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[Official] ❀ Du Zifeng x Pi Yanuo | Baron Chen x Megan Lai ❀ [Bromance Couple]


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@tanuscha I am glad that you enjoyed reading my fan fiction. I mentioned you in the credits. I love that MV that you made and I specifically  looked for it when I was thinking which song would she be singing to him. 

@dinko thank you for appreciating the story and welcome to our thread. 

@Anyu Yeye Welcome too! River seems to like Bali very much. It must be beautiful in your country. 

We are all of one mind and heart in wishing that RM are together and hoping that what I have written in my fiction is truly happening. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in this thread because I get my inspiration from those. My fiction can be likened to a puzzle assembled from the pieces picked up from the posts being shared here and other fan sites and glued together in the puzzle board of my imagination. :D  Of course, my writing is fueled by RM love. I got a power dose from @littlesame's post lately.

 If you can't help smiling while reading the story, it's because you are a constant visitor in this thread and you can easily pinpoint familiar words, phrases and sentences. So BFFs, thank you also for the inspiration! Consider yourselves contributors to my fictions. I can't credit all of you as you are too many. I can no longer recall from memory who posted which and this is a giant thread to navigate. Consider your enjoyment while reading it as your compensation.

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45 minutes ago, Brutaliskhero29OreHcziLztruV said:

too bad baron cant come to megans musical bcoz of his injury..huhuhuhu...

Yeah! he can't !  Even if he want to come........He might still needed to use wheelchair or cane........I never thought he can speak english that good! Thank you partner about the video that you post.....hope you could post more !!!!:blush:

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Chen Chu River wheelchair foot surgery 20 days have not done it Megan Lai drama


At 15:32 on June 12, 2016

Edward Lam as reporter / Taipei

Artist Chen Chu River "fall in love with the man," another career peak, a few days ago to the mainland to participate in the variety show "extraordinary partner", became one of the team, but the last one recorded program "altitude checkpoints" link, sudden fall protective gear, leading to knee injury he immediately jumps to the end of the lame, after serious injuries to the "can not stand", he returned to Taiwan treatment aboard wheelchair, after a lapse of 20 days, "ETtoday Entertainment Starlight cloud" Call concerned the injury, he is still not yet been observed in surgery.


▲ Chen Chu River to record programs were injured, after a lapse of 20 days has not yet been cut. (Figure / turn taken Baron Chen Weibo, turn photo LOS ANGELES)

Chen Chu River was recorded programs from a high altitude jump, protective gear suddenly fall off, causing his right knee injury, he was "lame-hop to the finish" before going to the hospital for X-rays, but the injured to the hospital for nearly seven hours later, after the diagnosis of cruciate ligament rupture and meniscus serious wear and tear, his elderly mother decided to return to Taiwan to cut the current round stoppage. After a lapse of 20 days, "ETtoday Entertainment Starlight cloud" Call status inquiry brokers, brokers said there waiting for surgery, last time check is 14, first waiting for the doctor to observe and then decide the date of surgery.

d1842513.jpgGot this from  weibo with the help of  Brutaliskhero29OreHcziltruV

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From all my friends here......From what we gathered about the news of Baron's health and his operation....there are more gossips than facts....some say he was operated last june 1, 2016 and it was lasted 30 mins. ....but for me ....it's not an operation but maybe first aid and some stitches of tissue/ligaments  for the meantime .....and observing if he needs a major operation  or not. About the picture that was been posted in weibo a while ago.....makes the fans panicked and the one who posted it    makes hammock and freak out about the situation of our River......But the fact that our megan is happy and blooming at the same time contented of what they have now.......The picture was taken before when he's in Mainland China and the way the the picture was taken is not known by the owner (River)....she maybe an assistant in the hospital who's in charge in his presence.....Our River is in the hand of our Lady and his family so no need to over think and get emotional breakdown about this scenario....All he needs is our patience and support...and besides....who's better person who will take good care of him.....his wifey/girlfriend (baby)....Hope you don't get mad at me  ...i'm just giving gae yu to everybody! SMILE and Be HAPPY!!:grin:

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Bali is a beautiful island, not just Bali, in my country, there are many places with beautiful scenery, get well baron, and came to the island, I was very sad to hear of your accident and whether megan there to visit you, if there is no news about megan visit baron

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I hope that he can get well soon :) i am really sorry for him

ShowBiz_Set update on weibo


前天聽到有人問: 小記者的平常工作是什麼呢?
小至訂便當 大至辦晚會[笑cry]

#今不出賣哥平安喜樂# L秒拍视频


Video : http://weibo.com/p/2304446b9cfa4169f44d0ebf39f43ba60fc46f


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