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[Drama 2016] My Son in Law's Woman 내 사위의 여자 M-F 8:28am KST

Ldy Gmerm

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My Son-In-Law's Woman 05

Title: 내 사위의 여자 / My Son-In-Law’s Woman
Chinese Title: 我女婿的女人
Genre: Family, Comedy
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2016-Jan-04-2016-Jun-17
Air time: Monday to Friday 08:30am


Lee Jin Sook (Park Soon Chun) treats her son-in-law, Kim Hyun Tae (Seo Ha Joon) like her real son. Kim Hyun Tae then meets Park Soo Kyung (Yang Jin Sung) and marries her which causes conflicts.


Main Cast

Yang Jin Sung as Park Soo Kyung
Seo Ha Joon as Kim Hyun Tae
Park Soon Chun as Lee Jin Sook

Park Soo Kyung’s Family

Kil Yong Woo as Park Tae Hoe
Lee Sang Ah as Jung Mi Ja
Seo Woo Rim as Bang Yeo Sa

Jae Young’s Family

Kim Ha Kyoon as Joo Dal Soo
Jang Jung Hee as Ma Sun Young
Jang Seung Jo as Joo Jae Young


Yoon Young Ah as Lee Ga Eun
Jung Kyung Ho as Woo Sik
Hwang Young Hee as Jung Mi Ja
Han Young as Jin Joo
Park Sung Geun as Min Sik
Park Jae Min as Cha Aik Joon
Lee Shi Won as Oh Young Chae
Lee Jae Eun as Young Sim

Production Credits

Director: Ahn Kil Ho
Scriptwriter: Ahn Seo Jung




Episode 1 Preview


Video Credit SBSNOW Channel on YouTube.

Press Conference:




Video Credit 힘내쭌   Channel on YouTube.

Press Conference Pictures:
















Press conference Pictures credit SBS site.

Official SBS site:


This drama Replaces the SBS Daily My Mother in Law is a Daughter in Law.



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Don't quote images.

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10 hours ago, thegoldbug said:

@Ldy Gmerm  Thank you for starting this thread...I haven't watched the first episode yet but I liked the lead actress in Hundred Years Bride so I think I'll be checking it out

No problem. I like you have not watched the 1st episode and only partially paid attention to episode 2 as I was making this thread at the time. I debated on whether to make a thread for this drama or even to watch it. But Episode 2 seemed a bit interesting so we will see how it goes.

Video for Episode 1:









*Note: Video May be out of order.

Video for Episode 2:


You can tell that his MIL really likes him to get down on her knees to him and say sorry and asks for another chance from him for her daughter or to apologize for her bad behavior or treatment to him. Even her daughter comes in and sees it and cries as well and goes out to sit with him to talk.

This girl wakes and seeks comfort from her mother and cries as she hugs her.

Later we see the daughter back from somewhere in bed sleep and wakes up to tell her mother and call him to tell him she is pregnant. (I have to wonder if this girl is a brat or was just too young mentally for this relationship with our lead yet.)

For me I can tell this girl just sees him as an Oppa figure who she may have grown up with or knows. I do not think she is interested in him. She is at the bar happily laughing at whatever is on her phone and he sees her getting mad. He pulls another woman in front but all she does is wave at him (ouch, yeah dude she is not interested in you other than a friend or brother figure.)His anger at her not getting mad at him dancing with another woman was foolish and he walks her out and puts her into a cab much to her confusion by this behavior. (If he knows she is not seeing him as a man or does not like him that way why is he being creepy and forcing this issue? Does he really like her or is she a means to an end? What is he after or trying to prove?)

I think this guy is really pushy. You can see this girl is not really into him but he is handing her a wedding right surprising her and expecting her to want to marry him? He is very creepy to me.

