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[Official] ❀ Du Zifeng x Pi Yanuo | Baron Chen x Megan Lai ❀ [Bromance Couple]


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Меган обновление Weibo



Today is Family Day, is my family day, drinking coffee to accompany Fu Huang imperial kitchen to eat vegetarian. Sorry, we write and gift cards I have not read, but his eyes were already off the window, so, no more bleating today Can Bo? (Scared! I which is more yet?)

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Hi BFFs....I have been absent but trust me this forum is still my go-to for our RM love :wub:...

I moved house so it has been crazy busy and tiring but I'm thankful always to @Sheila Marie Green & her bestie @Brutaliskhero29OreHcziLztruV and even new BFFs like @katifly1 with her updates of Megan's Avilas promos (She's so beautiful in them...she can truly say - "Welcome back the girly side of me!") and many other BFFs, can't name all, who continues to keep RM love alive!

It's interesting to me that 4 months after Bromance ended, there are still so much news and developments (individual careers and some hints - I love the Bii one especially - "Megan is Brother River's!" when asked who he wanted for a female lead in his future dramas between Megan and Yu An/Nana.  And he chose Yu An, followed by the infamous answer!) 

Of course for those of us who have followed Bromance since the beginning, we see so much growth and maturation(?) in River and Megan, especially Megan because we got to see she's such a humble, beautiful and talented actress (Following her musical and seeing the fans who love her so much).

Meanwhile, it's good news and bad news with River. And it's not a bad thing, we should always stay hopeful right? Let's start with the bad news first (Confession: I have bravely ventured into Weibo, hoping to gather some info to share with my BFFs here but also mindful that there's a lot of hearsay and speculations among many. And of course, these are just my observations, if you spot any mistakes, please correct me).

The hot topic now is River's injury and how Jiangsu TV channel/crew treated artistes in the RTW reality show - about the inept safety measures, the student first aides on site, the channel saying River's insistence he was ok and fans saying he was not medical personel and how could he have known the seriousness of his injury and also the treatment was just icing his knee and to the hospital 7 hrs later for the sake of finishing the filming, etc, etc.

There's many versions to it of course but I'm glad River's TW & China fans have spoken for him in some way because there's no way an artiste can salvage his name even if he himself speaks up, there will always be some naysayers who say otherwise. So with River's rep and Jiangsu TV channel saying they will let the legal people handle it, we will just wait and see and hope it is settled without too much ugliness rearing it's head...and not too much damage to River's career.

The good news is, he's back in TW, with surgery done and recovering. He's back in his home country with his family and loved ones (We are always hoping Megan can visit him daily right :wub:) Being with loved ones and familiarity of home can always make his recovery process faster!

Maybe with this incident, even if his reputation as an artiste in China takes a beating, it is timely then when he came back to TW after 5 years in China (Thanks for taking up Bromance!), allowing us to rediscover and enjoy him as an actor and artiste, he can continue to take drama projects in TW - Win Win? Or is it "Win again!" like Megan said in one of the BTSes...

I was a fan then of Fated to Love You and I seriously can't remember his role as Dylan but with Bromance and the BTSes, Show Biz clips and even the awesome Hua Liu magazine shoots (I can watch those repeatedly and never get tired....sigh) I have gotten to really enjoy River for all his 4D personality and it's so refreshing...and of course his chemistry with Megan is out of this world...no other celebrity "CP" come close...well, I'm not following any other TW CP this way....hahahahaha 

To me, it was nice that in RTW, the reality show/competition, we still see glimpses of the River we love from Bromance, his OTT self, at times loving, at times determined/serious, at times...just simply distracted. And there's no Megan to control him! I really think he has met his match in Megan...let's keep the love alive until...whenever!

Anyway, sharing this vid I came across earlier - it captured that fun loving and genuine side of River which we love...

Viva La RM :wub:




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Credit :  Weibo............VIA...........Brutaliskhero29OreHcziltruV     New Fashion Of Megan Lai In MINT Magazine13563374_1244612002216984_457365290_n.jp13563421_1244612142216970_480982952_n.jp13576553_1244612248883626_1531312611_n.jhttp://pgw.udn.com.tw/gw/photo.php?  

