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[Official] ❀ Du Zifeng x Pi Yanuo | Baron Chen x Megan Lai ❀ [Bromance Couple]


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This is the English Translation of littlesame update weibo of megan this early mrning !!!

Taipei premiere that day is my most stressful day, because my buddies in the audience waiting to see me play (break) the (sound), thank the director, thank you all guys, thank you Huang Eniang s, thank filming or autograph rushed for you, thank you not attend buddies, your every word deeply affected me, although I did not (break) (sound), but my nervousness I found out that I care so much of my audience friends that night, I still did not cry, but the eyes and into the sand .... Thank you, I Yan Bi out of line partner Bii flowers, hope the show can "catch your double eye" to sing in front of you will also be so nervous, "are your victims," to help you play the song because I received the album, thank you . Taipei field day mothers who came, thank you notes with encouragement Xuan sister, Mom, I love you, sister Xiexieruiqi flowers and warm love, Feng and I love you. Thank Eniang group for us to grow our records, and told me that I sing better than the first game, has been crying. Hey! There are you, nice.

This is the translation of Katifly 1 update weibo of Megan this early morning .........

Whole fell asleep for two days, was found four days six consecutive performances really need an amazing physical strength and endurance, but, thank God, we did it. Because this site constraints, declined all the flowers (in fact, I very much hope that we will not spend money on flowers, because the end of the show they will be very lonely, unless they also have a more meaningful place to go) but still received everyone's Love. Thank innocent Port meter base, your flower is in the background, and we ran every day to accompany the field.Thank you, my dear sister firewood, especially to fly back to Taipei look at the premiere, moved. Xiexie Long Xuan teacher, you have not seen, but you have received a warm flowers.Thank specialties from all over come and love that I have received, thank you, come from various fan club should aid every day, thank you M_Meganlai Megan Lai stations, Chu Yan fan club, leaving riparian Yan (God! I'm in the end there did not miss [crying]) Thank you afraid of us hungry every day, gave so much aid should be eating, but thank you for your meaningful buy biscuits as snacks should aid items to vulnerable groups, but do not spend money again or I really want to give money back to you it! More again thank you in the name of all the actors of the donor community so much, let us before the show is full of energy and love, thank you for helping us spread the word love. My God! I have not missed anything in the end? These days the show is really so intent, so now I do not remember anything up, if you really have missed, sorry for my little head ... I hope it helps to those who don't have english trans .. in their celfone!!!
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IG status update: After waiting for 30 odd days, Baron is finally getting knee surgery done :D

Hope all goes well, jia you! Jia you! 

UPDATE as of 2:15pm-ish TW time. One of the weibo sources stated that his surgery was successful :lol: but hasn't been updated on his FB fans pages yet. Will see more updates soon!

Source here:


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Update from River's official Weibo China Fan Club:-

Surgery completed smoothly.

P/s: My dear shippers ~ let's pray for his full recovery! Fighting!   By the time he is discharged from the hospital, Megan's More Than Words performance this Friday and Saturday in Kaohsiung will be over.  She will have lots of time to take care of him before her next project. Love conquers all~ :heart:




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14 minutes ago, wink said:

Get well soon, River!

Anyone knows if River operation was done in Taiwan or China?


He is back in Taiwan since 24 May.  He said he doesn't want his mom to worry that's why he decided to returned home to be with his family. 

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https://scontent.fmnl4-2.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t34.0-0/p206x206/13472376_1235816763096508_1736571347_n.jpg?oh=0864534961f8a95df796f028fc1e91d2&oe=5  credit : Weibo.......VIA Brutaliskhero29OreHcziltruV13472376_1235816763096508_1736571347_n.j@oreHztruB29 ................he ate ice cream and watched NBA finals to ease his pain and felt love and warm from his families and friends around him

Said after his operation he ate ice cream to stop the pain... The meaning directly from chinese...


The arTicle also said that the company has taken steps to pursue the matter via the legal way as the tv station that does the rtw programme did not take any action to handle river i jury...


River had to stop a drama that he liked very much.. Cos he couldn't stand .. The drama found someone to replace him..Plus all the advertisements that he couldn't do... Apparently he loosen up to a few million dollars of income due to the injury.

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Can anybody tell me why he needs to scoop at 2 places to eat the ice-cream? We only do this when we are sharing it with someone! B) And that smile of his ... ;)

P/s: He has his management company to take care of RTW matters and as fans, we just need to give him the moral support.  




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