So these are either friends or co-workers and they all seem uncomfy. I guess the dark coat guy was the only bold one to talk back to this guy making him angry enough to throw a drink in his face then pour him another and use his hands to put ice in it as he wipes his hands and walks away outside venting his anger and walking a ways away from his car. (Not sure if they talked about his mother or not or even father.) This guy is creepy and has anger issues.

Later his father (or relative) showing up to beg for money and taking some if not all from his wallet when he handed it to him made me give him a bit of sympathy. But I still think he was foolish to give that person his wallet to take what they want. Either not give them any if they constantly asks or hand them what you want them to have. Showing up at the house to beg. 

More and more I see this guy as our drama bad guy especially if the girl he likes or wants never returns his attention now that he has tried to force not only a ring on her but tries to attack her in a hotel room and she seems to fight him from the preview. When she starts like our lead after his wife dies there is going to be big issues with this guy.

He is way too scary for me.

So the preview for episode 3 is not out yet, but I found it interesting that leads wife goes to a hotel alone and then has cramping and can't reach anyone she leaves her room to run into our female lead and creepy who is trying to pull the woman close to him and she seems a bit frighten of how handsy he is (she should be, why did he take her to a hotel trying to force the issue of marriage) and tries to walk (why not get a cab) she passes out at the elevator (stroke of luck for our lead female as that guy was truly worrying me for her safety. And they rush out to help her.

Later we see her trying to cross the road in the preview and then we see her on the ground either having passed out and died maybe from complications of the pregnancy or having been hit by a vehicle and then morning from the husband and mother.


LOL, she slaps him because she mis-assumes he was doing something perverted when he had just noticed a stain on her skirt. Yep, the two leads clashing will lead to them falling for one another. On the other hand I feel that creepy guy is forcing an engagement and is too forceful in that kiss he gives her. (gives me the shakes.) Cute relationship between MIL and SIL although his friends mess it up coming to the house lol.

Video Credit DramaSBS Channel on YouTube.

Looks like the wife of our lead is SW from an MBC Drama BY. Does not look like she will make it for long if we go by the preview. A sad end is coming to her. Her mother and hubby are going to be devastated. I smell birth secret coming.

I already can see who the bad guy is and he is creepy around our female lead.. The preview shows him to be getting more and more pushy and from today's episode I managed to see I would not put it past him to try to force her into some type of intimate relationship. Not sure why she is seeing him except perhaps her family thinks he is a nice guy.

From the Preview above it looks MIL was treated badly by her husbands mother in the past (can you believe she threw something at her and hit the baby?) and then he was taken away by the police. But I for sure saw that man in the present with gray hair talking to creepy guy in an office today. Will our lead female perhaps be his 2nd daughter in his new marriage? (Oh wow... this is going to be complicated when MIL finds out this.) Why did he never come back to MIL to our lead after being taken away. His mother looked like they type that prolly pushed him to let her and that child go and marry a rich woman if we go by the woman with the female lead in today's episode. Interesting.

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Guest ina111

@Ldy Gmerm Thank you for starting the thread! Also, thank you for posting the recap/videos.

I haven't watched more than a couple of clips so far, but it looks interesting. I'm planning to watch a few episodes this weekend and see if I like it. I already mentioned this on a different thread, but I almost didn't recognize Si Won in this drama, her character seems so sweet and normal. :D  I guess it's a sign that the actress is doing a good job.

The birth secret is spoiled in the character descriptions. I don't know if I understood correctly, but I think it says that




the MIL (Jin Sook) is the lead lady's (Soo Gyung's) birth mother. Uh oh. :crazy:



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It's good to see you here..Thanks for the translation. 

That is very interesting since that would mean that either she had two children and one was taken away with the husband. Or the girl who was pregnant Oh Young Chae (SW from BY) was not her daughter or the daughter from a new marriage making her half sister to PSK and Park Soo Kyung was taken away by her ex hubby and hateful mother in law. And from what I read she will not like PSK when KHT finally starts liking her and marries her only for it to be her possibly daughter. (What a way to end up next to the mother you never knew you lost. smh)

Like you I will try this weekend to watch the first 5 episodes back to back but the small bit I saw in episode 2 peaked my interest.

