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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2016] Chinese Paladin 5 仙剑云之凡


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Chinese title: 仙剑5 云之凡 / Xiānjiàn wu yún zhī fán
English title:Chinese Paladin 5

Genre: Ancient, Wuxia (Fiction), Romance

Episodes: 45

Director: Zhèngwěiwén, Xú huìkāng &  Hé Zhènhuá

Broadcast Period: May 23, 2016

Replacing: The Classic Of Mountains And Seas 山海经之赤影传说


Guli Nazha

Elvis Han

Joe Zheng Yuanchang

Xiao Caiqi


Family or love? Jiang Yun Fan (Elvis Han) is the adopted son of a stockade chief. One day, he realizes that he has superhuman powers whenever he is confronted by demon animals. The source of his mystical powers comes to light when Yun Fan discovers that he is the biological son of Jiang Shi Li (Geng Le), the king of the demons who was locked up 20 years ago in the Blood Jade of Nvwa by the people of Mount Shu and the Four Families. Yun Fan’s fate intersects both tribes when he is mentored by Long You (Joe Cheng), a disciple of Mount Shu, and then saves the life of Tang Yu Rou (Gülnezer Bextiyar), a benevolent healer of the Four Families with whom he falls in love. But when Yun Fan is faced with the decision to either save his father from the Blood Jade or save the life of Yu Rou, which will he choose?




Power Station - Alliance

S.H.E. - Different Ways


Han Dong Jun - Unable to Speak About Love


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On 7/2/2016 at 5:09 PM, BaiZiHua said:

Hello, I was wondering if I had to watch Paladin 3 in order to watch Paladin 5. For instance are they the same continuous story/plot line? Thanks for helping.Happy 4th weekend to all.:wub:




Nope you don't need to know others. I haven't watched any others and just picked up this one. All new actors and characters. Story stands on its own.

I wish they air more than like 2 eps per week... i'm like dying here!!! So slow at releasing eps.. >.<

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On 10.7.2016 at 6:33 AM, uw_maulida said:

I love the 2nd pairing Xiao Man and Long You. But it seems like they will have a sad ending. Why all game-based drama always have a sad ending for the pairings :tears: all CP series and legend of ancient sword. 


Then I will flip the Table - but yes - the others (I just checked it briefly) had sad endings too - but I still hope! I normally don´t like that kind ot Drama but for this - I somehow fall  - and extremly for the second Loveline. And yes - Long You!

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How is this drama compared to The Classic of Mountains & Seas or Legend of the Ancient Swords?  I have to fast forward second half of The Classic of Mountains & Seas series to finish it when its no longer interesting.  Just want to know if its worth my time like Legend of the Ancient Swords.

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