawling:

I've wanted to write about ~their love~ for the longest time but have been busy with a lot of RL stuff, and it's sort of thanks to the forum and everyone's posts that I've finally had the courage to post it (coincidentally this is cross posted on ao3/wattpad as well)! Tell me if this is not allowed, I'll take this down ASAP. I'm also taking fic requests (they keep me going) smutty or no (just don't break my heart)

First, I think it's perfectly fine to post the way you did. 

Secondly, I welcome all fanfic writers (in English) to this fandom! There are so few (currently, just @sohocomo - much love to you!) and I LOVE fanfiction. Also, you wrote on my favourite theme: first times. First kiss, falling in love, pining, doubting, confusion, lust. Love it. And you wrote that first kiss beautifully, so please, please go on. I want to know what happens next. :wub:

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A new chapter to YM and YQ's epilogue has been added. YM finally decided to go back but not before he receives a horrifying surprise :sweatingbullets:.

Read the full chapter translation of Meng Qi Qi Epilogue Ch. 15: One horrifying surprise here: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1098227/51



“How long had it been since we’ve slept together?” Yang Meng asked and answered himself, “I remember you use to come to my house every day to eat and sleep when we were young. Do you still remember the tiger pillow that my grandmother had sewn? You would fight with me for it every time you come to sleep at my house. It’s still being kept inside the cupboard now.”

BLY’s tough facial contours softened quite a bit, “Of course I remembered. When we were young, the food inside your house was nicer than my house and your house’s blankets were softer than my house’s. I went to your house every day but your parents never complained. ’Thinking about it now, it seems like it was a thing of yesterday. In a blink of an eye we’re already so old, almost everyone had already moved out of that neighbourhood.”

Yang Meng sighed, “It’s still better when we were young. We only knew how to play the whole day with no worries at all.”


BLY turned his head to see Yang Meng, the middle of his two eyebrows was twisted, his small mouth opening and closing, looking more pleasing the more he looked. He couldn’t resist reaching out a hand to pinch Yang Meng’s face and teased, “You looked like a little girl when you were young and still looks so pretty after you’ve grown up.”

“Scram scram scram……” Yang Meng wasn’t happy listening to this and pulled BLY’s hand down.

It’s been so long since BLY had touched such a soft face and couldn’t help pinching a few more times. He looked at Yang Meng lecherously, “I haven’t touched a woman for a year already. Now that I’ve caught a soft skin and tender flesh, you still won’t let me satisfy my desires?”

“Stop fooling around.” Yang Meng grabbed BLY’s hand and asked nervously, “Are you sure GH won’t return tonight?”

“I’m sure!” BLY said casually.



Suddenly, Yang Meng was awakened by the rustling sound of the door opening. He clutched BLY’s arm and asked anxiously, “Has GH returned?”

BLY had also vaguely heard some movements, he listened carefully but the movements were gone and hence he patted Yang Meng’s shoulders and said, “It’s nothing. It’s the sound of the neighbour’s door opening.”

Yang Meng was just about to relax his tensed muscles when a clear sound of the door opening had him scared completely senseless.

“Big baby——”

A clear and powerful call came from the bedroom next door, accompanied by the shaking of the bed board.

BLY could imagine how GH had tiptoed in, sneaked into the bedroom next door and pounced onto the bed in the dark…… only to have thrown his self into thin air……


“Didn’t you say that he won’t be back?” Yang Meng’s hands became icy cold in an instant.

BLY’s body froze and couldn’t utter a word.

“Yin Zi, save me!!!”


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Woah... as expected HD cams are slowly flooding it's way through youtube. Maybe a day or two we can expect a full length HD video from ZZ's last concert at Shanghai.

So far, this is the best HD video I found uploaded today by CaTimmy fan's club for ZZ's version of Simple Love . Although, Jay Chou's version is romantic and simple, what I really like was the musical arrangement done for ZZ's performance and the way ZZ sang it. ZZ gave an original flavor even if it's just a cover. ZZ's version seems to be upbeat, cheerful and happy, very perfect for his sunny attitude, hearing it feels like he's walking in a bright, simple, free and happy place filled with love. Of course, walking hand in hand with JY.


CR:  海若有因


Part 1 of some other HD videos compiled making up to 27 minutes of ZZ's performance. It includes Jay Chou' song (献世) , the song dedicated for his mother ( 空港(戴爱玲), his unlocked talent with drums, a short HD clip of his <Beautiful Liar>  dance etc. Enjoy!

Full length HD concert coming soon.

CR:  Xu Weizhou



@bearology J love you suit ftw! I was actually torn between 3 clothes including the long coat with cap for his last costume, I dunno maybe ZZ was able to pull it off or he look cute and looked like a kid. 

So many new members! Welcome!

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On Saturday, August 13, 2016 at 4:18 PM, Alby Roma said:

 i have a question where i can read the first part of the 2nd book i am reading on wattapad the 1st book with no issue and i have read also the second part of the 2nd book but i would love to read the first part of the second book but i cannot find an english version so far. 


Currently there’s no complete translation of ‘part 1’ of Book 2. I suggest you look up relevant bits of translations from the first page of the forum based on this summarised timeline of events.

However, I did do a partial translation of Book 2 chapter 2 and a complete translation of chapter 3 (GH and BLY’s first meeting after 8 years). If you read through the chapters after this, you can find summarised events of what happened between GH and BLY alongside YM and YQ’s story.

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Guest skeletonworks
16 hours ago, bearology said:

I don't want JY to change because of these variety shows. From what I see (cuts from fans) and read, this show is not like DWS, even worse than See You Monday I think. And theres that girl commenting stupid things about JY (don't let me start cursing that girl lol) I know being a celebrity you may need to hide your emotions sometimes but I love the way JY is right now. He's a Sagittarius. They normally 'wear emotion on sleeve'. JY was happy when he was in DWS because DWS showed his other sides, helped us understand him better (not just tying someone's hair or shoes). Although hes still showing his emotions for example with the dog but I have to say that scene was gold right? JY being true to himself and thats why we love him.  If he put on a mask once, he will never take it off anymore. So please don't change yourself JY. Sorry for my rambling. Its too early for me here and my brain is not functioning properly yet lol


I can vouch for that :-) So I'm praying hard that his future movie will be a blockbuster and he will be a superstar who can pick which variety show he wants to attend, not just any variety show... As a Saggi myself, I find myself difficult to wear a mask and pretend that I'm enjoying things when I'm actually not. Believe me, I've tried. Not much success. 


16 hours ago, nippy2002 said:

Comparing the two...WZ is in his element because performing is what he really does best, feeding off the audience energy....he is showing his talent and really loves what he does. 

Wherealas...JY...I am not quite sure if he absolutely loves all these shows especially those that seems to make him like a 'piece of meat' ... Playing on his popularity and idol status...he has to be kept in the public eye, maybe that is why he accepts all these talkshow. He can hold a show on his own, look at his 3m welfare - he is dorky, funny, sexy. Maybe he is bidding his time, till he gets better offers. 

Anyways...the vid of him smiling really quite sweetly, with a tinge of surprise under this cut cos other versions have already been shared.

  Reveal hidden contents




Did the MC really asked him about his type and then mentioned is his type someone like Zhouzhou? Did someone properly translate what the MC asked him and why he mentioned Zhouzhou's name?

Repeated this clip so many times, if yes to the above question, did I see a slight nod by him?? LOL. Hahahahaha. #deluluforever 

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