Video from Episode 3:









Video Credit DramaSBS Channel on YouTube.

Note: I have not had a chance to watch Episode 3 as of yet. Video may also be out of order.

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Came across this drama today. I will probably give it a chance since I like the leads. Although you can probably guess what will happen just from reading the synopsis. I watched the first 3 eps and this is what i gathered.

1) Soo Gyeong grandmother lied about Jin Sook and got rid of her so her son could remarry Mi ja whom she prefers  as his current wife. While the husband is in jail the grandmother and Mi ja move and take the baby(SG).

2) Heartbroken over losing her baby, and not knowing where the grandmother moved Jin sook gets into a car accident and is later shown as a teacher and it seems like a fun class on marriage and in laws. I think JS might have lost her memories in the accident.

3) Jin Sook daughter Ga Eun becomes pregnant by her boxer doesn't seem to have another job boyfriend Hyeon Tae. JS is against her daughter keeping the baby and even attempts to have her get an abortion. At the hospital Hyeon Tae mistaken's SG's room for his girlfriend GE and that where their first meeting happens. Hyeon Tae and Ga Eun convince her mother and later get married. 

4) After OBGYN check up Soo Gyeong goes to meet her friend Choi Yong Jun for coffee and they are caught chatting away by an Ajummah who later reports back to her mother. Her mother interrogates her after she gets home, but she assures her they are only friends. The next day SG picks up someone from the airport, Choi Jae Yeong who from body language tells us he likes her but she's not that into. They go clubbing and a random girl asks him to dance and SG tells him to, but he gets angry that she's paying more attention to her phone rather then getting jealous and that angers him and he send her home in a taxi. One evening while he goes to meet his friends one of his friends makes a comment about SG and how she's the daughter of  big company, JY loses it and pours drinks on the guy,  he goes outside and starts acting crazy. He seems to have a crazy tempter. He goes home and is  approached by someone who appears to be his father and he asks JY for some money, which he gives by throwing his wallet on the floor. Seems like a not so great father son relationship.

5) GE starts experiencing some pain on her honeymoon and they call Jin Sook to the hotel room to check on her, she thinks GE is going to be fine. While Hyeon Tae walks his mother in law down stairs to go home. GE starts having more pain. SG and JY are in the elevator and he tries to make advances at her by touching her, which makes her really uncomfortable (Okay I really hate this richard simmons bag). The elevator door opens and GE is on the floor asking for help, they rush her to the hospital. Hyeong Tae gets back to the hotel room and GE is no where to be found, He later finds her at the hospital and takes her to Jin sook. Where I assume they will be living with the mother in law. JY gives SG an engagement ring, which she contemplates but isn't at all eager to accept.

6) Hyeon Tae tries to be a nice caring son in law to Jin sook who isn't having it all. He picks her up from her class and offers to go to the market with her, later that night they all eat together although JS is not happy at all about it.

7) At school SG is confronted by her coffee shop friend Choi Yong Jun about something he insults her and she slaps him, as he attempts to slap her back he is stopped by JY he bunches him and they all end up at the police station.( The whole incident seems staged to me, I feels like the choi's might be brothers). Later SG is so grateful to Jae Yeong's rescue she decides to accept his proposal. In a turn of events the ajummah who tattled on SG at the coffee shop turns out to be JY's mother. Jae Yeong's family seems to be money hungry, and trying to climb the ladder through his marriage with SG. The father seems like a deadbeat dad.

8) Hyeon Tae's buddies come over while his out on a delivery service at SG house delivering her engagement dress. He meets her grandmother at the gate and gives her the package apologizing for just leaving. SG comes out and takes the package from grandmother and finds the telephone accessory GE made for HY that he dropped by accident. Hyeong rushes home to greet his friends but he just wants them to leave because Jin Sook is annoyed. They stay until the wee hours of the night still causing a ruckus and JS emerges from her bedroom and splashes all the boys with water, while glaring at HT.

