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[Taiwanese Drama 2016] Back To 1989 1989一念間


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Chinese title: 1989一念間/ Yi Jiu Ba Jiu Yi Nian Jian
English title: Back To 1989 
Genre: Idol, Modern, Romance

Episodes: 20
Broadcast Period: January 22, 2016 - June 3, 2016

Broadcast Day: Fridays

Replacing: Love Cuisine 料理高校生


Marcus Chang

Shao Yu-Wei

Mini Tsai


In the span of a moment, would you choose to love or to not love?

Che Chen is tall, handsome, and already successful at only 26 years-old. But he has never known who his father was and has always tried to find answers. Who would’ve guessed that, one day, God really did answer to his prayers? In a freak accident, Che was forced to travel back in time to the year 1989, 27 years before he was born. Nobody knew who he was and he had nothing at all. It was then that Che met a girl called Zhen-Zhen Ye, who was ingenuous and straightforward, and his own mother, who was just 22 years-old then. Can Che finally find out what happened to his mother over 20 years ago? Should Che choose his mother’s future, or his own existence? Everything might change with one small decision.

Watch it here with English subs!

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**

[spoiler ]enter your spoiler here without the spaces inside the brackets[ /spoiler]









Nine Chen & Shi Shi - (I) Just Have Some Words Tonight


Click show spoiler for more OSTs, and Additional Links


Nine Chen - You, Him, I (Piano Version)


Alien Huang - Two People

Alien Huang - I am From a Star


Sarah Chen - The Moment You Wake Up From A Dream


Sylvia Chang & Jonathan Lee - Any Reason For Love?



Gary Chaw - Tiny Tiny

Gary Chaw - Life Is Beautiful

Shi Shi - Single ≠ Fell Out Of Love


Additional Links:

Back To 1989 1989一念間 Viki English Subbed Episodes

Back To 1989 1989一念間 Official Facebook Page

Back To 1989 1989一念間 Raw Episodes

Back To 1989 1989一念間 Official Sanlih Website


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Besides gendbend drama I like period dramas. But this drama looks interesting. Going back to the past! 


3 hours ago, visiopeia said:

Has this drama aired ady???? other than viki any other place i able to watch it?


I think this will start airing tonight?


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Livestreamed ep1 last night using sopcast and I find the plot to be super interesting. I can't wait for ep2. I'm actually watching a few tw-dramas lately "Be With Me" "Happy Together" but I find them not sticky enough (currently only addicted to k-drama CITT), however this drama may become my crack tw-drama if this continues. 

Some spoilers below.


Things I like:

1 - Ivy Shao's character is really cute and I feel like her acting improved ever since When I See You Again (probably because she took on a movie role in between the break, it helped polish her acting). Her comedic timing is spot on (also her parents).

2 - Marcus C's acting is pretty solid  but also I find him using a bit too much  "force" in some scenes, he should tone down a bit but overall, he's really good for this being his first lead role.

3 - The Plot (I've read a bit of the summary of the original screenplay/story, it's really interesting). Plus, with 杜欣怡 as part of the screenwriters (writer of When I See You Again, Pleasantly Surprised, Defeated Queen, Fated to Love You), I'm sure this will be an addictive drama since she knows how to write addictive dramas and her rate of successful drama is pretty high (maybe for the exception of 2nd half of Pleasantly Surprised where I thought it went downhill but still not a bad drama overall).

I'm surprised to know the thing connecting back to the past is the hero's business suit (a suit which was tailored in a famous tailor shop since the 80s), and the tailor shop belongs to parents of the heroine - Ivy Shao, I was expecting it to be his watch judging from the trailer. The mechanism of "time traveling" is still unknown at this moment (probably the tunnel + rain + speed?).1989 was also the era where Taiwan's stock market is high overall (stock value were over 10000+), it's tied to the story setting since the leads work in a stock trading firm. Some Taiwanese netizens also said that 10092.45 value also really existed back in year 1989 so the writers are tying real stuffs in the plot. There's a lot of potential to this drama, I can't wait for ep2.

( By the way, this drama has dual female lead, Ivy Shao as love interest of Marcus and Mini Tsai as his mom.)

4 - The cinematography, coloring and the OST (especially the theme song by Gary Cao, such a strong opening track!), I also feel that SETTV might have upgraded their video equipment this year, the cinematography is pretty good and almost have a cinematic-like feel in some scenes.


Despite the plot being interesting, there's some flaws I have to point out.

1 - First is Mini Tsai's old look in year 2016 not old enough, they also didn't change her voice to make it sound older, it made me feel a bit distracted, haha!

2 - Mini Tsai's acting, I feel like she's not as natural as she was in The New World (or maybe it was the case where her character was interesting so I liked her there), her acting here feels more like when she was in CSIC (Ihero), lacking the oomph somewhere. 

3 - Lack of old songs as BGM, I was half expecting them to be like In A Good Way, using famous songs of that era as BGM but sadly, I haven't hear such songs as BGM yet.


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59 minutes ago, Angelique Salvatierra said:

The traveling back to past is like in Queen In Hyun's man. The part that happened when it is raining and both are using phone.

Chen Che will fall in love with Zhen Zhen right? I hope the ending of this story won't be sad.


Nope, he didn't use the phone at that time. But rain is a common element, even in Splash splash love :P 

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Episode 2 Preview

WATCH on Viki: https://www.viki.com/tv/30410c-back-to-1989 (Episode 1 fully subbed

13 hours ago, visiopeia said:

I haveen't watch it yet!!!!!! blame it to Bromance... waste all my dataplan... gonna download it tomorrow to watch it.... 

You can watch it on Viki for free (without having to download the episode) it's fully subbed: 
https://www.viki.com/tv/30410c-back-to-1989 :D

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Very interesting ep 1, it's like Back to the Future. Oh this is going to be a long wait, only 1 ep per week! Anybody knows what is the title of the song at 45:46 (the scene wherein Marcus and Ivy are in the office pantry)? The song starts with "Baby I miss you so tonight..."

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17 hours ago, Angelique Salvatierra said:

Lovers From The Past team at Viki subs fast! It is already 50%!

Can't wait to watch it with subs!


episode 3 preview:

MOD EDIT: Please do not quote images, gifs, and videos

It's at 100% now. The editing team is now editing! 

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