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[Official] ❀ Du Zifeng x Pi Yanuo | Baron Chen x Megan Lai ❀ [Bromance Couple]


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Here's the MTW after party celebration

Watch and cheers~

As for the WB post by his China assistant, I've already chatted with some and each fan can make their own call, why she's posting this? Hmmm, we may know soon, or not. For those who know ACL, we know the dig of fact...but whatever, knowing him this long, he has his plans and strategies which fans need not to know 24/7. When is our 2nd FM River? ;) 

@AnnaSan thanks for the goodies! Our co-captains are angels. I'm waiting for my flight haha and let's just say, it has been very productive and fulfilling~

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Thanks @littlesame and @Sheila Marie Green for clarifying that the photo we saw was taken long ago.

River's camp are no lame ducks. I believe that everything is being well-taken care of and there is no need to worry and panic. Let's just wait patiently for happy news, like, the 2nd FM maybe? ;) @AnnaSan's post from showbiz may be taken as a hint that the planning of the 2nd FM is underway. Yey! :D

I'm banking on Megan's smiles that River is only physically injured but not his spirit and hope in life. She is slowly but steadily transforming into 4-D lately and it may be due to constant exposure to the 4-D master himself. His 4-dness is rubbing on her. I don't think that a man who is down can still joke when in a desperate situation unless he is a comedian who needs to perform on stage. Let's keep posted on what wifey will later share about the health status of her "cat". Last time, she was talking about infection. Let's all join hands to shoo that infection away like what she is doing. And one thing I noticed is that River's hair frills in that controversial weibo photo matches the shadow on Megan's cat photo. :rolleyes: 

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Hello all.

Haven't been around in a while. Hope all is well with everyone. It was so sweet seeing the cast there with Megan at her show. Only wished River was there also. Hope he will be better soon. Thanks to all who upload vids and news of them on here.  I will keep on loving them and hoping the best for both:wub:  Working on a video of them. Hope to be done soon

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1 hour ago, Brutaliskhero29OreHcziLztruV said:

GoodMorning Guys! what a night it has been...lolz @Sheila Marie Green *winks at her* hahahaha!


Hello! hello! newbies! welcOme!

Yeah partner what a night to remember .......we've been driven to work overtime ha ha ha! you in the weibo me in the forum with friends chatting in a different box ha ha ha....but it's worth it!!!!and we both enjoyed it and  earned some friends from it!!!!:grin:...Thank you for being in my sides ....un till now and to all newbies......jai yo!!!!gambatte!! good luck and have fun in this thread.....I know most of you have the capability to share what talents you've got!!! I'm looking forward for it!!! And junerain 7 .....your welcome....in behalf of my friends who gave me scoop and facts about what happen last night...I might not be able to answer all the questions to all my co members here and outside this forum....Brutalisk.....who could lurk and befriended some members in weibo that could give some news about RM....while me from the other hand who have the access from  other forum who gives lot's of goodies and information about the two idols of mine....sometimes it's better to compare and analyzed things of what is happening about our RM...I don't usually participate or do give message here....I'd rather give goodies than comment....because everybody has their own opinion and beliefs and i'm happy to read all your post and stories....If i will ask something that i might hurt you unintentionally....I'd better talk to you in a private box....it's more safe and respectful:blush:......Any newbies can ask anything from one of the member here....they are all friendly here.....I know many of us here are shy to ask.....just ask about related to  RM ok not our private life ha ha ha!!! And I need to mention a sister of mine here ....who is busy lately but still have time to translate lot's of chinese characters I gave her ha ha ha!.....amyam01220 and also Pechumori   who is also  busy in her private life but still give help if she has time. And to all the members here who has much talent and knows much more about RM....thank you very much!!!

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@katifly1 The 1 minute wikienter news vid that you posted pretty much says the same thing that the ETT today article shared by @Sheila Marie Green says. Baron wasn't able to attend the Bromance gathering at Megan's musical with everyone else, even though promised to do so in the supporting weibo post that he openly sent to her on May 14th. Poor Baron :(, hope he will be better soon! My heart aches for him..  But despite all this my personal feeling tells me that RM in their private life is doing just fine ^_^

@junerain7 Totally agree with you there, lets help shooo away the infection...;)


From the ShowBiz set post shared by @AnnaSan. Not sure if it's been translated yet:

ShowBiz_Set update on weibo


前天聽到有人問: 小記者的平常工作是什麼呢?
小至訂便當 大至辦晚會[笑cry]

#今不出賣哥平安喜樂# L秒拍视频

Video link: http://www.weibo.com/p/2304446b9cfa4169f44d0ebf39f43ba60fc46f

[The daily job of a reporter] The polaroid that caused everyone to breakdown (I'm guessing in laughter as shown in the FM vid?)
Yesterday someone asked: What does a reporter normally do?
In reality, it's difficult to answer as there is so much variety. 
"Small events for small lunches, big events would be to prepare for a formal dinner" 
(Phrase indicating the wide variety of events from small to big)
But each reporter has their own strengths
The video shown is a great example of this... (our co-captain trying to take polaroid photos :D

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 amyam01220    Thanks for the translation of this video

Sheila Marie Green     Thank you for your help and support

And, of course, jessicachuang

From the vid: 
Megan: Meh Meh? (Referring to herself)
Baron (from last week's RTW episode): I want to marry it (the sheep). 
Weng Meng (to the sheep): Go home! Quickly now!
Baron: I want to marry it! Really!
Weng Meng: Do you need a witness for the wedding? I'm witnessing this moment for you!

Smile and be happy!!!  :blush:


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11 hours ago, hyukjaeismine said:

@Brutaliskhero29OreHcziLztruV Here you go! One hour Bromance BTS (a combination of the BTS for 12 + 13 with 10 minutes of added footage in between!) Subs by @autumntree :) 

Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! thank you so much!!!!!! i love you! mwah mwahugzzz!!!


oh! i thought its 1 hour BTS hahaha! its only 22mins.., but thanks anyway i still love it ^_^

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Reported from Riverbar Weibo

from google translator : 今明两日少爷将会进行复检确定能否进行手术。 on the next two days Young master will conduct a review to determine whether the surgery. :tears::tears:

#陈楚河早日康复# #陈楚河river# 本周环球竞速之旅到达韩国首尔站,火山组合将经历吃虫子,射箭,漂移等各项关卡。另外,今明两日少爷将会进行复检确定能否进行手术
On vous souhaite un prompt rétablissement River
We wish you a speedy recovery River
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