As daily drama's go this one moved rather quickly, I like the story, though predictable it also seems enjoyable. I think the leads will have good chemistry, but of course they will also have a hard time considering all the crazy people. Jae Yeong def. will be a crazy second lead, doing whatever he can to destroy Hyeon Tae. Looking forward to other episodes.

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Thank you for the summary..

I figured that something like that had to happen in order for the lead female to not know her own mother. It is a shame that they did that to the woman. I find it real shocking that we can have the possibility of amnesia for the MIL and that is why she will not know about her own daughter. Interesting facts there.

 I still think that Jae Young is a really creepy guy and he needs anger management or sedation. I see him only getting worse as he can't have PSK.

Video For Episode 4:







Wow, so ex hubby kills her daughter trying to get someone to the hospital. The sick guy gets out the car to check and finds Young Chae on the ground hurt and she reaches out but he does not do anything to help her. Why are you not calling for help?!!! He keeps looking back to the car and when her phone goes off this man ignores the call and calls 119 from her phone then puts it back in her pocket. WOW!! oh my.. this will come back to blow up in their faces later. Did he not tell this man he hit a person? I bet he didn't.


Looks like emergency surgery to help her or save the baby. Wow that guy is covering all the tracks, taking the memory card from the back box.Hyun Tae finds out after his fight that Young Chae did not make it.  MIL blames Hyun TAe and kicks him out it seems. Jae Young tries to sleep with Soo Kyung but she seems to stop him and he is a bit angry throwing flowers in her face being nasty to her. (I hope this is a lesson to her to not be alone with him anymore and gratitude does not mean she should marry him.) 

Video Credit DramaSBS Channel on YouTube.

Note:Video may be out of order.


I do not know what to say.. Jin Sooks ex hubby has killed her daughter. He may not know until almost to the end that he did it but how can he ever face her once he does know of the connection. So not only did they take her first daughter from her but now he has taken her second daughter too.

Jin Sook disapproves and dislikes Hyun Tae so when will she like him as it seems she blames him and kicks him out of the house after the memorial. (First time I have seen this switch most of the time it is the MIL who disapproves of the wife and kicks her out not the other way around.

The synopsis says she likes him like a son. Did the relationship improve later perhaps? Did the baby survive I wonder?

I am collecting all the eps to watch over the weekend.

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@Ldy Gmerm Yes Jae Yeong is needed crazy and he doesn't even try to hide it for long, it almost looked that he was trying to rape her in the preview for episode 5. I just finished episode 4. PSG father is just as responsible for the accident because he didn't take the initiative to check what they hit. I think after Jin Sook's daughter dies she will kick out Hyeon Tae but he won't go far and stick by her and his child (The child does survive), and that will eventually cause her to see his a good guy and she will start to treat him like a son. I can't wait for SG and HT friendship--->relationship I think it will be a good one full of chemistry. I just wasn't feeling the love between him and the wife (GE).

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I agree Park Tae Ho should have gotten out of that car to see what he did and took care of it by getting Oh Young Chae help and calling the police. I doubt he would have been charged for intentionally trying to hurt her since the barrels blocked her from view and we have the bad weather as well and his stopping to check and help would have been seen as no malicious intent. Now as it stands he willing let someone else check and gave responsibility over to them and this person did not tell him what happen and did not stay with her to get her help just dialed 119 on the girls phone wiping his finger prints off. But this guy will take the black box video from the car (what happen to CCTV in that area I wonder.) as possible insurance I bet from this point on and will use this to blackmail Park Tae Ho which he deserves if that man does it. I keep thinking that Jae Young could also find out and try to use this to get PTH to try and force PSK to marry him if she still resist.

