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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2016] Legend of Chusen 诛仙·青云志


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Chinese title: 诛仙·青云志 / Zhu Xian Qing Yun Zhi
English title: Legend of Chusen

Genre: Ancient, Fiction, Romance

Episodes: 58

Directors: Zhu Ruibin (Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost 香蜜沉沉烬如霜, Ban Shu Legend 班淑傳奇)   Liu Guo Hui (The Lost Tomb, New Legend of Madame White Snake), Zhou Yuanzhou (Guardian 镇魂Sparrow 麻雀 )

Filming Period: December 5, 2015 - 2016

Broadcast Period: July 31, 2016


Li Yifeng as Zhang Xiaofan

Zhao Li Ying as Bi Yao
Yang Zi as Lu Xueqi
Tang Yixin as Tian Lin Er
Qin Junjie as Ceng Shushu
Cheng Yi as Lin Jingyu
TFBoys  Wang Jun Kai as younger Lin Jingyu
TFBoys Wang Yuan as younger Zhang Xiaofan
TFBoys Yi Yang Qian Xi as Xiao Qi

Roy Wang



Zhang Xiaofan (Li Yifeng), who along with childhood friend Lin Jingyu (Cheng Yi), are the sole survivors of a village massacre. The two are later accepted into the Qingyun Sect (Noble Sect), where they learn the ways of the Immortal Sword. Although hard-working, Xiaofan struggles to catch up to his peers due to his slow wit. Fortunately, he has the support of Bi Yao (Zhao Liying), daughter of the Ghost King (Fu Chengpeng), who supports him through thick and thin. Pivotal circumstances made Xiaofan grow, and his relationship with Bi Yao takes a meaningful turn. For power, the villainous Ghost King attempts to overthrow the Qingyun Sect, and Xiaofan gets his life on the line. Bi Yao sacrifices herself to save him, falling into an endless sleep. With courage and strong faith, Xiaofan devotes all his strength to take down the Ghost King, fulfilling a promise he made to Bi Yao and Jingyu when they were youths.

Noble Aspirations 诛仙·青云志 Viki English Subbed Episodes

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Fu Zhu

Zhang Bi Chen - Time's Ink


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You show the photo is wrong!The photo is modified.Yang ying (Angelababy) not participating in this drama!Official weibo shows a lot of photos.

The following photos are the latest.

Zhao Liying as Bi Yao .Bi Yao is the leading lady in the play.




Can you see the photo?

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On ‎25‎/‎01‎/‎2016 at 10:37 PM, owawa said:

You show the photo is wrong!The photo is modified.Yang ying (Angelababy) not participating in this drama!Official weibo shows a lot of photos.

The following photos are the latest.

Zhao Liying as Bi Yao .Bi Yao is the leading lady in the play.


Can you see the photo?

No, theyre not working


 photo Dyn 86.jpg

 photo Dyn 87.jpg

 photo Dyn 89.jpg photo Dyn 88.jpg



 photo Dyn 83.jpg


 photo Dyn 84.jpg photo Dyn 81.jpg


 photo Dyn 82.jpg

 photo Dyn-72.jpg

 photo Dyn-79.jpg

 photo Dyn-80.jpg

 photo Dyn-85.jpg

 photo Dyn-78.jpg

 photo Dyn-76.jpg

 photo Dyn-75.jpg

 photo Dyn-74.jpg

 photo Dyn 71.jpg

 photo Dyn-73.jpg

 photo Dyn 90.jpg

 photo Dyn-66.jpg


 photo Dyn-65.jpg photo Dyn-69.jpg

avirtualvoyage photo Dyn-67.jpg



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For a second I thought Zhao Liying is the one leading this drama based on the main post lol. Li Yifeng's Zhang Xiao Fan is the core character of the story and even Yang Zi's character is more leading than ZLY. Although I heard rumors of producers pushing ZLY to first leading lady. I have nothing against her, but i love the book as it is, I don't wish for them to change the story around just because ZLY is more popular than Yang Zi. If they wanted more screentime for her they should just cast her as Lu Xue Qi then. I've waited for a long time for this book to be made into drama. Hopefully the storyline won't be changed too much and the ending please stay the same! 

I'm loving most of their costumes and appearances so far, just not very much a fan of the weird bun on top of the girls' head.

Li Yifeng's posters were released yesterday. He's too handsome compared to Xiao Fan in the novel lol 



My Gui Li!! I love how they style him here :wub: The aura is great. Hope he'll be able to pull off this character because of how complex it is. Fighting~~






And yes! where is Yang Zi? She appears more in the book than Bi Yao, so to me she's the first leading lady, and she fits Lu Xue Qi so well. I just love this cast *v*









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