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[Official] ❀ Du Zifeng x Pi Yanuo | Baron Chen x Megan Lai ❀ [Bromance Couple]


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Credit : Irina G. VK  C..........This is supposed the costume of River Chen .....in his new Classical Movie this year....but because of his injury ....he cancelled his contract and got home and got his operation in Taiwan 2 days ago..........This photo indicates that he just spend his birthday recently while doing his part of the play and his friends /co stars gave him a surprise cake......look how happy he is..:blush: wEGaW7af0rk.jpgCAeO1YBpveqI.jpgneGY3dLg1U4.jpg

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@amyam01220 To clarify, this part of her curtain call speech wasn't recorded by fans, the shared videos were from the following day, thanks.

陳楚河受傷後露微笑首發文 合體《愛上哥們》演員 ETToday









So HAPPY he updated FB :heart:  and long live the Bromance family, can't resist but to say, guess self-claimed "special someone" didn't have the first hand update or info to stir more gossip... LOVE OUR RiMeg~

p.s. I'm sure last night's game was disappointing to watch :D  Warriors in 7!

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Amanda FB update


What a happy day in Taiwan~~~ Other external crap and noises, throw away 丟掉,不要!

3 fans PM me about finding old stuff on RM - For the new fans following Megan and River (especially River), you're welcome to shop around WB, it has all the legal and illegal pics fans relabeled over the publishers and random pics, WB pretty much is a pic gallery. As for news (with facts), please use your wise judgement as many, and I know first hand, many "media" in China are mom & pop publishers with 2-3 crews and well connected with local official, then you''re licensed to write anything (especially in this cyber world), anything goes online. Use dependable, credible news medias is the best recommendation. There's been times I encountered these mom/pop medias write "news" on WB base on collective fan comments, fans serve as their news liaison. For Megan, it's easy, just google haha.

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Too much goodies today from Ya Yen ( + her confession :wub: )

thank you for your updates muah chu chu :wub:

cr to 群星瑞智 Star Ritz



From Riverbar weibo :  即时消息:陈楚河今日已出院回家,预计两周后会再次复查并开始复健

River has been discharged today to Home, he will be reviewed after two weeks

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was superb, megan artist who is very humble, able to interact with his fans without guard super tight, I salute the fans who love him so much, very understanding with him, even his fans were able to help megan without the need to be paid with anything. I really miss them together, hoping there will be bromance session 2

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