I can't wait though for PTH to realize he killed his daughters half sister by not getting out of that car and handling that situation the right way. This is going to hurt his relationship with his daughter when she finds out about the past and who Jin Sook is to her and who Oh Young Chae was to her as well. I think karma of what happen in the past when she was taken from Jin sook is about to come back on him and his family as her marrying KHT can be seen as a type of payment for that death and the sins of the past. (that is just my opinion though)

As for Jae Young, he is a very creepy guy and I too thought he was trying to rape her and prolly would have had she not stopped him in some way but that is just my opinion. He is insistent it seems in trying to bed her. Mostly I get the impression to try to claim her and use it to force a marriage.

I am glad to hear the child survive so that means they did emergency surgery to save and deliver the baby but Oh Young Chae still passed away. Sad but we knew it was coming from the preview.

Video from Episode 5:










Video Credit DramaSBS Channel on YouTube.

*Note:Video may be out of order.

I will be watching these first 5 episodes this weekend. I thought this preview was interesting as it shows him following the MIL and even sitting outside almost freezing to death to come back into that house where his baby is. I see he has also let go of boxing and starts working at a company and meets up with PSK by chance yet again. Again we see Jae Young looking like he is about to have a psychotic moment at anytime. I guess PSK may have finally let him know it is not going to happen with him and he goes home to have a fit.

Have a great weekend guys..

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Helloooo everyone! It's been a while since I felt like waiting for something this much. 

I came across the drama while looking for something to watch and the poster caught my eye. I'm a fan of the leads, Yang Jin Sung has been doing well in her previous dramas and Seo Ha Joon, though haven't got much dramas, I liked him in Only Love and he turned so good looking in this drama hehe XD Not sure if anyone has watched Only Love but this drama is like a reunion of SHJ, the dad and the grandmother, not to mention the one playing CYJ if his role still develops in the drama!

The poster caught eye, I didn't expect it to be something light seeing the title but I didn't think it would be this painful just in the first 5 eps. :((((( Why must a daily drama this sorrow and painful ???? 

Different feelings for different characters. I feel so bad for the mother losing her baby, getting kicked out and now losing another one by her ex husband! And feel awful about the father, has he never thought that the accident could happen to his daughter? And what if they just walk away like he did? She hasn't died yet, it was raining and no one was there, unless he wanted her to die he shouldn't have walked away like that. I don't understand Korean so Idk why the father went to jail, but if he wasn't innocent then it proved to me someone evil could hardly change no matter what.....................

I feel weird about JJY who seems to always feel angry towards his life. So scary..... TT_TT Calm down you can marry someone else who's also rich and pretty. Don't hang around the girl and waste your time doing stupid things...

Out of 4 eps, the moment I felt sad the most was when TH decided to leave but not picking up the phone. Even though I know she wouldn't make it I was like 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DON'T GO, come back and pick up the phone. You will regret it!!' while watching the scene. I feel so sad for her :'(

Don't know if I'll be continue to follow the drama because only 5 eps but my heart was already broken thinking about all the mess the leads would have to deal with for their relationship. But I'll do for now. Hopefully SK can heal HT and her mother <3


Thank you @Ldy Gmerm for starting the thread and @ObssesiveCompulsive for your summary!!!




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Thanks @Ldy Gmerm for starting the thread. It's been awhile since a daily has caught my interest and this one has. I watched the first 5 eps over the weekend and I'm in for this ride. Also thank you @ObsessiveCompulsive for your summary which helped a lot when watching the eps. 

There's also a preview and written text for ep 7 on SBS's site




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Why is Jin Sook's kicking  out her son-in law Hyeon Tae and separating him from his child? Why can't she remember that this kind of injustice was done towards her too!

Where is his parents or are they dead? I need answers to these questions and more answers to questions when they arise. I wish there were subs. But language is not a barrier when the leads are so expressive.

