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Top 5 Most Viewed Scenes from “Oh My Venus”

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With two episodes left of KBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama “Oh My Venus,” Korea’s leading portal site Naver has revealed the Top 5 scenes from the drama based on viewership through Naver’s video streaming service TV Cast.

“Umbrella Kiss” (409,549 hits)

shin min ah oh my venus

In Episode 6, So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah avoid the rain under a coffee shop awning, where they share their first kiss. Shin Min Ah catches him staring at her face and says, “Stop staring. These dimples are mine,” in an attempt to ward off her embarrassment. Instead of stopping, So Ji Sub tells her, “Your body is mine,” before leaning in for a kiss.

“First Impressions” (399,864 hits)

In Episode 1, Shin Min Ah’s overweight character makes a dramatic appearance by being deliberately contrasted with a much slimmer character. The woman spies a photograph on her desk of her and her boyfriend in the past and says, “He’s a swim athlete, right? Who’s the girl next to him?” Shin Min Ah is unable to say anything, but thinks, “He’s my first love and boyfriend of 15 years. The girl next to him is me.”

“Stella Show” (386,193 hits)

shin min ah oh my venus

After breaking up with her long-time boyfriend in Episode 3, Shin Min Ah resolves to regain her svelte figure. Thinking that her boyfriend dumped her because of her weight gain, she enlists the help of the mysterious health trainer she had run into previously, and gets lost in a fantasy of looking gorgeous again, appearing on a talk show (“Stella”) and gaining the love and admiration of everyone.

“Celery Kiss” (344,067 hits) 

so ji sub shin min ah

As a drama about losing weight, no chocolatey Pepero kisses for this couple! Instead, So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah play around with celery in a cute domestic kiss (Episode 9) as they try to avoid the prying eyes of their friends.

“Dimples” (344,067 hits)

shin min ah so ji sub oh my venus

In Episode 6, Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub experience the classic K-drama fall. However, So Ji Sub is careful to protect her head as they crash to the ground. When their eyes inevitably meet, So Ji Sub marvels in surprise at Shin Min Ah’s face, touching her dimples. “This is something I haven’t seen before. Where did you get these?”

Did you see all the scenes? Which did you like the best? Which do you think should have been included?

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