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Which “Running Man” Member Is Gary Most Compatible With?


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To welcome the new year, the “Running Man” members see a fortune teller on the December 27 episode of the show, following the conclusion of the “X-Man” special.

In particular, the “Running Man” members seek to find out which members are most compatible with each other.

running man gary

When Gary’s turn rolls around, the fortune teller tells him, “One of your characteristics is that you dislike when others try to control you. You’re a free spirit.” The “Running Man” members actively agree.

The fortune teller explains, “It’s because there’s nothing to press you down. You were born as fire, but there is no water. As a result, when others try to control or restrict you, you don’t like it.” He continues, “There’s one person here that can control you.”


running man gary 1

The members wonder if it’s Haha, or even Song Ji Hyo, but the fortune teller says, “It’s Kim Jong Kook.”

“It could be stressful from Gary’s point of view, but it’s a great pairing for Kim Jong Kook. Being with Gary can lead to more money or an increase in activity,” says the fortune teller.

gary kim jong kook running man

He goes on to say more about Gary: “For you, you always have a lot of thoughts, a lot of concerns, and you tend to want to start your own businesses. For 2016, along with Ji Suk Jin, [it’ll be good for you] if you just don’t do anything.”

The members crack up, and Gary, in despair, says, “There’s already a couple that I’ve started! I’ve already reached the point of no return! What do you want me to do?!”

Watch this episode of “Running Man” here:

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