I'm already invested in Hyeon Tae's journey as a single father who loves his child more than anything in this world. I also want to know why he gets married and not because he can't take care of the child!!! I better keep my expectations to myself before I ruin it for myself! I guess!

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Video for Episode 7:















Video Credit DramaSBS channel on YouTube.

Note:Video may be out of order.

I have not watched this drama yet which is why I have not commented. I am trying to play catch up .. lol

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@Ldy Gmerm, @ObsessiveCompulsive

LJS doesn't have any form of amnesia but instead a bitter woman who took out what she suffered on KHT. She tried to do the same thing to KHT that was done to her but KHT refused to give up and leave his child. 

From what I could understand from the character description of LJS for some reason thinks her baby (PSK) died. 

I agree CJY wants to stake claim on PSK and he thought by sleeping with her would do it.  His main goal is to become successor to the KP GP by way of marriage. . When things don't go his way he loses it and has these fits of anger which turn into violent behavior. There's been a 4 year time jump and he's cuddled up to PSK's father thinking their marriage is be set in stone. It does not matter to him that PSK is not a willing participant to the marriage. It's what he wants and by all means necessary he will marry her. CJY has now become the General Manager of KP Group and it has gone to his head. His arrogance and self absorbance  has him self assured nothing can stop him now. I see him playing some nasty dirty tricks against  KHT in that company to try and separate him and PSK. 

It will be interesting how PSK and KHT get to the point of being able to marry. Right now PSK's father is set on her marrying CJY but something is going to change that. In the next ep it looks like LJS and PTH will meet again. 

Here's the written preview for ep 8 as best I could make of it

MSY (CYJ's mother) because of her trust in CYJ much does not remain now and thinks of the day when CYJ will rise to the successor of KP Group. On the other hand OYS mentions to LJS about a new start for KHT and LJS becomes upset. 

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Nothing too eventful happening so far, and without subs i'm just focusing on the Main leads for now.

In episode 6 after JY shows what a complete psycho he is to SG, she decides to go aboard to study design hoping that this will break off their engagement. But the psycho tells her, he is willing to wait for her HAHAHAHA. She is in sheer shock, I think she just needs to be a woman and break it off herself.

HT quits boxing and decides to focus on being a father, he is literally too cute for words with his son. Winning major points with Jin Sook. It's gonna be a long time in this 100+ drama before they find out GE's accident, and that secretary is working overtime to cover it up.

Time jump, seems like 4 years later, SG is back from her trip and she has that owl phone accessory GE made for HT. EW psycho meets her at the airport. 

HT is working as a designated driver. The son really resembles HT. Jin Sook and HT are getting along like mother and son. 

HT and SG are in the same subway, HT begins to eat his sandwitch he sets it down for on the seat next to him, as SG walks over. She sits on the sandwitch causing her skirt to be stained. As he tries to take a look at the stain she thinks his checking out her butt and slaps him. 

Ep 7

SG's dad really like JY, but his quickly showing his psycho ways at work by asserting his authority on one of the managers(I think)

A grandmother mentions a marriage for HT  to JS it appears she is not a fan of his remarriage.

SG is in the same elevator as JY, he answers his phone and begins to speak Chinese (I think). When he leaves all the new trainees swoon over him and how lucky the presidents daughter is. It appears SG wants to keep a low profile while shes working at her father company. HT is also a new trainee and working at the company. Aw can't wait for them to work together.

JS other daughter i guess she has one shows up. Her and SG's brother have a run in on the airplane (possible love connection? but she looks too old for him).

SG and HT are carrying some boxes and the service elevator is broken, she suggest taking the main elevator. HT loads the boxes while she goes to get her coat, as the elevator doors open HT and JY meet. JY informs him that this is main elevator and she should basically not be riding it, as he enters he whispers something under his breath..because he is obviously too much of a coward to just say it. HT doesn't let it slide and has some words for him as well. SG comes out saying sorry lets go as she grabs his arm, JY immediately notices and looks at her hand, she becomes aware and lets HT arm go. They just stand there staring at each other.