A new magazine in taiwan


this Friday Megan will go to their press conference by Brutaliskhero29OreHcziltruv13552575_1244612342216950_1773644149_n.j

Female fans organize the harem for “King Nuo ”, Megan has become the public enemy of man Megan Lai, she is a girl, also can be a boy. With neutral figure over the past two years, female fans even regard her as the king, vindicate to become her temple, set up their own "Megan kingdom", even she is joking, who describes himself as "I", enjoy being spoiled. Became "the women love", however, the relative also became "the public enemy of man", "can be a lot of girls like to be a valuable chance, let me feel worthwhile and don't waste this lifetime. But I am still a girl, after all the rest of the life lessons, is how to make the boy like me."Pray for Mr. Right come soon! Elegant Megan give people the impression of a gentle, quiet, actually all is Sagittarius and active genes, and in her more is a two-sided conflict. Like she born left-handed, only write with their right hand, "I am a contemporary Leonardo da Vinci, seeing is the word, but if is writing with left hand, is a mirror word."Practice, in order to smoothly to go to school, she write off heavy crying to buy trainers to hold pen, forcing herself to write with her right hand, and has been practiced to elementary school, "when I was a child I often have the wrist competition with the boy, I would say that the left hand to you, but my left hand is very powerful, I won, I thought I am a wonder woman."She said, laughing. Inner lives a boy, play the electric games stress relief "There is a boy live in the depths of the soul."Megan said her childhood activity as strong as boys, and she is a dance club President in high school, and loves to play electric games is full like boys, can mad up all night to play the electric games, she likes the online games which is about the strategy to develop, through fortress and fighting against the enemy by herself, forget the pressure of work, "Inevitably have a lot of emotion when I was making a film, when I am at home I entered the electric game model, can quickly restore the state."She believes she is a master in playing the electric games. Because be anonymous online, she smile to say a lot of boys players all surprised after know that she is a girl, with a sense of accomplishment! May be the body inside lived a boys and girls, let Megan was on the role of different switch appears do have a rest, the good acting makes her to get golden bell for several times, but it was not until the movie "Cafe Waiting Love" play handsome T "A Bu Si", also a handsome charming performance than men help box office sales, also makes her become more and more famous. This year with the idol drama "Bromance", Megan acted as a girl who raised as a man since childhood called ”Piano”, catch the audience eyes, along with the ratings soared all the way, her neutral characteristic makes her "change between male and female ", also let her career climbing the peak, and attract more and more female fans. Read more, please wait for the M’INT magazine.

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Welcome back @jbying7. Several BFFs seem to be on the move recently, including me. :) But I'm now back in my home country. 

It's good to adopt a positive attitude in any circumstance since optimism greatly helps for a quick recovery. One thing I have learned in life is that there is always a purpose for everything under the heavens. We might not see it clearly now but looking back later, it will all make sense. A setback can be a set-up for a comeback. With the right attitude and coupled with the support of the people around him, that should include us fans, River will surely return with a big bang. Vote! Vote! Vote! http://www.beauty321.com/2016beautypro/mobile/boys.asp

Megan has outdone herself again with her M'INT cover. Thanks for sharing @Sheila Marie Green and @AnnaSanWow! Who can be considered her equal in Taiwan? She is her own strongest competitor - Queen Megan Vs Emperor Nuo. Only our great and mighty River is able to conquer her ( :heart: ). Even the greatest boulders are moulded, moved and carried away by the mighty river current, right? And yes, the famous line that Love can move mountains. 

So many product endorsements for our lovely Megan and I love it that the Bromance spell is still strong. That she and River keeps being identified with each other is half credited to Bromance and if I may add, also half to be credited to their constant hints of their relationship status which gets us all frenzied. They are like socks and shoes that come in a pair or a locket with its signature two frames. One won't do without  the other. Gee, I'm getting all poetic with these two again. 

I wish all BFFs a good day/night! Let's keep RM love alive!

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