Quick notes

-I really hope SG becomes a stronger character and soon, I cant handle her being so timid around that psycho. JY and his entire family are despicable and I am so over his crazy self entitled attitude.



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Thanks for the trans on the written preview.

CJY is such a disturbing character to me. He not only has that "Shinning" Look about him , but the fact that he is ignoring that PSK does not see him as anything other than a brother figure and does not want to marry him is scary. The fact that he molested her in that hotel room and then got angry when she would not sleep with him and protested shows he cares for nothing but his own selfish ambitions. The sad fact is his mother is right along with him. I can't wait until PSK and KHT to fall in love and marry leaving him out in the darn cold.  You can see the signs as he is catching glimpses of her laughing and talking with KHT while working with him and she never did that with him (not that she should he is just very scary and intense.) and he will indeed start doing petty things to get KHT in trouble and try to separate the two but I think his actions will only work to bring them together.

CJY failed to realize that just because you decided in your head that you wanted her so you can become the successor of that company her feelings should matter too. Perhaps he would have had a better chance with her if he had not tried to steam roll over her own will to get what he wanted and started off slow. He sucks up to her father but her father is not who would be married to him and sleeping in his bed (AWWW my brain) too bad he won't realize that until he has done something really awful and then it will be too late.

I am glad that Jin Sook saw the light and she should realize that just because she endured that in the past it is not her right to do the same thing to HT. Now we have the issue of her holding on to him and not wanting him to find a new love.

I can see her becoming bitter after what her ex hubby did to her. I am not sure why she assumed the child was dead and did not verify this fact herself regardless of whatever evidence they tried to show or tell her. She in my opinion is partly at fault. I do not care if they showed me a memorial for the child I would have found some way to find them and watch them investigating any children in that home. She not only took what they gave out all those years ago but she believed what she was told by these people that has already showed her they did not like her and took her child.

I can't even fathom why she would think the child died except these people lied to keep her from continuing to come back and find her. For this she was very foolish to trust anything they said.



Thank you for the summary.

I can see that Jin Sook has learned to love and care for HT through his love for his child. Of course now she is a clingy mother in law who wants to hold on to him and not let him remarry as to forget her daughter and that is not right.

All of the interaction from HT and PSK is designed to get them to the point where they have fell in love and marry. (I can see her father wanting to disown her for going with HT over CJY) I really hope that CJY shows his true colors to her father and makes him learn from trying to push his daughter to this crazy man.

Video From Episode 8:




I have no sympathy for the stroke this man will suffer when he realizes he killed this woman's second child after taking her first one from her and kicking her out.  (Fate is conspiring to give her back the child she lost in marriage to her son in law.)
















Video Credit DramaSBS channel on YouTube.


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@Ldy Gmerm I am really enjoying the interactions between HT and PSG and how calm, bright and happy she is around him.  HT doesn't realize it yet either but his actually a bit flirtatious with her. Her dad will of course want to force her into a loveless marriage but I can also see him eventually giving in, But I think JY will somehow take over her families company in punishment. This is all the grannies fault and more then anyone else i hope she gets whats coming to her.

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@ObsessiveCompulsive, @Ldy Gmerm

After today's ep I went back and read the character description for JS. I misread it before and I think it was referring to the daughter that died and PSK coming alone and taking her place in HT's life. 

JS is a bitter woman but she takes out her bitterness on others who had nothing to do with what happen. I also think the fault and lies are that of the grandmother. She probably told all kinds of lies when TH got out of jail which caused a misunderstanding between TH and JS. Neither of them checking the facts for themselves. 

What I don't understand is why PSK doesn't put JY in his place. Is she scared of him to the point where she doesn't want to set him off. Her father should know the behavior she has witnessed. The man is dangerous and a ticking bomb. Someone could get hurt because she meekly goes along with him and not setting things straight with him. 

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